Posted: August 21, 2007 in welcome

You made it!! Yaaaaaay

Thank you very much for making an effort to pass by.

A lot construction, painting, kupiga rada, kusugua floor etc is currently going on so be patient. Waweza kalia hizo mbao hapo kando. Chunga msumari isikudunge rasa!!!

And yes, it looks like my twin bro’s place but believe me its all mine (**shouting). M.I.N.E!

My name is Xs (prounced excess) and though we are identical twins we are not that identical!

Am busy preparing for the house warming party so feel free to book a cup (no glasses available)

A truck from France supplying Vodo got Hijacked huko kwa Modo so am reordering. They will be here soon.

Leo nitapika pia my famous Kuku, rice na veggies and to whet your appetite i’ll throw in nchima yaani uji ama ukipenda Zambian-excuse-for-ugali!

Ji enjoy watu

And dont forget to wash your hands.


  1. bomseh says:

    Si nilisema ama hamukujua ni ukweli? Ukiona kobe juu ya mti…………

    |Bomseh – Manze naona kweli ukiona kobe juu ya mti….. LOL

  2. bomseh says:

    Hands are clean now, leta habari. And where is everyone? Ama they clicked the other links? Or am I the one who is lost? Na nimezidi sasa.

    |They are still double clicking that R rated link – forte times! LOL

  3. aegeus says:

    I am here – present sir!


  4. three types of crazy says:

    SMILING…………………..I am IMPRESSED.Impressed!

    |Which link landed you here? LOL

  5. 3N says:

    I am still going through and noting the differences….plus I should be hitting club Duve soon

    |Hope not mingi differences – wanted to make this process seamless!

  6. 3N says:

    I swear if I click on the same link again like a duffus, you owe me Chumz.


  7. Gishungwa says:

    Yaay i made it {{{Xs}}}

    |I did didnt I! thanx

  8. Gishungwa says:

    two words, jinga jinga jinga oops three same link.

    |Eish you were to pick your category! sio tatu nne! LMAO

  9. Gishungwa says:

    by the way how dare you trust Modo with Vodo

    |We learn thru the hard way my dear!

  10. Kafai says:

    After taking a wrong turn, nimefika.

  11. modoathii says:

    WOW! this is just….so…so…FREAKING SIMILAR. Yaani ata hakuna haja ya kuvaa ile ati suti mpya kuja housewarming…i’ll just rewind clothes…si umerewind layout pia.

    hey, by the way i am so trustworthy with vodo…trust me to finish it. pia nauza vodo…cheap…hehehe…i have half litre vodkas in one-litre bottles…

    tuzidi kuonana basi…and i repeat…i know why…

  12. Kirima says:

    Niatia mboi!
    Cleaning up your past I see!

  13. betty says:

    PUMPKIIIIIIIIIIN we are new and looking fly!!!

    a new start eh?..great so am i the new future as well ? lool

  14. betty says:

    oooh pumpkin don worry…truck load of vodo on it’s way just for you 🙂 !!

  15. archer says:

    Sema Jimmy!! Mbona hao yako inakaa kama yangu papa hapa?


  16. archer says:

    yaani changes za chap chap ata kabla nimalize ku-post comment!! That header picha is noma!!

  17. egm says:

    Good fresh digz. Haya, sasa may the party commence.

  18. Bantu says:

    I still insist you omitted an eS…Hihihihih!! sXs

  19. Mocha! says:

    Touching base….chance of a quickie? LMAO!

  20. Shamza says:

    Nyyyys! Pakua kitoweo basi.

  21. kip says:

    the question should be which link did you click to get here… i bet you most makendes must have clicked on the one that had X-rated xxxx click here….

  22. kip says:

    in x .. i need to know how to put a pic on the side bar I need to expose my makendes to some sunlight….

  23. Nakeel says:

    That house warming ni lini after kutupandisha kwa kiti… Lovely

  24. udi says:

    wapi pombe ya housewarming. ama ni BYOB

  25. Klara says:

    Drop my Vodo @ mine place!

  26. Xuxa says:

    lol!!! kwani who made you run? Haya, I’m here. Brought along a case; figured we might as well get this show on the road 🙂

  27. a jolly unyc says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! Xs…..ume zidi….nice. sasa maliza interior design nimejiseti kando.

  28. farmgal says:

    Xs I like!

  29. prou says:

    After I wash m hands in the loo (jeez!!!) where is the food. I will not wash my hands bure tu.


  30. Half n Half mad as hell! says:

    Why are people waiting for me to leave for holiday then they start doing things like changing their addresses? why? why? why?

  31. Half n Half mad as hell! says:

    now you even have duplicate comment detector! he he he, haya imbecile lete pombe! even if you hama we shall all remember the imbecile!

  32. savvy says:

    I hope am not too late, did the truck full of Vodo arrive?

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