Posted: August 24, 2007 in wikendi

Wamsheba Wamsheba, haaareeeeeee

Who knows this song? yeah by them mushroom….. Its very dancable especially when tipsy!

Am still trying to decipher that swahili-mixed-with-some-giriama words! Duh

….Siutie mapengo msumeno wangu mie………

…..akililia supu ya uyoga usimnyime….mpe…yote…mpe…yote….

Am telling you there is hidden message in there!

Moving on

Last Sunday found me alone as asual with only my other alter egos for company. Seeing that i didnt step out of  my bachelor pad on saturday(nursing a baby hangover) i decided to go to one of the malls to restock my fridge as i  treat myself to a movie. I didnt know if to watch Bourne Ultimatum or Transformers…. at the end i went with the latter. Good movie but it left me wondering if Jason is made of plastic! How do you explain that crash/accident he was involved in with that stolen police car i think in New york…? hata kama! If i wasnt thoroughly enjoying the movie i would have walked out in protest. Transformers is next.

On my way to the mall earlier i noticed a museum and since i had 4 hours to kill paid them a visit. Haya twende

I know i was supposed to note down who this was ndio niwambie lakini lo! Am sure its not Luanda magere……. sawa enjoy the pix


I think some archaeologist left in a hurry….


Some simbas… reminded me of a pilsner baridi….thirst checked in…. heinkein was a good substitute


Leta Maweeeeeee…….***running & shouting  like 3ToC…. Devo, Devo……


***still looking over my shoulder to ensure the glass is there and nothing is crawling my way…. stori za nyoka weeee sio jokes!

moving on


This must be a bushman village…… i met a couple with two kids on the lift today…. the squeals and ‘clucking’ made me guess they had no business on the fourth floor and had just come for a ride. Aki the dude looked N!xau….LOL


Lets go fishing! This one reminded me of one blogger who for sake of peace, tranquality and personal health shall remain nameless. All the same i confirmed that he didnt have a quill full of arrows and a bow……


By this time i had enough

As i was leaving i met these teenies just henging…


huh? What are those? Goggles or Miwani?


Ooooook who let this one of the house?




I also decided to strip and join the fun! Kwani si this is the IN thing?


Tuyawache hayo ya agemates wa boy fulani…..

Am sure these bulls would have been great for a mulembe bullfight!!!!!


Enough about the Museum!  

I finally get to the mall and all the liquor shops are closed! DRAT

  1. aegeus says:

    ROTFL. Interesting stuff!! Wow!

    More on the way! thanx dadii

  2. aegeus says:

    Then i was fist! For the first time in like EVER! Haya Hizo picha na commentary hehehe!! then that song wachana nayo it has lots of hidden meaning…THen those teenies…how in hell do you dress like that ama your camera is so old when you photograph peeps they appear aged like they were from the 80s? Hehehe!! Good day Xs. 😀 Now i can say i have been to a museum huko Gabs.

    hebu stop dissing my camera!! Weewe

  3. modoathii says:

    deadly…LOL! yep, nyoka ni wewe na watu wenyu…sitaki mambo hayo…them mushrooms, sweet tunes. where did the go…they were fungis…(it’s a joke i heard on radio today…get it fun-guys…fungis…er CRAP WHATEVER!…)

    Ati Nyoka ni watu wetu – omba usikawai kuja kuleta mahari – uta sweat daddii LOL

  4. modoathii says:

    huyo kijana wa gogos ni bomb squad nini?


  5. modoathii says:

    and you finished the sweeping eh, naona keja ukatengeneza finally….

    I need one last thing from you and we set to go! nitakuaona hapo kijijini!

  6. Kirima says:

    Very interesting especially those poses I see there! maybe they were for comic effect but still aiiii is that yellow thing meant to be a T-shirt?

    Wacha T-shirt,. hebu cheki where the jeans is! na hiyo imetokezea hapo si ni mothers union?

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    devo, devo, devo (slippers already on head) devo….. at the woman in an orange bra- THEY MAKE THOSE?????

    @kirima- I think it used to be a T-shirt then she didn’t read the label where it said, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! Having said that she should have been arrested “just because!”

    LOL – maybe her friends told her she looked fyyynneee. lakini aki! eish

  8. Nakeel says:

    I know that song its a taarab.
    Photos made my day thanks for the laughter.

    That song is kinda fast for taarab….. for laughter, you are always werokamu!

  9. kip says:

    I cant stand snakes in pictures or in real life… that pic reminds me of one mama i used to know who had a snake as apet… well that was the first and last time i was @ Her digolos.

    Snake as a pet? HUKO PIA MIMI SINGERUDI!!

    nice pics dude.. kwani you went to mboya photographers hukos na moi avenue for training ??

    Learnt the same way i learn everything – guesswork!

  10. archer says:

    aiyaiyaiyaiyaaaa……Jimmy wewe!!! Aki umenizoea!! At least i finally get what you ewre talking about. Washa nikasome tena nikarudi

    Haiya ni medo nini sasa? ooooh that – who said its you….. LOOOOOL

  11. Shamza says:

    Yaani you want to lie you have a six pack? Oh yeah, actually you do….ya Heineken 😀

    Weeee Ishia…. lakini yenyewe ni ukweli….hizi heinkein inabidi zipungue!

  12. Klara says:

    I kujaad somaad n will be back!


  13. sisbigbones says:

    I swear those lyrics sound dirrrty, I can guess what the msumeno and supu ya uyoga are…or maybe I just need to get my mind off the gutter.

    I think they are dirty too – u know the way costo guys like changanishaing us na manenos! LOL

    Those pichas are good! The chick in a yellow (orange?) top with the bra showing…no comment. But the shirtless guy with a cowboy-like bandana covering his uso (is that you xs?) has a yummy looking tummy…mmhhh

    Sisemi Kitu kwa sasa – naogopa kuchekwa…..

  14. Bomseh says:

    I thought those were roots. Dayyum, nitaota usiku.


  15. Nimefika kijiweni sasa!I hope this weekend U refilled the fridge intime:-)

    I did lakini aikufika chumbani

    …. 😉

  16. Shee says:

    Ai ai ai!!! Izo picha aki!!! Na new places huh?? Niiice..
    LOL at the grandma’s reunion thingy, maybe thong hazijafika uko… Ama she was eeeeh… Wacha niachie apo for the sake of peace…
    Na izo nguo…. za orange… Ama ni material iliisha?? LOL.

    @ Bomseh- kwani you’re one of those who still get nightmares at scooby doo na kina Grim adventures of Billy & Mandy? LOL

  17. 36-dee says:

    aiya aiya aiya these my ribs.exhibit code color blue grey ‘mboshori’ raggie n black ‘north stars’ bcoz those aint no ol’ sch snickers…is my fav.nway what is that pause??he/she isnt sure if she wants to take a dump,kipchoge keino or maybe a chair was chomolewad from under her butt..mmh nway that was a good laugh loved em.

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