Posted: August 28, 2007 in secrets, wierd

Do you Want to be rich? famous? successful? healthy….. etc?

Well you can and all you have to do is visualize it and voooiilllllaaaa

Well according to this book, Secrets by Rhonda Bryne that all, apparently, you need to do. 


I have not read it and i dont think i will

One David Bullard has really put it well. “It’s no secret that fools are gullible” Follow the link, its an interesting read.

To other interesting tidbits….

I read Kirima’s post about bats from hell – unajua hii mambo ya watu leaving the city and going to work in shags sielewi (LOL) – so now he’s cohabiting with bats….. That story reminded me of a forward i received last friday. Topic ‘how much will you pay for sex?’ This slideshow goes on to show pictures/images of what you will get if your budget fell between free and $5000 (both for men and women).

What attracted my attention was what a women would get for free…… I dont want anyone fainting in here so i’ll put a link! Here is a disclaimer! I’ll not be liable for anyone bursting into incoherent rumble as they pray, get a uncontrollable urge to place hands on my head as they call their maker to have mercy on me…. sawa?! You have been warned.

Feast your eyes hereHornyBat!

Serious? As in, WTF? for real? Kwani what did egm…sorry, the photographer do to get such a ‘reaction’? AHEM

Swiftly moving on…

I love this song by Keisha White – weakness in me.

Lakini si someone could have told her that her hair looks horrid? Or is this what you ladies call Bad Hair Day (BHD)? Nice smile though!

…Here is the chorus

Why do you come here when you know I got troubles enough?

Why do you call me when you know I cant answer the phone?

Make me lie when I dont want to

and make someone else some kind of unknowing fool

You make me stay when I should not.

Are you strong or is it the weakness in me?

  1. Shamza says:

    Eish you guy really chambua videos. Si its you who still noticed Rihanna’s dashboard ama? But seriously, that hair looks like a group of makonge put together

    Weeee ati Rihanna nini? It wasent me!! That ‘makonge’ hair is hard to miss. I also said she has a sweet smile or u did notice?

  2. kipusa says:

    thanks for dropping by and yeah that hair needs mad help. with all the pesa she is getting, she would have done much better.

    I did feast my eyes and daaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn, no comment.

    No comment tena? Sema kitu!

  3. aegeus says:

    Song is downloading so i can enjoy it, sounds deep, then that pic, woi! I am not off to start visualizing shyte i want to be successful in.

    Ati that book is a bestseller! Aki watu are desperate!

  4. Nakeel says:

    Lol Shamza I too saw the makonge. XXX you should start a diss column tell as it is.

    Weee i dont want to be shot at! am too young!

  5. Kirima says:

    Dude we said prayers for you long ago so we are not fazed by the picture but lakini I’m glad I don’t have to face that particular bat. I’ll check the video later.

    haiya! when did you join 3TOC & FG in saying prayers? LOL

  6. threetypesofcrazy says:

    The following people are on their knees with me and the hands are stretched in the direction of Gabs, yaani we are trying to locate your ofisi and once we do that-praying in tongues starts!!!!!!!!!!On the people- Cain, Abel,Bethseba, David, Esther, Mathew, Peter yaani all the people in the bible are out for this one- AND I HAVE NOT EVEN OPENED THE SITE (the warning was too strong).So I will work out how bad it is from people’s comments!

    Wacha ma pretends! As you were saying those prayers i know you took a sneakpeek!

    Please stop buying rubbish books.

    Did you see hapo juu nikisema vizuri am not reading it? Fugitive wewe!

  7. Shee says:

    That pix.. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Couldn’t get a second glimpse.. Am with 3TOC apo on prayers…
    And the hair… Enyewe fungua diss blog LOL

    Haiya! Angalieni mwingine? Sasa will u say prayers while on viceroy?LOL

  8. kip says:

    chiles are like they did not open that ka link.. yet 100 % of the have wekad bookmarks on those manenos……………

    Tell them! najua wengine wataenda kupima kama za wa kwao ni kubwa ka hizo…! LOOOOL

    ok ..what was this post about ? secret to weath.. aiiii my makendes were destined to struggles….. for ever…..

    Its the only way my brother! Cha bwerere hamna siku hizi!

  9. If only Rhonda Bryne was right!I was just going through the list of the most searched things on the net and I unfortunately started visualizing what people could be doing right now if they could got all that they keep searching by just visualizing them. I guess I could have got this comment posted here by just visualizing it in place:-)

  10. archer says:

    Ebu ondoa picha ya Kip and his makendes kabla akasirike na wewe!!

  11. Shee says:

    Who said you can’t pray while holding a viceroy 1/4?? Is it the hands or the mouth that is praying… Huh?! Lemmi rephrase.. Is it the mind or the mouth that is praying?? LOL.. You got me there.. 😀

  12. kip says:

    @ archer…. lol you got jokes daddy lol kuna vile this jamaa has paraded a mjombas tools of trade bila care kabisa…. lol hukos chiles are all eyes -on them …. kwanza hukos 3toc ameruka ati she have not opened the link .lol kumbe a chile has wekad the manenos as screen saver yawa..

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