She is here….Ok she will be!

Posted: August 30, 2007 in welcome

She is coming!

She has already boarded the plane that will deliver her onto my arms!

Who you ask? Who else i say!

Kenya’s finest ofcourse! My Mwendwa, My Honey, My Kipenzi, My daktari wa roho yangu, My Sweetie……… Yes Ms Xs.

I cant express how excited i am! Like a kid seeing candy for the first time…….

No More Eating dinner alone, by myself, talking to myself, No more cold nights, No more eating own experiments, No more going to movies alone, No more waking up to a sight of a crumpled pillow, Bye Bye BT……

Welcome IN some lazy sunday mornings, spoilage (kuharibiwa), fun (lots of it), someone to talk to, hold, laugh with, share a shower with…….. some massage after a long day at work…..give this Bachelor Pad some life……

Off to check if this crib is tidy & ready!

Be nice, Say Hi. She’s sweet, atawajibu.

PS: Nikipotea sana for the next few days (weeks) just know its a forced hiatus! Sweet one at that!


Got this forward and apparently it’s a true story……or so the author says.

A man went to the hospital to have his wedding ring cut off his manhood

According to the nurse attending, the patient’s girlfriend found the ring in his pant pocket and she got mad at him. She used Vaseline to slip the ring into his ‘soft copy’ as he was asleep.

I dont know what’s worse:

  1. Having your girlfriend find out you’re married,
  2. Explaining to your wife how your wedding ring got into your manhood,
  3. Finding out your manhood fits through your wedding ring……


  1. farmgal says:

    Happy for you dude!
    Always good to have a family around!


  2. aegeus says:

    Have fun with mwendwa…waving at her…amefika i hope so i do not look a right idiot waving at her and bado yuko airport. Enjoy! 😀

    Now that dude…sad…and it fit! Hehheheh!!

    She waved right back!

  3. threetypesofcrazy says:

    Atii be nice………aren’t we always nice!!!!

    Ms.Xs welcome hapa na hapo. Do us all a BIG favour keep this joker (Xs) off here- kwanza hana viza and then tumemuchoka.

    Xs you will pay a fine if I find you here in the next month or so(recovery time included).Consider yourself deported from blog world for a while.

    ps. why is the third of the three choices sad- you don’t know how big the man’s wedding finger was!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now if the dude finger was that ‘big’ would he require the ‘manhood’? 🙂

  4. archer says:

    “…eating dinner alone, by myself” what’s the difference?

    Anyway, enjoy your forced hiatus, mazee you need it!! Msalimie Ms Xs.

    ISHIA! I was emphasising the ‘alone’ part….umeelewa?
    Na alafu ni She-solo! Umeelewa? LOL

  5. threetypesofcrazy says:

    lol ebu answer archer’s question up there!


  6. kipusa says:

    si we are always nice…so i think

    na si bado mutakuwa alone, kwani what difference does it make kama ms. xs is coming.

    anyhu im happy for you.

    Sio kila wakati – sometimes nyinyi ni wa-nasty! And yes! tutakuwa alone, pekee yetu, by ourselves! LOL

  7. Kirima says:

    Umeshuka BT congrats man! Salimia ms Xs sana on my behalf.
    Yeah tell us how big is the mans ring finger?

    Ala? How am i supposed to know how big the finger is?
    Nitafikisha salaams

  8. kip says:

    wewe ugo gwa taaaapu mingi …..

    Taapu ghani? Kizee wacha siasa! Kwani maghende yago inapenda vita tu..? LOL

    nataga kutuma salamu gwake … natagia yeye heri na fanaga… ..

  9. kip says:

    xess from the day she lands… just know that your freedom to roam and exist freely like the way herbivores do in serengeri is ova…. ushakia self imposed jail terms daddy thats how it felt once when i lived with chikka for a brief moment…………….

    I almost Wept…

    Kip, these ‘imposed jail terms’ are to die for! i dont need so much freedom, i do nothing with it anyway!

  10. Klara says:

    Happy 4 you! No more eating dinner alone, by yourself….

    Thanx dear! maybe you should try and import someone….or export yourself? LOL

  11. Shamza says:

    Hallow Ms. XS. Please dont steal him away too long :). Kip acha siasa

    Wachana na Kip, soon he’ll find he bila his maghende…..LOL

  12. Xuxa says:

    lmao!!! sasa sweetie.

    Aki you sound like a kid with candy; I’m happy for you. Hii maneno of BT …… didn’t sound like you were doing too well (lol!!!)

    Haya, mimi huyu I’m waving at the Ms with a big stupid smile on my face. Mjienjoy and feel free to take a hiatus.

    Haiya, how could you tell i wasnt doing too well? LOL
    Alafu, care to explain that big stupid smile….?

  13. udi says:

    damn. Love is something nice. So now u wont be seen on Makutano?

    Yes it (love) is nice…!

  14. egm says:

    Good for you!

    Sasa Ms. Xs?

  15. super says:

    And they do agree that mxS is just the perfect girl for him.
    “She is not the kind of girl you would find in the club every other day. She is focused, brilliant, God fearing and loving,” said one of the friends as he crowned the new couple.

    Yes Super, she is the perfect gal..!

  16. Mocha! says:

    Jienjoy kabisa……even for those on the BT. Just dont mention their names or else chic will be packing ’em bags.

    As for that forward and three points… about catch 22 and more! LMAO!!!

    Whose names should i not mention? Nimechanganyikiwa…..ama pia wewe umeanza siasa kama Kip….?

  17. Shee says:

    Wow!! That sounds cool… have a really nice time… And a BREAK from crazy for a while… I hope not too long though….

    Then on A. O. B.. Kwaniiiii???….. [no comment] LOL!!

    Shee, now am scared! Since when did you start [no comment] line? say it as it is….LOL

  18. Nakeel says:

    Ujienjoy and blow a kiss to Candie.

    Blow a kiss…? eeeeeh Kiss will fika but it wont be blown! LOL

  19. Enjoy Mkuu!Amekuletea Tusker lakini?:-)I guess U might not need it though!lol
    Have a nice weekend!I know it aint weak-end!

    Tusker sikupata!!! thanks mate!

  20. Tweety says:

    First of all,that forward was awesome!
    Second,go enjoy yourself,do not come back here till she leaves. Bye bye,big brother!

  21. Tweety says:

    Oh,and say hello!

  22. Kafai says:

    Have fun man, as it is the BT was getting kinda crowded.

  23. modoathii says:

    woohooo…hi ms xs.

    happy dude indeed you are….jienjoy! sasa you can do a collabo post…LOL!

    yep, and no more vaseline..hehehe…wewe ndio ulinianzia…

  24. Wanja Kihii says:

    Tihihihihih…..Finally!!!! Seems to be a good time for 1st borns……Jienjoy to the maximum…Am soo proud of you…

  25. sisbigbones says:

    So happy for you xs, hope y’all are making up for the many missed hugs/kisses/touches/rubs….:D

    I doubt the truth behind that forward, but it is hilarious!

  26. felixplicit says:

    jienjot mudhii!

  27. betty says:

    Miss. Pumpkin sasaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

    *waving frantically*

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