Posted: September 6, 2007 in Fun, sad

Collabo with my sweetie….

Wednesday found us spending the whole day together as i got two days off from work. We received some bad news from home that our Grandpa had passed away. He passed away in his sleep. He was over 100 years old.

R.I.P Grandpa

We were feeling sad but actually thought wherever our dear grandpa is, he wouldnt us to be gloomy and sad.

We weighed out our options, Movie, Shopping, sightseeing, sleeping, mall,….. in the end we decided to stay indoors and catch up with some sleep. Later in the afternoon sweetie suggested we try out the swimming pool in our apartment yard.

Thats was a fantastic idea. The only problem is that none of us can swim and yes as you may guess we dont own any swimming costumes…….but all the same we didnt let that deter our intention to get into the water……

Skin Dip? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah its too a public place……. so we improvised!

Two love birds kwa swimming pool…………….. and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!! We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had the pool to ourselves but the saddest thing is we hardly know how to swim!

I have this phobia for large masses of water but yesterday that was all gone! I guess my sweetie here was all lifeguard i needed! Atleast she will scream incase of anything…..

Is their like a manual like SWIM101 for Beauty and dummies?

Swimming made easy for dudes weighing over 80 Kg? I cant help but feel jealous for the floaters in the pool, they make it look so simple and easy! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggghhhhhhhhhh

Today we are going shopping first. On our list are two important things; Alcohol (Lots of it) & Swimming costumes!

PS: My sweetie’s Ear is still full of water….LMAO…. earbud dont seem to be helping! She has refused all my suggestions like ainamishe kichwa then i gonga gonga her mutwe mpaka maji itoke….. am still LMAO!

  1. Bomseh says:

    Swimming, not that I know how to, but by lying in the water flat on your back and with the ears submerged, you will float. Only make sure you don’t drift towards the deep end. Na ukiinua kichwa (any or both), jua lazima utazama na hutazamisha. There, go try it and Good Luck!

    I will try your theory of submerged ears……hio ingine ya kichwa kuinuka….let me wachana nayo!

  2. Shamza laughing at Xs an Ms says:

    R.I.P Grandpa
    LMAO! OK..101..try and relaxxxx as much as possible. Si in that shopping list you add a floating bed? It eases the relaxation process in the pool.

    Floating bed! Good idea! endelea kucheka tu….tutakunyoa!

  3. archer says:

    R.I.P Grandpa Xs. Enyewe at 100 ameona maisha mingi. He’s in a happy place now.

    Swimming 101 for dummies? Please send it to me when you’re done with it! But are you sure “over 80kg” is correct? Ebu adjust it to “over 90kg.” thats more like it!

    I see you lovebirds are having the time of your lives! Enjoy!

    Kwani si pia 90 is still over 80? Ala! Yes we are having fantabulous time!

  4. farmgal says:

    R.I.P grandad. Over a hundred thats amazing.
    Happy you and your sweetie are having fun!

    Very few of us will even get near 100!

  5. Kirima says:

    Good fun you had it seems regardless of your non existent swimming skills


  6. threetypesofcrazy says:

    kwani you entered the swimming pool ….by faith.yaani it would come to you somehow!!!!!

    Please add floaters on your shopping list. and I sincerely hope you are not going to use the alcohol before hitting the pool again!

    Ala? Then what is the alcohol for? maybe it will make us float! 🙂

    Best way to die, I think- in your sleep. Peaceful. At over 100years,he didn’t die, he was done breathing. He is in a better place that’s for sure.

    Nice one! Done breathing.

  7. Pilato says:

    Babu Alikuwa amekula chumvi mingi…R.i.p Babu…go to the deep end, dive in the pool and flap your legs like a seal..keep flapping boy, you will get there !

    Tried that, didnt work – swallowed gulps of pool water in the process!

  8. sisbigbones says:

    I’m so sorry about your Grandpa, and I’m glad you’re dealing well with the news.

    Don’t worry ’bout not knowing how to swim. I don’t know how to either, but going to the lake and chilling in the pool at hotels with my boo are some of my best memories. It’s amazing how many other things you can do in water aside from swim *wink*

    *Wink Wink*

  9. kipusa says:

    RIP grandpa

    LOL ati she bends her kichwa, which sane mama would do that excpet if you are from the bundu’s. Have fun shopping and enjoy the weekend too.

    If weren’t from bundu’s, si will be knowing how to swim..? LOL

  10. R.I.P Grandpa!


  11. Mocha! says:


    Your P.S. – Tell her to do it with head tilted and jumping. It works for me!

    Ati she jumps with head tilted? Now that would make a very hilarious mbicha!

  12. Muthii Fulani says:

    RIP kwa mzee XS. Aliwaga amemanga chumvi kweli.

    Sasa wewe na mwendwa…swimo 101 hihiii!!…ati you will drink io alki alafu specific density itaenda down alafu ndio ufloat?..aii!! anywho all the best kwa swimo…nilijaribu ata floating nikazama kaa stone…heheeh!!

    wade kwa sikio io mi husort kwa kulalia upande ule una maji mle by morning huwaga imedrain…io ya mocha ni funny!! si uisune io kanda you tube anapoitry? 🙂

  13. kip says:

    naona unajienjoy tu!… daddy Calenda ni mefungua and marked…. by next year may kama you dont have a INXESS junior then its certified and confirmed kwamba your are a rubber bullet jamaaa………becuase . swimming +keroro = mtoto mdogo ..

  14. egm says:

    R.I.P. to babu.

    Mocha’s idea of jumping with head tilted does work. All the best in the swimming thing!

  15. aquabot says:

    Let the great soul R.I.P. …I know what it means to have a grandfather with you….See when in 1996 when my grandfather dies in April…I was in the middle of exams . My father never let me know of that….as I was in the boarding school…When I come back from holidays; and faces the reality – Then I cry so much that I got fever…..Really…its….Sorry…Life must goes on……best of luck for your swimming lessons…I think that Bombseh rightly said…I too begin swimming in the same way…..I mean that’s the easy way…But just moves your legs a little slowly..like bycycling…..

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