Swimo Costumes Vs Pombe

Posted: September 7, 2007 in Fun, love

Am back to the office! Drat! No biggie…. nothing much is happening.

After our attempt at swimming, my sweetie & I resolved we had to learn somehow.

First on the agenda was to buy swimming costumes and alcohol (lots of it).

After mangamangaing all shops kwa mall, we found one where they sell Bikinis and-what-have-you (sports stuff).

We admired the colours and strings (for her) and eeeeh space available..(for me)

How much we ask?

For her: Top 175 Pula, bottom P140, Cap P20

For Me: P99.

Say What? My calculator is out.

1 Pula = approx 11 Kenya Shilling

Therefore, 175 + 140 + 20 = P335 x 11 = Kshs 3,685.00

Then P99 x 11 = Kshs 1089.00

Total = Kshs 4,774.00 Approximately $ 70 bucks!

We stare at each other. eeeeeh hmmmm…..she suggest we take the cap and see what Liquorama has to offer. (She is bright i tell you)

Liquorama now is a mlevi haven. The prices are so pocket friendly.

We got: 1 Amarula, 1 Whisky, 1 Amarula-like-drink (I forget the name), Six pack Heinken, a bottle of Red wine, 3 Smirnoff Spin (Alc v/v 5%), 3 Smirnoff Twist (7%) – panty remover this one! 2 litre coke and water. Total P215! Thats a bargain!

Back home, by the pool. 1 Shot Whisky 1 shot Amarula……(our own blowjob cocktail…) in quick successions…..who needs a swimming costume?

Its no secret! My sweetie stay has to be extended by two more weeks!

Enjoy your weekend good people!

PS: How much do swimming costumes go for hapo Nairobi sports house?

  1. Shamza says:

    Lol. Sasa will you ever learn how to swim bila costumes? They cost 200 bob hapo NSH. What’s the sending address I SOS? ..Endeleeni kujienjoy.

    We can always improvise! Alafu how will you send them from NSH? Si wewe uko huko brito? ukinyimwa re-entry visa je? LOL

  2. Kirima says:

    At that rate you will be expert swimmers but as for Ulevi thats same ol. I agree she should extend by a month at least.

  3. aizoh says:

    Having a nice time eh? Go easy on the drink. Now what the hell is pula? Where on earth are you? Thanx for passing by mine.

    Botswana Pula kijana!

  4. threetypesofcrazy says:

    eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr sii with the change from buying the pumbe, you still could get those floaters. There is a way after consuming all those -OH groups can make you believe you can walk on water. And at what kilos………….there is no way.

    p.s. whose panty does smirnoff Twist remove? the seller, the buyer or the pursued?

    The pursued! Daaaaaah

  5. 3N says:

    i was reading through the list of alcoholic beverage and thinking…Xs household is about to throw a major party…kumbe fombe ni ya watu wawili

    DO NOT attempt to swim after consuming that alcohol

    A party for 2 is the best. We heeded your advice and only drunk by poolside bila swimming! 🙂

  6. quintessential says:

    ROFLMBAO…swimming costume storo brings memories…kwanza in these here united states they call em swim suits…I’ve a funny story or two on said title.
    Y’all are having too much fun…i’m glad her visit has been extended. Don’t drink & swim, unless of course you have floaters!!!

    Do tell those stories!

  7. Muthii Fulani says:

    mii naona apa kuna floater kadhaa in form za alki. tena vile dorie anaask..panti za nani zavuliwa?…tena ukinywa izo BJ tena unasahau unaitajika kuvaa mabikini? hehehe!! 🙂

    Panti za wanaokunywa! hizo BJ zaweza fanya u-forget kuvaa bikini aaisay!

  8. kipusa says:


    Have fun with her then

  9. Yenyewe with that kind of alcohol at that price why would you need the swimming costumes?
    Enjoy the extended stay!!!!

  10. betty says:

    off to windowshop for Miss. Pumpkin!

  11. Klara says:

    Hope hakuna drunk swimming! na ujienjoyi!!

  12. modoathii says:

    boss, the last time i went swimo proper was in primo na nilirushwa ndani by force…after that imekuwa tu kuweka miguu kwa maji, kutembea kwa beachi…etc…so bei ya swimming costume…search me…but i can tell you how much vodo costs…

    Sawa basi!

  13. betty says:

    off to window shop for vodo and wine..

    Costume ziko wapi kwanza?

  14. savvy08 says:

    Very funny, don’t know how I missed this one…

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