Posted: September 17, 2007 in Random, wierd

This is strange and apparently true!


Real estate Billionare Leona Helmsley left $12 million in her will for her dog trouble but cut out two of her four grand children.

Am wondering what will the ‘rich bitch’ do with all that money!

$12,000,000 x 67 = Kshs 804,000,000.

***Opening my email to check the ePayslip!

Looking at my Ka Salo which has been hammered with 33% taxes & other statutory deductions, i will never even get anywhere near that amount in my remaining working years! DRAT!  And now there is a fucking ‘Bitch’ with so much money? Am packing my laptop and heading to the nearest bar!


Russian police have detained a 45 years old municipal worker for stealing a bridge. WTF? Apparently the 5-meter span metal bridge disappeared from a river crossing and police tracked it down to the man who had used his truck to remove it and then chopped it up and sold it for scrap.

My thought, How can a DOG have so much money….? Sorry, i meant this guy is a Genius! and he can easily be a Kenyan!


Do you have a bulging belly? Well fear no more. Japanese have introduced a Men Girdle which will up the battle of the bulge! So instead of cutting back on beer, you just slip into a boxer brief girdle or T-shirt with tummy-control panels.

My thought – WHERE CAN I BUY ONE?????? Maybe i can borrow some money from that rich Bitch! LOL


Imagine this. You have had 10 cars smash into your Home. Huh?

Yap. A german man says he fears he might have built his tomb after a vehicle ploughed into his house for the 10th time. Earlier last week a 40 tonne blasted through the house side of his house which he built himself on a bend of a very busy road. He is reluctact to move.

My Thought: Dude, what are you still doing there? MOVE MOVE! You can borrow money from…… crap!


I just noticed that my last 6 posts titles all start with letter S! Is it an obsession or some unconcious act or is it Random?………… 804 Million Shillings, for real?


We have Three of Crazy, Now i hear 3N is contemplating changing his name to Three types of N so can i change mine to 6 types of excess? Why 6 you ask? Well I dont know either but doesnt Six starts with letter S?

Random Thoughts

Are Chinese from China? Do they buy Chinese? Does the harmful/toxic compounds in some of their products affect them?

Moving ON.

Isn’t difficult to appreciate art, huh?


Kama auelewi, Ask a neighbour!!!!

Good week People. Am burnt out!

  1. Muthii Fulani says:

    io mboto dadii lo! sisemi kitu!

    Thihihihihi umeelewa lakini heh?

  2. pilato says:

    Ati mwizi wa daraja? LOL…Makubwa haya !..

    Mbecha mzeeiya! we must be creative!

  3. farmgal says:

    When i read that story about that woman who left her dog all those millions. I got depressed!

    Me too! lakini ni sawa tu…

  4. threetypesofcrazy says:

    @number one- someone kill that bitch already.Does sh(dog) have a will pia? Who would be next of kin? Someone kill the stupid thing already!

    @number two-I feel inspired now. I will necer go broke again ever. Where is that suspension bridge?

    @number three- why spend that kind of money. sii you stitch up a khanga like this and then add starch to it.

    @number four- what does he mean he is reluctant to move- that one did build his tomb then!!! Kwani he put a sign “park here” above that house?

    @number five- OCD!!!!

    I asked my neighbour- they couldn’t tell me either!

    Ati OCD? with the letter S? Aaaaiiiii mi si kama wewe……. Alafu si you look for anaa neighbour? sharp & bright! LOL

  5. 3N says:

    You know if there is one bitch I would like to be friends with, it’s the Helmsley bitch.

    it must have ordered a million gold plates so that when it shits its rich shit lands on gold

    but seriously…??? ok maybe I am just bitter lakini there is NO WAY in HELL i leave a bitch anything. in any case my will should read (Kill the BITCH it no longer needs to protect me)

    …now let me retract to a peaceful place.

    Tell me how will it order the gold plates? alafu this peaceful place ni ile ambayo nafikiria….? LOL

  6. modoathii says:

    yaani alafu katakimbia mtaaani kamangwe na ma doggy zingine nyangarika…yep, kill the bitch. na sasa vile haina signature si you can swindle it?

    brigde thief…he must have been in vodo…

    huyo mjeru awache ushenzi atoke kwani….ama basi aongeze ana’a layer kwa wall…

    hmm, girdle, well vodo don give no pot…though mazee kana tokea…


    When i order the girdle, i’ll make an order for two! 😉

  7. Klara says:

    LOL ati 6 types of Excess! Dont even go there…
    Now that storo is depressing & da way am broke I can believe there’s a dog out there with all dat money in it’s name! Life can be such unfair! I need a drink too!

    Join me as we drown our sorrows! if not 6ToXs, then what type of excess should i call myself?

  8. Wanja says:

    More power to the bitch. Maybe we should hook it up with sunkuli and get some of the millions by extension (in-laws) si huko across the seas its the bride’s family that pays for the wedding.. we can doctor the invoices……….get my drift?

    ROTFLOL!!!!@ Anal court

    Finally someone gets it! LOL

    random thought: the S obession could be from too much S…..

    Could be! si u know its better to get as much while i can….! 😉

  9. archer says:

    Tell you what, I can peleka Sunky those sides he katias that bitch, they get married, they produce a few offspring, then Sunky divorces her and goes to court to claim half that cash. Then guess who Sunky’s next of kin is…….I’ll be rich!!!!

    But as you lawyer and a consultant i’ll definately require a huge chunk of sunky’s cash! LOL

  10. archer says:

    I see that Wanja was already thinking along my lines!!

    More consultation fee going her way from Sunky!

  11. Muthii Fulani says:

    now i recall that dude had similar probbies to me when i used to live in lanet apo nakuru when the new road was built [we lived on the outer end of the corner which appears suddenly after a loong smooth stretch – the hao is still there i guess it survived! :-)] i was in nursery then, lucky there were trees in the compound so no one made it into the hao, but then there was my dads pal, blind as a bat…kamba from kangundo first day he visited with those land cruisers…cruised over my deadly police car…toy parked apo nje ya hao…my dad always parked next to it…not on top of it…alafu second day he attempted to park the landcruiser ndani ya hao lakini that wall is strong!.. he knocked a number of tiles off the roof though…dudu nikimpata saa ii ataniona!! he owes me a toy 99!! [waving slipper menacingly in the air]

    ok off to do my post kwangu Xs si we tight like that i post on your blog au? 😀

    No Probie! BLOG AWAY!! ama we do a collabo like this since guest blogger chicken out scattered! 🙂

  12. Kirima says:

    I have already said it before – It’s a Dogs World!

    Its a dog world but this one is EXCESS! LOL

  13. kip says:

    my makendes are saddenned with the mzungu’s percption of this world .. a mbwa with 12 million ??? then during katrina.. some jungu millionare took a private 737 plane to airlift dogs to california are humans suffered in streets of new -orleans

    maisha is unfair …. can someone hook me up with that bitch??

    Life will never be fair!

  14. sisbigbones says:

    I’m in love with the guy that stole the bridge…maybe he can steal a bank too?

    Genius right? LOL

  15. threetypesofcrazy says:

    errrrr you, wewe, kuku, please see me at blog ya Bomseh- haraka sana. haraka

    Kuku ni nyinyi watatu! should i come with my gloves? LOL

  16. Shee says:

    Now I get annoyed and depressed over the bitch.. Yeah someone please kill it for the sake of peace. Then the guy who stole that bridge, I need his contacts bana.. I see we can do biashara poa sana. Na huyo mGerman ahame ama aung=de poa parking juu ya mabati ya hao yake.

    S-s-s-s-s-S…. Hmmmm

    Anal courts.. still thinkin…

    A ‘bridge’ for you thought..

  17. Mocha! says:

    Wewe…wacha kuincite watu bana. It had to be said!!!

    Tunataka fight!!! fight fight fight…..LOL! yenyewe lakini….yeah!

  18. Muthii Fulani says:

    see me sideways – collabo lazima! tihii!! i feel naughty.


  19. threetypesofcrazy says:

    XS and Muthi Fulani- I am calling all Churches round the world, all those who believe and those who don’t PRAY DEPENDED ON IT. Coz I think our lives do……………….a collabo.

    Laying my scak cloth down, ash on face, it’s NIL by mouth now………………prayer and fasting begins NOW.

  20. threetypesofcrazy says:

    that was pray like our lived depnded on it. isssshhhh english!!!!!! Sack not Scak

    In my defence I had a teacher of englishnot an english teacher

  21. Muthii Fulani says:

    xs….seems prayers not working since its in the pipeline…coming soon to a blog not near you…si since xs is in there huko where he is it is there right? three types yake iko uk na kadhalika na kadhalika….

  22. kip says:

    so which post is newer?

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