Si no viene la man¢ana

Posted: September 21, 2007 in love

♫………A veces tarde en la nochemiento despierto y miro su dormirla pierden en sueños pacíficosasí que resulto las luces y pongo allí en la obscuridady las cruces del pensamiento que mi mentesi nunca despierto por la mañanaella dudan siempre la manera me siento sobre ella en mi corazónSi nunca viene mañana voluntad ella sabe cuánto la ameyo intenta de cada manera de demostrarle cada díaque ella es mi solamentey si mi tiempo en la tierra estaba a travésy ella debe hacer frente al mundo sin míes el amor que la di en el pasado yendo a ser bastantes al últimosi nunca viene mañana…….

Thought of the Day

Never take someone for granted, Hold every person to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

More thoughts!

We all love to spend lots of money buying new clothes, but never realise that the best times are enjoyed without clothes


Have a cloth-less weekend!!!! 🙂

  1. kipusa says:

    please translate the french bit………..and of course my weekend shall be……..

    Its spanish…….

  2. Muthii Fulani says:

    the first thought – darn true that one ume*inya point kabisa…kip should be up in here in three seconds following use of that word with his mak**des. LOL

    Hebu stop encouraging him…LOL! He’s already in trouble @Mocha’s place!

    then the second one…i had never thought of it like that…hebu i chuck my t-sho and head home without it…si i can get hit on in traffic au? 😀

    LMAO – that mental picture is not sitting well in my head!

  3. super says:

    As long as you are collecting precious stones…..the diamond can….

    As for the espaniol… lemmi get this roommate to…..

    Wewe umepotelea wapi? alafu huyo roommate…..wacha niwachie hapo…LOL

  4. kip says:

    boss you andika in spanish… does my name sound like gonzalez hernandez?

    Tafuta translator. A Lopez or a Mendez will do! LOL

  5. Shamza says:

    Another post begining with an ‘S 😀 Have a clothless weekend too, wont you?!

    I thought no one will notice!!!! Ok next post lazima iwe na title starting with anaa letter!

  6. 3N says:

    saa Xs why copy a spanish song and paste? you want us to believe the same Xs from those hills back home juas spanyo? unathani sisi ni maasai?

    To express better what i meant that song had to be translated to spanish! Yap wewe ni maasai! LOL

    second one: yes, yes, diamonds are forever. I keeps mines close to my heart.

    last one: very true, i am in the process of convincing my co-worker (she has serious jugga jiggies) to enjoy the afternoon in the nude….


    Good luck on that front. Tell us how it goes down!

  7. pilato says:

    Haiya ! kwani umepangawa na Roho Mtakatifu ati you start talking in tongues

  8. threetypesofcrazy says:

    @pilato- let me answer that. HECK NO!!!! Not this one.

    XS, you are confusing me. Hii “si no viene” mi nimesoma “sioni vile” alaafu nika lost after that. Ukiandika kwa maloga haya, plates are breaking.

    Diamond kafanya nini?Sii you have to keep the stones close, now to use tem as ammunition to hit others who will be attempting to take said diamond AMA?

    Atii best times are had when? iiiiisssssshhhhhhhh, now you tell me.
    Question; are they best times coz you are bila clothes? or the clothes come off because you are having the best times? (Becoz there is a way I can start removing clothes when my team is winning at a football match then what?)

  9. betty says:

    aiish Pumpkin…

    na halafu ulinunua wapi keyboard yenye iko na hiyo ‘C’ imeekwa kijiti hapo ivo??

    heh! ebu nitumie ka hiyo.

  10. Muthii Fulani says:

    three types
    wachana na sahani….tupa hizo disposable..where shall we find those enamel zenye unavunja agaist people who throw diamonds…something i am missing here excess…see me sideways…when shall you be disrobing i make sure me and rrrrauls rela is present with a 2gb memory card and a tripod with zoom even if i shall be standing a scant foot away?

    loooooooooooool….you K.I.L.L. me tihihiiiii!

    now running off before xs finds me commenting on comments on his blog…

  11. Muthii Fulani says:

    xs he is so censored huko…censured was not strong enough to curtail his liberal use of his favourite body part…adjust!! tihiii!!

  12. frankie says:

    Xs, ur repuation is not soaring..first u start a debate on Wankers,
    next, u leave a quote ati best times are had clotheless.. though that
    may be true and that is why God did not create us with clothes in the
    first place…

    halafu, u are not fooling anyone that u know Espagnol, we all know
    that u just copy pasted the song…me, I can speak Espagnol..
    stuff like, La Mujer de mi Vida, Todo Sobre Camilla, La Revancha?
    ring a bell? soap operas teach me espagnol..and am looking for a boyfie
    called Alejandro, any takers?

  13. farmgal says:

    Dude ati the best time are what???? Lmao!!!

  14. modoathii says:

    burro! sijui kuisoma so sijui niseme.


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