Slow Vs Slow

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Random, slow

I had a bad experience this morning with BW immigration Officers & Air Botswana Staff! Hata sitaki kuongea about it! Aki if i had my Nyaunyo i might be writting this from a jail cell somewhere in Gabs.

Never EVER give a woman with a serious ATT problem a position of kidogo power/authority….etc. If that woman is a Batswana then you are doomed.

Since i’ve been here i have changed my defination of SLOW – yaani slow physically & mentally. Aki.

And because of such creature(s) Ms Xs missed her flight back and since all flights out are booked solid for the next few days she’ll be here til next week!

Kondoo ya mtu!

On the bright side that means an extended visa for me albeit wiki moja ya penzi tele!

Am calmed now.

PS: Last post – The song in Spanish is If tomorrow doesnt come…… Go figure!

  1. betty says:


    lool kumbe Batwanas are slower than Coastarians ?? (pun intended lol)..anyway..pole to Ms. Pumpkin but i guess ure both happy at the end of the day!

  2. pilato says:

    I had my slow moments there too. Guess what happened in Gabs when i called a hot She cop “Marete” thinking that i meant “MADAM”…I earned myself a PI(prohibited immigrant) status in Botswana…No offense meant but those Batswanas are slow everywhere

  3. super says:

    My bet is that you paid the immig officer to be slow so as to cause your supuu to miss flight annnn…hhhehehhe– nice pull daddy–practical profitable joke–but we will not disclose this to her, lest you be sent flying (lol) wapenzi wapendane….

  4. archer says:

    I was in Bots three years ago and tha one thing that struck me is that they’re way slower than Coasterians. Imagine queing up for some minutes at a Supermarket, the ka mathe at the till is just staring at you, then her pal comes from somewhere with a basket-ful of shopping, and the attendant lengas you and swipes her pal’s stuff! Then when you zusha, she just looks at you like WTF??

  5. farmgal says:

    Pole, but on the bright side! Sure you is happy!

    Very happy indeed

  6. 3N says:

    i heard too that they are slow, maybe I need to move down there coz here its getting faster and faster each day — of course i could be getting older and older.

    Xs are you ready yet, ama you sahaod those manenos?

    See me sideways!

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    why, oh why, didn’t you just sema “do you know who I am?” Lakini if the mama was slow, she may have now removed a chart of their cabinet to look for your picha on it, “atii eho might this one be?”

    Ahhhhh at the end of the day, (LITERALLY), there is a silver linning.What is it they say, The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    Mysterious ways indeed!

  8. I can only echo Farmgal………… so whats the problem??

    You have your mamacita for one more week.

    The problem was the inconvinience! What if she had prior plans? job? etc

  9. modoathii says:

    peeps from botswana are called batswana? not botswaines, or something close ni ‘nians’ at the end?

  10. Wanja says:

    Are sure you didnt pull an artur brothers’ move to have the flight delayed and have Ms Xs around for another week? Mmmhhh…….
    Then again the rest of African is slow compared to Nairobi…..

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