Locked Out

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Random

Phew! Finally a post title bila S.

This week nimekaliwa mbaya na jobo yaani 8.00 to 5.30 i have no breather. I only have lunch break to do my usual blog round – so if you (Yes YOU) are wondering why you have not seen me in your comment list – elewa ni kubaya! I read while running and you know multitasking is not that easy – some of us cant chew gum & cross the road at the same time. And whats one hour anyway? To make matters worse, Wi-Fi has lengaad storo of connecting to internet in my apartment. aki.

Anyway, i have been encountering this problem with gmail. When i open the gmail page just before i put my ID & password, i get this message that i need to debug. WTF? Si someone feeling geekish explain this to me slooooowly…?


Instead of clicking close i decided to click there….yeah i wanted more information about this error. I got this message


Again i clicked here….eeeeh there.


Huh? Who can sort me out?

Moving on….

Just to update this blog visitors – Ms Xs & I CAN NOW SWIM!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay **Doing a ka traditional jig! Auuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii! (The pain we went through to learn Mama mia but it’s all worth it i tell you!)

For the doubting Thomas(es), here is the pictorial evidence!

Yeah thats me – floating away! Archer, i’ll send you SWIM100 (Swimming Made easy for Dummies & Guys weighing over 80 Kgs). Ofcource these floaters helped out alot!

Ms Xs picture is EXTRA sexy to be posted here! Simnaelewa? La? Ishieni! 

 AOB (Attempted Humour)

One Modo Marto one night after leaving Ftwanga at  wee hours of the morning (Vodometer was reading full) bebaad for himself some chips funga hapo Koinange st.

Getting home, they undressed and he unceremoniusly gets on top of her.

He humps away for 5 minutes after which he ask the langa how he is performing.

She says “You are at 3 nots”

Thinking 3 nots is a good thing, he continues with more vigour. 5 more minutes he asks again. “na sasa, how am i doing?”

She says ” you are still at three nots”

This time he’s not satisfied with this answer. So he asks “What do you mean 3 knots?”

She says “You are NOT hard, you are NOT IN and you are NOT getting your money back”

Siku njema people!

  1. super says:

    yeah…was wondering…where ze fcuk yu are…..kukaliwa is ok. Si ni co-curricular activity? Ama ni extra-curry (when u have had too many ‘floaters’.

    Co-curricular iko – it doesnt involve internet…. 😉

    Have you purchased swimming goggles yet? They give a better view…

    Floaters eeh…Archimedes lol.

    Patent and royalties coming your way (for original stuff): “She says “You are NOT hard, you are NOT IN and you are NOT getting your money back””

    Si original vile – i just re-did it…..!

  2. Klara says:

    LOL @ Marto storo…
    So it’s true, Xs can Swim!

    Yes i can! The first day i learnt how to float i stayed in water for 6 hours…!

  3. pilato says:

    Wewe wacha, you are flossing at shallow end.. And those green bottles, man you make me excessively thirsty..

    My guy am still not a pro yet so shallow end it will be for now! Ala? si u treat that thirst!

  4. super says:

    Seems you have had your fill of S. Will your next posts (20?) start with L? (Love…see farmgal, Lexus…(see your dealer)…Liquor (hapo hapo..) or more to the point.. are u fLying in to Las Vegas, LA or London for ur next business engagements? we are watching..

    L was random….but i like your way of thinking! LOL

  5. kip says:

    Loooooooooooooooool at the 3knots .. lol muchama is till hanging hukos kwa periphery ya zamzing ….. ie the elephant ears zone.. lol
    izzhow you guy you swim like a true tilapia..lol

    your makendes need redemption from beer( based on the empy heinkein chupas)

    LMAO ati the elephant ears zone? Aki you!! Redemption from the bottle i need – she has also also said something to that effect. I’ll quit the day i chew a blackout…!

  6. threetypesofcrazy says:

    Finally, your employer is getting his money’s worth!!!!! Pole.

    Jana i was told i may work for the next two sundays!!!!!!DRAT!

    I hear you.

    Atii “you know I read while running”…..boy, you can’t run.

    are those canvas shoes at the edge of the pool kwani you don’t have slippers?

    Kwenda huko – those aint shoes – just an outlet for water!

  7. 3N says:

    how do we know that floating being is one Xs not a random tswana? — asks the always doubting 3N

    I’ll arrange a private view pare pare just for the likes of you!

    LOL at marto’s storo, you should have gotten your money back though.

    Did i tell you nafungwa mwaka na wewe? Endelea tu!


  8. archer says:

    Send me the book! Heaven knows I need it. But again, you’d never find me near a large water body (except the bathtub) so now I’d be swimming where?

    My guy it aint that bad! All you need is a beautiful damsel by your side….. 😉

  9. betty says:

    loooool that’s funny.

    you are floating lol progress..but am sure to kicked the wall and shouted NOW (for Ms Pumpkin to take the pic) then stuck ure head in the water lol.

    Pia wewe! Eish! Sawa wacha i see if flickr will accept these sexy photos!

  10. farmgal says:

    Those floater yawa! aki you tickle me…
    I’d like that book- I cant swim to save my life!

    Si dec i arrange for swimo lessons? Ms Xs & I will be proffesonals by then! LOL

  11. Mocha! says:


    First at the floating pic

    Pili at your computer wows

    Three at Marto!!!!

    Modo….where art thou to jitetea???

    Glad you can now swim…..! Its fun innit esp. with the Ms 😉

    Its fun. We have a long weekend coming, guess what i’ll be doing?

  12. modoathii says:

    dude is that shallow end ama swallow end? alafu you are floating underwater? LOL!

    LOL! at marto, lakini marto hakulangi njiva funga…and trust me he does get his money back in case (or not) of any ‘nots’.

    i had just dived IN….. alafu ati marto hakulangi chips funga? tell us more! LOL

  13. frankie says:

    ati u know how to swim or u know how to float? those are two different things….

    about the chips funga.. he..he

    Weweee i can move from one end to the other (shallow end). In other words i can do both. 3 weeks ago all i could manage was swallow chrolinated water! LOL

  14. Muthii Fulani says:

    now those i am not so techie like that but i can tell you…that is diddly squat! tumia firefox…weka kwa flash disk and install on comps you use..IE and i do not have a good history…i recall it being the only browser some time mid 90s…sad, dark, nefarious times i tell you..

    keep me away from water…we are not friends…alaa…one copy to me…do they have sambaza over there in the safcom of there?

    floating means being on top of…right?…modo..you have a point…you are zamaing in the pic…

    Marto is a gem…special…very special….

    Dude i had just dived into the water so most def i’ve to go underwater kiasi before i resurface!!! Ala? Manual i’ll send. I’ll try your firefox idea ni vile we are restricted to install anything on these ‘company’ PC’s/Laptop…..esp in my line of work…..we use IE sana.

  15. Gishungwa says:

    Either unistall IE, ama ugrade it or as MF said use firefox.I prefer Firefox its morre friendly.
    Of swimming, si those classes, as for me i want the Ms. as my coach.
    Glad to hear uko poa kimya chako was getting too loud.

    I’ll try the upgrade IE first….. Ms Xs is almost a pro now so she’ll be a good coach!

  16. Mocha! says:

    Hiyo stori ya chipo take away reminded me of a track I saw on you tube…..let me see if I can locate it.

    Aaaaahhhh, yes….here it is!!!


    Will check it out laaaaaater…

  17. Kirima says:

    hehehe same thing happened to IE on my laptop and I need to get firefox as well.
    Good to see you have conqured the shallow end as for me I am yet to graduate from baby pool. what a life just lazing around the pool with the ms and those floaters LOL!
    That Marto joke too funny!!!

    My plan for this weekend was to stock the fridge with enough cases of floaters and then spend the 4 day weekend kwa pool. It rained-actually stormed so the pool is now covered with murky water, i doubt they will drain & refill….maji huku ni less…oh well the floaters will help!

  18. super says:

    @Mocha ..take away ni kali….

    Firefox…? Umejaribu safari? I recommend it any day! safari is now pc compatible…

    Ati safari? is that an application, software or a journey? LOL

  19. kip says:

    you got jokes daddy …lol nimecheka na hizi comments za raiya.

    Jokes ni lazima – otherwise i’d not blog! LOL

  20. bomseh says:

    That ain’t you floating, it is you submerged. Floating is keeping your head above water, both heads if necessary.

  21. Wanja says:

    My dear wacha kufloat kwa baby pool, wait you are actually floating…congratulations….step one…when are you diving?

    3Knots: You killed me, my ribcage still aching….

  22. Tweety says:

    Lol at the chips kausha na ufunge!
    Halafu about those floaters…Surely aren’t they excess??
    Congrats on step 1 to becoming a fish!

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