Jadhba kweli au ni fake?

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Random, sex

From the previous post, i assume jamaas have gotten some tips and advices that will ensure they will get off the BT hata kama ni temporarily.  And if you are a satisfied customer reader i.e. you got sumsumtin after reading the tips & advices hebu give feedback, Sawa? gooood. Bomseh dont worry, your time is coming. I’ll start a campaign just for you! (where is Betty?) LOOOL

I have one tiny question for guys though. What do you think about as you get some Vitamin S? Huh? Round 2? How boring/interesting it is? How it is sooooo worth the wait or vice versa, how much it will cost you? ‘What if i get caught’ thoughts?, ‘God help me i dont spoof for atleast 1.5 minutes’? what? what do you think about?

Moving on. Lets talk about something else – apparently it’s not a myth.

Female Orgasm (Yes guys it exists!). This is one mysterious SOB and its a fact that all women have faked it at one time or another. The reasons WHY are very wide and variable.

But why does a woman fake orgasm? Is it because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings? Or she just wants to maintain and keep the peace? Or she’s just not in the mood and she doesnt want to seem ungrateful?

I read a Men’s health magazine article that suggests we guys treat sex as a joke and the woman apparently fails to get the punch line. Our attempts to drop kick her through the goal posts of heaven – frenzied fingers rythmitically rubbing at her sensitive spots – might, in fact, be hell for her!

But I digress. As a man how do you know you have hit the jackpot? It may look real, sound real but is it real? The heaving hips, lunging pelvis and loud groans aside, can you spot a fake?

Or it doesn’t matter? Si wewe umecome? Ala? Ajipange!


Did you know that a man can also fake an orgasm? I wont elaborate for now (That’s a post on its own)


Can anyone hook me up with the video to this song Bembeleza by Marlaw. Tamu sana

  1. Muthii Fulani says:


    naanza kampaign saa ii!! kuna mtu anafaa arudishwe humo…the S is back!

    The S is back? what S? LOL……. i’ll join you on that campaign!!!!Arudi

  2. Mocha! says:

    Dang….dude! Yaani, mami checks out and you have all these lingering questions….ni what???

    We wrote it together…. she knows i lost it kitaaaambo – ame give up! LOL

    Let me go back and continue reading……

    Sawa, twangoja comment round 2….LOL

  3. Klara says:

    LOL Yenyewe Mocha anasema Ukweli..LOL
    Kwanza first elaborate on how men fake that & da reasons then we can talk about why women do it…

    We discuss the matter on hand first! Lazima tuchambue haya maneno yote! LOOOOOOL

  4. gal africana says:

    Xs…u r unstoppable…loooool

    have to second

    “And if you are a satisfied customer reader i.e. you got sumsumtin after reading the tips & advices hebu give feedback”

    toboeni toboeni!…..these posts are making life on the BT FUN!!! wacha I get more cushions….now where is my chai/shai…..

    Am glad you are having FUN – si u pass some of that shai…. ni ketepa ama?

  5. Mocha! says:

    Q1: Shit, my toes are going to break! Damn it, its gone back. Aaahhhh, hapo (as I vibe to dude as Jonny touches right spot)….fireworks in head and body!!! Collapse!


    Q2: I faked once….I wanted him to leave early, I had work the following day.

    More later…

    Ok – i hear you!

  6. bomseh says:

    Ahem, hebu tell us exactly why she left. There is more than meets the eye here. Ok, S is back and I’ll just read from the periphery. Toboa about men faking the big O.

    @gal africana – wapi link leo?

    What is this S being refered to? Sielewi!

  7. 3N says:

    You should know when your chic has had an orgasm or if she is faking it. If you cannot tell do not let it bother you at all, in due time another jamaa will check for you.

    I was with until you mentioned anaa jamaa will do the checking aaaaassiiiiiii ninalea!

  8. farmgal says:

    aki dude i would love to read your posts but not at work! Sensor nani!
    All women have faked ..thats a fact! But its the rubbish job you jamaaz make of it. And dont even try deefending yourselves.

    Kwanza when everytime you touch her it means you want sex ..that there is a recipe for fake fake!

    You know there’re men who only touch a chic for that pekee????
    I was married and I know how one can quickly go off sex!

    I hear you! 😉 Pole kwa kazi

  9. Tweety says:

    That post was SO meant for guys,I don’t even know what I’m doing here.Let me know as soon as you’ve elaborated on that last bit,though.

    Hey its not meant for guys only…..but coz its u, i’ll let you off easy. LOL

  10. pilato says:

    Ati afake nani?..am always like “umesikia utamu ?”…

    She is like ‘sana tena sana”..

    Am like “mbona sioni wala sikusia maji yakitoka’

    Some water flows out when she cums or do I
    imagin my things?…

    Dude, not all ladies become ‘wet’ as they cum…. Alafu you are nut ati ‘water flows’? LMAO

  11. frankie says:

    No Comment excess, umezidi..ama u actually crowned urself Dr. Phil in matters of pare pare ….

    Hey not Dr. Phil but Dr. Xs…

    sometimes u are so in ur own world..u have no idea what is going on with her…..does that answer ur ‘faking’ doubts?

    Wachana na pilato, he just being a jamaa. LOL

  12. Sultry Nutter says:

    ur funny 🙂

    Thanx! ****Blushing

    I think men can not have an Orgasm… u have to consider that jamaaz cant help but “release their Juices”. an O is more than physical.. so if the guy didnt feel good about it mentally/ emotionally then it doesnt neccessarily count as an Orgasm…

    I have never thought of it that way but what do you call sensious feeling as a dude cums?

    and mamaz have to fake at one point… U can keep telling the guy that u didnt… He will begin to question little Johnny’s abilities!

    Little johnny’s abilities huh??? LMAO. ****maybe i should do a post about Johnny…hmmmm

  13. Wanja Thinking aloud says:

    Who said sex is about “coming”? Is it a must for one to orgasm, how about enjoying it for what it is …stress reliever?

  14. Gishungwa says:

    Vote for Wanja here.

  15. […] I know I have gotten excess (sex) education and poems fulani fulani but I still need prayers. Bana, I’ve been on the BT for the longest. […]

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