Hairy & Heavy bizness….

Posted: October 9, 2007 in wierd

Didier Drogba.

Yes, he of chelsea pensioners FC. I have never liked the way he plays but apperently he gets goals (somehow) and am sure he is propably worth every cent of his (approx) Kshs 15M weekly salary. Dont get me wrong, he is a great athelete – its just that i have no love for the guy. Am sure you are wondering where this is leading, right? Well, i have an issue with his hair – jamani seriously kwani he doesnt have a hairdresser or atleast a girl friend who should be telling him how terrible, atrocious & horrendous his gel laced hair looks? Yeye ulala na nini kwa kichwa? Stockings?


Moving to other equally unimportant manenos, sometime back my alter ego twin bro (inexes) posted some pixs of one damsel who had decided pose in nude and apparently someone thoughtful decided to share the pictures with the world. Someone had asked where/why/how come i get these forwards? For real i dont have an answer but i guess thats the pain of having so many eFriends, i aint complaining though. Yeah YOU included.

Where am i going with this?

Well i received another forward….. about the chicca below.


This is not thaaaat bad (actually its not even appealing) but am just wondering, can this be healthy!?!?! Si this Chicca atembelee a plastic surgeon jamani, eish! Hata kama!


I have deleted the forward…….. now off to figure out how to empty the recycle bin!

  1. threetypesofcrazy says:

    the girl looks pretty or should I not judge a book by it’s cover? Her foundation is flawless.

    Foundation si ile ukijenga nyumba? How can you tell its flawless?LOL

    Maybe just maybe the dude with the gel in his hair, maybe it is the girlfriend who does it for him, you know what they say, “different strokes for different folks”……………XS, NOT those strokes

    Ooooook but you agree your phrase has also defined the other ‘strokes’ perfectly….LOL

  2. Mocha! says:

    I too kept wondering about that hair. Spends more time infront of a mirror than most mamis I guess…..raising alot of questions.

    And the dude refuses to talk about it!

    As for the chica….I dont see anything wrong with the pic. What you on about there with regards to plastic surgery???

    Lets just say there’s nothing wrong with the face……

  3. aegeus says:

    hmmmm!! wewe!! ati figure out how to empty your recycle bin? i will show you…hebu send me the link..tihiii!! ok ok i kid i wish not to be murdered!

    Aegeus is back???? yeah hebu send instructions on how to empty the recycle bin!! LOL

  4. pilato says:

    Drogba in that hairstyle looks like Katana, the Giriama beach boy walking the sandy shores of Mombasa..The She is hot unless uniambie she is a Shemale

  5. prou says:

    atembelee plastic surgeon kwa nini?
    Am not seeing anything wrong with her…

  6. Wanja says:

    for 1.5M a week he should do better than that backfired curly kit he sports!
    Wee whats the story with the supuu? ebu sambaza stop the suspence

  7. Wanja,drumming fingers on the table.... says:

    Still waiting for part 2 of the list; you know which.
    Bring it on am waiting…….

  8. Klara says:

    Haiya! What’s wrong with da chicca? sioni Kitu…Si ungepost da whole Forward..:=)
    On Drogba hata mimi I dont like them hairstyle, he looks sawa with corn rows lakini..
    On aserious note, yaani he pockets that amount every week!!!! Damn Lucky!

  9. super says:

    “Yeye hulala na nini kwa kichwa? Stockings?” NO! yeye hutumia cd!

    I have a feeling that the lady in question has access to stocks of GM-fodder hence the milkshake. Does her milkshake taste better than YOURS? (yes YOU)!

  10. Kirima says:

    Someone should tell Drogba that a jerry curl went out in the 80’s
    Knowing you there is more to the picture than we can see!

  11. modoathii says:

    kwanza drogs ako na ohach…si ye humaliza kimbo ya hao yake.

    as for the chicca, you say it’s mambo of foundation…so it’s layers upon layers eh…ametumia conta…nini?

  12. Nyinyi wacheni na nywele za Drogba! Half of Loserfool’s Spanish contingent use more engine oil on their hair than he does! Christina Ronaldo carries his lip gloss to the pitch! And Fabregas and van Persie put on make up in the dressing room! And kwani his hair scores 33 goals a season?

    That mama doesn’t look too bad although make up can be deceiving. Jimmy si you do like that with the forward?

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