Posted: October 10, 2007 in love, sad

© By Blake A. Kniss
Lonely man missing his wife.
If you could shop for loneliness,
would you shop alone?

Would you shop among many,
or would there even be any?

And if you were to find loneliness,
sitting there upon a shelf.

Would you be willing to pay the price,
for the seclusion of ones self?

We spite the feel of loneliness.
Although it is quite real.

We can’t quite escape the darkness and self pity,
that loneliness makes us feel.

Loneliness often makes us think of family
and mistakes we’ve made in life.

My loneliness comes most often,
when I think about my wife.


Yaani thats how am feeling right about now……Lonely, So alone……. I miss You Ms Xs….. So so much……I wanna come home…… not Nov…….not next week……not kesho! TODAY!

Oh well. ***Sigh

  1. super says:

    Kamuti–Xs–Kamuti!!! I bet u are now feeling like handing in your resignation letter. DONT! Just open your eyes and “SEE”. LOL

    I have cosidered it on several occasions….

    I think Ms Xs is “unforgivable” but LO! those are simply lyrics! Do not believe the hypnotic lyrics (an obvious consequence of being off the BT) playing between your ears!

    ‘Unforgivable’ or Un-forgetable?

    Simply an after-shock; an aftermath. Stay put dude and reminisce the past!

    Doing that!

    Any volunteers (to save this dude) TO GABS? (3types, Shamza, Farmgal, Mocha, Klara??????)

    They wont be of any help – this dude need his daily dose of Ms Xs!

  2. Kirima says:

    Sorry dadi! I feel for you lakini wiki tatu kwa BT is not too bad (consolation!)


  3. Shamza says:

    Stop telling this guy he’s in the BT, coz techincally speaking (or non-technically, I always dont know which to apply when 2 :D), he’s not!!!
    Lol Super.. Kamuti?

    I AM ON BT!! Hebu check that corner near the Bar…yeah that me

  4. farmgal says:

    Woishe dude, sijui niseme! I feel for you lakini three weeks is not a long time. At least you know she’s your baby mamah.


  5. Mocha! says:

    Hugs coming your way!!!

    Received – thanx

  6. pilato says:

    Haiya..Xs kwani are you crying?..I wish I had the right consoling lines for you..Jikaze Kisabuni and rub those tears off your cheeks, juu despite being distance and spaces away bado huyo Mtoto ni wako….

    Eish now who’s crying?? am just sad….

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    here is some tissue! pole,pole,pole

    Ala? Tissue for what now?

  8. Gishungwa says:

    {{{Xs}}} ukamaka mucore okwa e 3 weeks is not alot inge gwe

    Gish, you need serious lessons on Kimeru…..sijaelewa! LOL Thanx lakini

  9. modoathii says:

    kiubeshte na kuja kwako, alafu ninakutwanga kofi! wacha machozi, november ndio hiyo imefika…ni niniii!

    Yeah maybe that kofi will daze me til November! LOOL

    hahaha…anyway i feel you (kiasi i really do…)

    Kiasi huh? wee ngoja tu…

  10. Muthii Fulani says:

    dude…pole sana for missing ms xs saaaana ivo…i am sure pia anakumiss…but coming soon to a place in nairobi kenya is one xs……mastrongs boss…

  11. Klara says:

    Pole bt dont worry siku zinaenda mbio sana..Before u know it u will be home….

  12. modoathii says:

    actually kiasi ni kubwa man…

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