Amatuer Collector

Posted: October 19, 2007 in Money

Finally a non Vitamin S post…..

In my short jet-setting life I have developed this tendency of keeping a survenier in form of banknotes (of course Low value…) from each country i visit. So the other day i was going through my wallet and noted i have quite a collection……..well not really- but all the same i thought i would share with you.

Ghana 1000 Cedis note…..Approx Kshs 8.


Nigeria 20 Naira……Approx Kshs 10.


Zambia 50 kwacha……Approx Kshs 0.8


Zambia 100 Kwacha…….Approx Kshs 1.5, I wonder why they dont make coins


Tanzania Shillingi mia tano……Approx Kshs 27


South African 20 & 50 Rand………Approx Kshs 200 & 500 respectively. Needless to say the R50 is no longer in my wallet….


Botswana 20 Pula…….Approx Kshs 220


Botswana 100 Pula……Approx Kshs 1100…..I dont think i’ll keep this one!!


American 20 Dollars……..Approx Kshs 1,360 and yes i have never been to America so this one cannot be called a survenier


Kenya 100 Shilling……Approx…. wait, this is not a survenier either!


But this is definately a survenier.


From the look of it, i need not tell you how many years it has been in my wallet. Many a times it was the only thing standing between me & that poverty line (as in it would be the only note in my wallet). I almost used it once to buy jivas one day but luckily i bumped into an old lady friend who took me for lunch hapo seasons…… funny thing is she didn’t eat…..alikunywa juice tu….

So that is my collection. I think i’ll stop carrying them around least they are stolen like some old Kenyatta notes (5’s & 10’s) and few moi 20’s i had which were stolen from my house early last year. Am sure the thief must have been wondering why i kept money in a photo album!


Can someone tell me the best way to preserve them? Can i laminate them?

  1. Shamza says:

    I sure think they can be

    I hear that might depreciate value…

  2. super says:

    Nice collection but you MUST get the DINAR, Yen, £, € & THEN MULTIPLY THEM (not in your wallet!! tihihihihi…)

    Yes you can frame them or better still…send them to me for safe keeping (i know you are a major banker but who cares? (coz you have no time to spend the chums anyway!!)…si I can spend the stuff for you!!?

    Howz that for a friend?

    Am eyeing you vibaya – remind me to buy a bigger safe when u come to my hao! LOL

  3. super says:

    @ Shamza..seems we are posting SIMULTANEOUSLY or is it CONCURRENTLY……kwani you are next door or is it the CCTV manenoz?

    are you guys now roommates? LOL

  4. Muthii Fulani says:

    hello xs. not even sure its legal to display them, i have a few notes mint condition, i should floss them ama? i could sell them to you….for a lot of money…mine are hidden away apo kwa…like i would tell you…great collection man..keep going…soon you shall have enough to buy me a pizza apo nandos…si you know…when you land….hehehe!!

    its not legal???? tell me more. hio Pizza we will arrange

  5. kip says:

    lol in xess you makendes are crazy … ati you want to laminate those manenos kwani money is running out of supply! ama you will not be going back to those places again …

    I may go back to Ghana but the rest am not sure…..

    I must admit i got much love for the kenya shilling note.. hiyo mbao jo!.it has seen better days….

    that 20 dollar bill…you guy binadamu can do anything to get more of that

  6. Kafai says:

    I have this two bob coin that my grandfather gave me. What were they doing making two bob coins!
    Anywho, I would also suggest framing them. Seems to keep them well and makes displaying them that much easier.

    If i frame them both sides will not be visible…..right?

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    Send me the dollars and the tz shilling wait and the kenyan shilling, QUICKLY. Let me show you how to preserve them.


  8. archer says:

    I used to have a mini collection just like yours, quite diverse. Then one day they went missing from my room. What I miss most is the crisp 10 bob notes, one that I’d kept since 94, and the Kenyatta 20 bob notes when they were re introduced some years ago.

    My advice is to carefully iron the notes (inside a folded newspaper) then frame them. Laminating them will make them lose their value in future.

    Will do. What type of frame?

  9. Klara says:

    Amen! Finally 3TOC’s prayers were answered a non Vitamin S post..LOL..We are doing fine X’s, doing fine…
    I have a friend who does da same I mean keep a collection of such, he has then in this wallet hidden in some drawer under Lock…
    Me I doubt I can do so, coz saa zile ni kubaya am gonna be unleashin them..
    Weka them under Lock & Key…

    Give me details on where i can get that wallet……

  10. egm says:

    When the present government first came into power and the Kenyatta notes were brought back, I remember taking some with me when I went back to Stato. Folks that saw them wanted them as souvs, but I told them what they really needed to collect were the Moi notes, since those were being phased out, and would be collector’s items. hawakuniamini. Now see what’s happened!

    You’ve got quite the collection. While in Boston, I’d visit pizza joints, especially those with a high student population living nearby and see a wall full of notes from countries all over the world. These guys would get these notes from students who wanted their currency displayed on there. I’m sure those walls were very expensive! it’s a wonder the notes never went missing.

    i’ll keep my notes, though not for monetary value but sentimental value….and you know to show my grand kids… i imagine me telling them ‘we use these to buy stuff….we used to call it banknotes’ LOL

  11. egm says:

    As for spending that 20 bob note, I have a two dollar note, which are very very rare. I have almost spent it at times when that’s what’s between me and poverty, but thankfully I have never gotten to the point of no return. I still have it and keep it with me all the time. Front and back of the note…

    Cool. Am sure one day they will be very valuable

  12. There are special albums for money (currencies) collectors. I’m sure you can buy on online. Check out

    Good luck!!!


  13. Gishungwa says:

    got a 5 bob note, dirham, kwacha, naira , spent the dollars and still collecting. Let me know when you figure how to do that.

    That 5 bob note, si i see you sideways? i’ll do when i do…

  14. Kirima says:

    Have you worked out how much money you have collected in shillings.
    You can frame them its much easier but don’t display them in the sitting room they will go.

    Thanx for the tip..

  15. kip says:

    @ egm

    so now its rare to get a kenya note with moi’s pic huh? i should start the collection too … decemba nitajaribu

    Good luck! I can sell mine though – give me a quote!

  16. pilato says:

    I am currently collecting Zim dollars..Got 13 million now and I am determined to reach the billion dollar mark before the year ends…..

    I need a Zim dollar too….oh well i’ll get when i go there probably next year! good luck on 1B mark!

  17. Farmgal says:

    hebu give me that 20 dollar one. I know afew ways i can make it useful

    I also had 20 pounds note – yeah it was put into good use! LOL

  18. Wanja says:

    I can see sanity has made a house call
    On the currency, I am doing the mental ithafu, you have about 3k in your wallet that you dont intend to spend?!!!Dude, it is friday and thats more than enough to show me a good time leo na kesho!!!! [am cheap like that]
    Send them over I show you the best way to “preserve” them.

    LOL – i still have few 100 Pulas in my wallet – not only my ‘collection’!

    LOL @ “Billionare” Pilato

  19. SultryNutter says:

    Very nice collection 🙂
    I could use the 20 rand and the 20 dollars. ASAP!

    Talk to me nicely…

    Get banknote /currency holders or get the Folders with the transparent page covers….

    Where do i get one? like do u know a shop that stocks susch?

  20. sultrynutter says:

    🙂 please sweetie give me the 20 dollars and the 20 rand…

    LOL you gotta do better than that!

    well if u are looking for the folder .. just go to a bookstore and ask for the folders with the uh transparent pages… I forget what their proper name is 🙂
    but if u want proper currency/ bank note holders you probably have to get em online but if u are In Kenya I think try Text book Centre that may have something.

    Thanx, i’ll be going home soon so i’ll check it out.

  21. frankie says:

    I think u should laminate them, they wont depreciate in value coz u can just chuck them from the lamination, right?

    I have been advised against it….

    By the way, where are u living? Just curious, I always thought it is somewhere ng’ambo, but since it is not States, then where?

    Hapa hapa tu Africa – Gaborone, Botswana

  22. betty says:

    hmmmm not spend and do not laminate, don’t ask why but i need to see that money up close and candid so i can advise you appropriately

    LMAO – sawa i’ll wait…..

  23. 3N says:

    collect notes from at least 5 countries from each continent and then do a mosaic, frame it and hand on your wall.

    that’s is if you are artistic. otherwise just laminate and keep em.

    5 countries from each continent? Hmmmm then that wud really make a prof collector!

  24. bomseh says:

    That Zambian Kwacha brought very sad memories. To thin that I only had 10 of those when I reached Lusaka! To use the bathroom was 5 of those K100 notes. God is Great.

  25. Tweety says:

    My dear,your spelling…I winced right from the title.It’s AMATEUR & SOUVENIR.

    Right you are!!!! I’ll spell check next time! LOL

    Now i collect currencies but i’m very fond of arab ones.One little note could buy me airtime for a week.Thank you God for oil…


  26. jose mwamba says:

    Hi, may you help me to send some of the address of the buyer of
    funitures carings big 5 in your country pease.

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