Another drunken post

Posted: October 28, 2007 in ulevi

Before i start the usual incoherent alcoholic rumble, i wud like to wish some two good friends the best time ever, mjienjoy vilivyo! That cupid boy has really been busy on the famous Bilas Train with his arrows and these two (and others) seems to have been willing victims….. yaani walindungwa kwenye kina cha nyoyo zao….. am already offering my services as a best man (provided there will be alcohol – but most likely i’ll be in the wedding  committee so DEFINATELY they will be alot of alcohol flowing)

Kesho ni monday so i need to do this haraka

Today i also got to understand my friends Super comment on Tuchane au tunachanwa post…….

he…heeeeee SHE IS DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! believe me Dr Xs!!! Very Impressionable, witty and nice!!! Did I mention that she excellent assets in that area (i kept staring–prayers required–again!!). She is CLASS (yaani was dropped and picked in a chauffer-driven Merc)..tihihihihihi….. (nione kando for details)…

He was meant to provide more details hapo kando but he didnt! Wewe Super tutakosana, stori of wachaing me hanging sio poa!

Retracting to the reason why am doing this at this hour……

I was invited for a Nyama chomaing outing leo – i have been away from Ke for 3&half months so u can guess how fast i jumped on the train for this one – It was OK but was not what i expected

The place was just a park with a convinient bar…… with watu mingi


You buy meat and then u choma it for yourself (am still comprehending this concept)….. Sisi wajanja, we just smuggled in some…..disguised like this


Fire was mingi


Si that Nyamchom looks appetising? Does that ‘kitambi’ look familiar?/?


The done product….. Dont ask


After feasting we got some alcohol into our system……well they did (will be pulled down after i sober up….or not)

 [Ka Mathata………down down it goes]


The bed beckons

Good week good people

  1. super says:

    nice bootay…..your choice?


  2. Kirima says:

    D.I.Y. Nyam chom, thats an interesting concept but knowing the cooking skills of some of us who shall remain nameless then beware of food poisoning.
    Kwani you post while still drunk?

    Seems like the new trend. and yeah – No food poisoning thru i was abit worried.

  3. kipusa says:

    still on BT…..aint sorry for you

    Yeah, am still on BT…but not for long…

  4. Farmgal says:

    lol! That concept should be introduced in Kenya somewhere..but come to think of it we choma our meat all the time. Ok maybe just when families meet up!

    Yeah we only choma at family gathering – here you buy from the butchery & go choma it yourself!

  5. Farmgal says:

    And I need to see someone kando!

    eeeeh….. mimi ama yeye?

  6. Klara says:

    Now u are guilty of making me hungry…
    BT Lazima watu washuke,Ama??

    Yeah, that cupid boy should ensure it becomes a Ghost Train….or GT ukipenda…LOL

  7. Mocha! says:

    LOL….nice concept, but like you said…you smuggled some of your meat in. So chances of it working?

    Looks like a plan though to meet up with peeps.

    But think of the way you’ll smell – smoke, nyake eish…

  8. Wanja says:

    Here I am Salivating at your Nyam chom while nursing my sunburns….
    Mlevi to death wewe!!!!

    Sunburns? Kwani holiday imeanza? Because of your ‘mlevi 2 death’ line, am not drinking today…..

  9. sultrynutter says:

    mpaka I had to zoom in to make sure that nyama was cooked aka ..burnt lol… u’ve wekad some mini pic niaje?:)

    Am also trying to understand why it become so tiny….ulevi….

    🙂 yeah to drunken posts!

    Si am quiting……

  10. 3N says:

    i think its official you are now the Mlevi of KBW. next time just write ‘post’ we will assume the drunken part, lol.


    na naona mambo ya kuchoma nyama imekushinda kabisa, when did red meat end up black when cooked?

    It was marinated vilivyo so thats why it look dark….lakini ilikuwa tamu kweli!

    let me try to understand this concept. I go to the butchery, I buy meat, I choma it myself, I eat, I drink and then go back home, right?

    what about I stay home take a kondoose from my shed, chinja it and choma, invite a few friends, drink and sleep. alafu I tip myself for a job well done?

    Am with u there!

    ok thats the end of my mini-sober-post.

    Sawa mlevi mwenzangu


  11. kip says:

    i would not touch that nyama choma.. after seeing the cardboard box it was letwad… in lol !!!!

    ati familiar kitambi ghani hiyo ?

    Not familiar…famous!

  12. kip says:

    in the pic with the womans!(lol) i penda that one with the whitey —-!

    Send me your pix, akipenda wewe, i’ll hook up!

  13. udi says:

    kwani drunken posts are now the in thing. I need to try it once

    that nyam chom plot looks like a sawa one. they need to have one like that huku

    Si you just open a kajoint & sell the idea to wathii…. LOL

  14. threetypesofcrazy says:

    PEOPLE, people, people why is everyone ignoring the small fact that this man is offering his services as a best man……………..sii the best man is in-charge of the bachelor party…………….I am praying for that bride already.

    Ukweli, and am thinking we’ll do it out of town……vituz must happen…..we’ve to ensure the groom get his last taste of bachelorhood…. LOL

    On the get together theme, there is bring a bottle now what is this? Now this one was bring your wallet………… shopuld have just ordered meat feast pizza and stayed in.

    Eish, and miss all the fun? twas ok

  15. super says:

    @Kip [comment 12]…yeeeeeah the one in whitey is appetizing indeed. What is ur bet on whether or not Dr Xs has kept his hands off that angel? My bet is £1000!!! He has ‘touched’. Jitetee Dr Xs. U guilty as charged!!?

    Are you ready to loose your money?? AM INNOCENT!

  16. kip says:

    @ super. my bet is $2000 kwaba dagitari wa miti shaba Dr Xs has kaguad the mathuthas of that shemale…

    Can i have that $2000 now?? You are backing the wrong horse!

    super sha ona hiyo rasa vyenye ni throwback vipoa and the matitis is looking like its about to break loose from that size 34C bra…… all that remains is the examination of the face… but as my old boy nick says COVER the FACE and FIRE the BASE..!!

    LOL……Are you high?

  17. pilato says:

    Hapo ni Mogoditshane?..halafu that red can looks familiar

  18. Gishungwa says:

    More drunken posts. BY the way i need to see that naked boy dungaing people.
    The Nyama plan sounds not bad

  19. shadowking says:

    Yum Yum Yum! You gotta invite me one of these fine days! 🙂

  20. aegeus says:

    hmmm…that nyaks looks suspect! glad you had a ball! now who are these people who are being bested?

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