A working tourist

Posted: November 1, 2007 in Fun, jobo

Sometimes i hate my job for keeping me away from home for such lengthy periods, kwanza when i think of Ms Xs i get kidogo crazy & start drafting a resignation letter…..

But it has its reward though – i get to go to places i never dreamt i would ever set a foot in this lifetime. This week i have been touring our upcountry offices/agencies here in BW…… Today i flew out to Maun. Now if you have ever been to Mandera or Lowdar you will understand how hot this place is – yaani we are talking kindu 35 degree celcius – how people live here is beyond me! Its a main tourist attraction for BW because of okavango delta and several other national parks

I didnt get to see much of nothing coz it was airport-to-office-back-to-airport again for me! Drat! Kwanza vile i had offers to be shown around…… anyhooooo kazi ifanywe

On my flight back…. amid a thousand thoughts i took a moment to enjoy the variable forms and shapes of clouds……

I snapped afew…


 What are these called?


And these?


3N what do these remind you of?


Lovely huh?


Closer view


Then i noticed how the plane’s engine needed a paint job


This really got me thinking……. what the hell was Charles Glass thinking about as he brew Castle lager back in 1895?? It reminded of my Chem 302 (industrial Chemistry) project write up about beer brewing……story for another day….. no medal for guessing i am not sober…..


Got a glimpse of the sun as it disappeared huko…


Then 1.20 hours after take off, Gabz was visible…



Is it true that vegetarian women dont moan or groan and are silent during sex because they cannot believe a piece of meat is giving them so much pleasure?!!

Furahiday na wikendi njema people! 

Remember Super ako na yake, jee nyinyi??


  1. 3N says:

    LMAO @ AOB, will be back to read from the top.

    numero UNO!

    Here is your biltong….LOL

  2. Kirima says:

    Hang in there it’s all about bringing home the bacon but hope it will get better.
    35 C is not so bad sometimes in our place we hit 38 at some times of the year.

    38?? Eish you go jobo in a vest au nini?

  3. Wanja says:

    The clouds….so serene….i envy you, On the castle lager and beer brewing, no comment, I cannot tell the difference of one beer from another, though i know why some are malts and others lagers, courtesy of a EABL plant tour.
    ROTFLMAO@AOB plus those studded Simbas

    Hehehehe i try to enjoy to the fullest….i miss home though!

  4. Farmgal says:

    Lovely pics!
    The serve biltong! salalaaaa mbele am crazy about the chilli ones. Am salivating.

    i can beba few biltongs for you….lakini shelf life ni limited…..nway let me enjoy them on ur behalf

  5. bomseh says:

    3N should have answered “SHEEP” first before commenting. Or those clouds kwani what do they remind him of?

    What else?

  6. super says:

    BTW my flatmate (her name is April) is a vegetan. Experiments to be designed.

    Flatmate as in you share the same kitchen?? eish dude tell us more!

    No chiccas in your plane?

    there was the air hostesses, do they count?

  7. Klara says:

    Lovely pix!!! Come back home….

    Naja….soon…veeeery sooon

  8. Shamza says:

    Breathtaking shots…. I mean the pix *smch*

    shots heh…LOL

  9. betty says:

    haha about vegetarians..mmhhh Super can prove that one for us!

    Super twangoja!

    I thought studded cds were illegal in Kenya?ama they lied to me??

    You were LIED to!!! LOOOOL

    those clouds look very relaxing..cumbus clouds?? cumulus lol ok i cant remember those names.

    Mami stop there! ati cumbus, cumulus? eish!</blockquote>

  10. Mocha! says:

    LMAO…..@ the inflight snacks!!! I tasted that Biltong and I have to say, I am not a fan!!!

    Me too i didnt like it at first but now weeeeell sio mbaya vile!

    As for the aerial pics…..nice!!!

    Nina yangu……jee wewe???

    Eeeehh sisemi kitu. LOL

  11. pilato says:

    Was in Maun last year and goosh the place is hot..hebu niwekee some Bot billatongs..might be coming those sides soon

    Might find me gone….. jamhuri is missing me!

  12. super says:

    Dude, she is HOT! is she single?

    Huh? WHO??

  13. threetypesofcrazy says:

    you can see the teeth of that “sheep cloud”

  14. aegeus says:

    those chilli billtongs look rather suspiciously like some i may have or may not have had….

  15. MJN says:

    Could be that the only beautiful thing to experience in Mandera are the clouds…

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