Posted: November 15, 2007 in test

Testing testing, 1, 2, 1, 2 testing, can anyone ‘read’ me?/?
AHEM Mike Charley mike charley 1, 2, testing testing….. base calling Xs……

Kirima, Bankelele have self confessed as having mastered the act, Aegeus, Archer, Egm may require to book themselves into rehab soon (kama bado), Gishungwa gave us tips of how to ensure our life are made ‘simple’…..

Tweety, Modo, Shiro, Jade have been, on several occasion, caught by the wave and fallen victims….

3ToC also found herself savvy as she sat on Nai’s traffic jam &/or java kiosks (tsk, tsk)….. wengine wengi do it effortlessly!

Swali ni, how come Xs is having major issues akijaribu? kwani is witchcraft involved? Ama i need to be schooled or do some upgrading big time???

Testing completed – RESULTS – Xs failed miserably! He has given up on Phone blogging!

My last post ‘goodbye’ was aimed at Batswanas.

Am back to Jamhuri though i only got to spend 3 nights on my bed before my jet-setting ass was scurried away to coasto (read working holiday)… somehow blogging becomes difficult when i fika Ke, so nikipotea tena mjue niko mzima wa afya am just enjoying maji ya ukwaju, biriani, madafu…etc and once in a while pinacoladas followed by ‘test tube’ babies…. Be good now

Frankie, si we are sawa now? ama this doesn’t count as a post?

  1. aegeus says:

    Testing testing!!


  2. Half n Half says:

    We lead you offer! Kalipu nyumpani pwana


  3. threetypesofcrazy says:

    tested. no, not a post ebu post again!

    ALA?!! Ok let me look for Super for anaa collabo!

  4. bankelele says:

    was down at the coast for a week, and dif not even try and look for a cyber to post. between Tabousch, madafu and the beach, there was no point.

    Hehehehehe kweli kabisa!

  5. Kirima says:

    Ji enjoy huko coasto na ulete coconut!
    Ati what have I mastered?

    The art of phone blogging!

  6. modoathii says:

    we hear you. now test your ‘swimming’ huko coast basi kwa ocean…

    Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ocean is bilaz, wacha i master the art kwa ‘baby’ pool then i graduate!

  7. Wanja says:

    Ati this is what you call a post? Wacha mchezo!!!

    Ala! ni post kweli

    Karibu Nyumbani…off to the coast!!!! life isnt fair!! yaani you will be breezing while am wading through the rivers(read nairobi roads) matope and traffic…..life isnt fair!!! please get a tan for me and some Italian gelato…[sulking]

    Life is fair….thihihihihihihi…pole lakini. nikibakisha siku mbili ivi tutabadilishana, sawa?

  8. Gishungwa says:

    UNFAIR *rolls on floor in hissy fits* Have fun and good to know is all ngravy!

    Nii thanks

  9. 3N says:

    bwana Xs karibu nyumbani even though I karibisha you from a land far far away

    your job is simple which you have 4 weeks to do. find a good kondoose with tasty meat potential, then fatten it nicely for a dec slaughtering.

    Good idea!

    give the kondoo the greenest grass that side of the continent. sing lullabies to it as it sleeps. take it for manicure and pedicures — whatever the kondoose asks for, the koondose gets.

    Eeeeeh which kondoose are we talking about here….mpaka Mani&pedicure tena??? **Brow raised…..

    alafu come sometime near Jesus’s birthday we will sharpen knives to the sharpest edge possible. then surround ourselves with the finest beer and liquor plus muratina that our great nation has to offer.

    Another great IDEA!

    alafu we bribe 3TOC to narrate Kondosee dead extravaganza.

    Am not sure about this……the Kondoose may refuse our mipango once 3ToC is done with the extravaganza…LOL

    what say you?

    i say ”AYE”

  10. threetypesofcrazy says:

    3N has spoken. I have started accepting said bribes.

    Salad sio?

  11. frankie says:

    Yah, TIA (This is Africa, have u watched Blood Diamond?), as in yes, this counts as a post considering that even me am yet to update my blog after like a whole 4 wks…..

    will be coming top coast to enjoy my holiday, wait till i maliza exams..which will be by Dec 17th can’t wait…will u still be there?

    Ziiiii i plan to be back in Nai by then! Best of luck in your exams

  12. Klara says:

    Haiya! Uko Mombasa raha???

    Pare pare

  13. frankie says:

    forgot to ask, Ms Xs with u? ama did u say she was in Botswana? Enjoy Msa raha…

    Wewe wacha maswali fortey! Ms Xs remains in BW akifanya nini??? LOL

  14. Seasons says:

    You still cant be on holiday!! Post chap chap

  15. bryjoe says:

    belated karibus!hope costo was ofthe roof tops
    i finally found a PC that is able to read your page. yipe e!..you should seroisly think about sticking up tha PG 17/21 thingy on your page 🙂

  16. Jamvi says:

    You are so lucky you complain about being in Coasto, I wish i had a jobo like yours. Turns of travel is all I need.

  17. pilato says:

    Vipi Coasto? I think its too late but i could have hooked you with some Giriamas beach boys to guide you around…Hope una/ulienjoy

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