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Posted: January 24, 2008 in accident

What does that title really mean? Don’t look at me, i have no clue!

I almost had a head-on collision today!

It all started when i decided today- consciously – not to wear a seat belt. My reasoning was, am gonna encounter the usual Thika road morning jam and if lucky the maximum speed I’ll do will not be more than 25 Kph. I did manage to get to town in one piece but a shaken Xs.

Traffic today morning was tad heavier than normal (I got to Pangani roundabout at 7.13 am and normally am there by 7.01 daily). This got me thinking (which is rare at this time  of day – normally am on auto pilot for the 45 minutes drive to town)…….., i said it got me thinking…….. oh yeah, it got me thinking that i’m going to miss my favourite parking today – it has a nice all day natural shade. These thoughts were still reminiscent in my head as I joined Muranga road hapo karibu na Guru nanak Hospital, where road ceases to be dual carriage – though wide enough to accommodate 3 lanes – depending on traffic. The tweed ahead of me saw it fit to continue driving at 15kph even though the road ahead was clear. At this juncture i decided to do a ‘matatu’ manoeuvre and overtake him. What does he do? He starts to accelerate and edge further onto the road making the ‘2nd’ illegal lane not doable. At the same moment anaa danda was coming from opposite direction at a good speed and seemed to either not notice that i was somehow in the middle of road – illegally – or wanted to prove a point – am on the right – wewe jipange!!!! I stood on the brakes as i swerved out of his way – barely – and  our side mirror did a Hi5! The other tweed also swerved out of the way thus luckily we both escaped unscathed.

My first thought was, why didn’t i wear a seat belt today? Second thought, Do i show this tweed the ‘finger’? Third, kwani where did my fuel go? My tank is almost empty…

I got my usual parking.

  1. super says:

    ati nini……….?! Hitting’ Dem Streets!!!!!!

  2. Kirima says:

    Nairobi is not the town to try the Fast and the Furious. Lucky you and always belt up its always interesting how people don’t belt up on short journeys as though it is somehow better to die near home than on a long journey.

  3. Half n Half says:

    Its that law of someone………..for years you do the right thing, then on the one day that you dont, something happens!
    Lakini hata wewe, Lewis Hamilton on Thika road?

    Kirima: I think people believe that thing of “ni hapa tu”

  4. threetypesofcrazy says:

    was it a new shirt that you didn’t want to get creased?

  5. bryjoe says:

    so that was you? SMH
    no need for that hook up mi nishakuona 🙂

  6. Zack says:

    I guess we get used so much to its always fine. Then one day when you lenga that belt, its when it all goes wrong.

  7. Wanja says:

    What were you thinking? or should it be why did you allow yourself to think?

  8. modoathii says:

    yaaani, najua ngata ni expe, but numba three afta an accident (to be) unafikiria petroli…

    yeah, drive if you’re driving and think if you’re thinking. wacha multi-tasking

  9. Archer says:

    Jimmy kwani tayari unatafuta”promotion to glory?” It’s called Murphy’s Law. I agree with Modo, acha multi tasking.

  10. aegeus says:

    ngataa may have strayed into the back seat when you were otherwise occupied..

    for such idiots you sneak up on them such that they have no chance to accelerate and if they do they are too late to be a bother..mwuuuuuuuuahahaha!!

  11. yazmar says:

    HAY YOU!!! Just droppin by to say hello

    you haven’t been by lately luv….
    see you soon

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