Strokes Ed 101

Posted: February 1, 2008 in sex

Good morning Boys & girls,

Our topic today is P.E.

P.E, It plagues over 30% of men and hinders them from enjoying their sex strokes life to the full!

P.E (if you are still lost) = premature ejaculation yaani inability to control ejaculation.

And just like Masturbation, not very many men are willing to talk about it (myself included).

How do you know you are suffering from P.E

  1. Your partner has never had an orgasm – not that she cant, its only she’s always left kwa mataa (by the lights)
  2. You are always done even before YOU know it.
  3. Cant last a whole track – its worse if you cant get to the bridge/chorus……..

But to be fair, how LONG are you supposed to last?

2 minutes?

15 minutes?

1 hour?

Well i guess it might also depend on your woman.

Some actually just need 2 minutes, Majority 7 – 15 minutes, Die hards – Less than 30 minutes is just but a waste of time

I wont dwell on that…….

What causes P.E? Anxiety, nutrition, stress, deficiencies, illness, psychological problems?


Seeing that most men (95%) have experienced this at one time of their lives, there are various explanations put up by an article in

  1. Staying for lengthy period bila catching some strokes. This will lead to a building urge to ejaculate as time passes, and when you have abstained for awhile, you are not used to the sensation which can be overpowering…..!
  2. Excessive masturbation
  3. Age, the younger the more testosterone runs through your veins. which lifts your libido making the desire to spoof stronger and more difficult to control. Testosterone levels drop dramatically from late teens throughout the 20’s and generally continue descending through life.
  4. Anxiety – Pressure to perform & IMPRESS! (Ladies go easy on your jamaas…)
  5. Oversensitivity – sensation overload! (Does wearing 2 CD’s help? – Archer did they talk about this in your Sex Ed class?)


Anyone suffering from P.E. Should know that none of the above is irreversible

Possible cures (at a glance)

  • Desensitising creams/sprays/lotions…etc
  • Cock rings/restriction bands (WHAT?)
  • Pills (Huh?)
  • SSRI’s (Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) – A different type of pill….. Yeah!
  • Natural method – Training programs…..identifying the cause and remedying it

That’s all folks.


Can these guys deliver?


  1. shiroh says:

    Did you just say diehards (30mins). only.

    LOL – Not less than! It can stretch to hours….. ofcourse I dont think there’s any man who can last that long – i stand to be corrected.

  2. bomseh says:

    So I should not even think of shukaing the BT with someone I care lest I embarass myself amd what is teacher XS implying?

    And also refrain from ‘strangling the chicken’ or ‘playing with pamela and her 5 friends’ (Archer ’07) too much. LOL

  3. bryjoe says:

    bomseh the asnwer to your question is yes 🙂 so maybe you should start practicing with someone non judgemental.coz god forbid if a guy pulls a P. E move on me i’d run for the nearest exit

    Asiiiii you dont give a jamaa a chance to redeem himself? He might have been suffering from anxiety…etc Ama you wekaad/teased him for too long or…… wacha niwachie hapo!

  4. modoathii says:

    ehee…mazee 30 minutes, kwani ni sit (bed) com? and that one must be on a viagra overdose…

    ROTFLMAO @ Sit(bed)com! Hebu Shiroh tell us. LOL

  5. Half n Half says:

    LOL at Modo! ati sit com!
    I read somewhere ati its 30 seconds so we should consider anything above that a bonus for us!

  6. aegeus says:

    how about mpaka uambiwe, “shukisha stage!” hehe!! is that long enough?

  7. Kirima says:

    Kwani what are you guys doing watching the clock? There is only one thing you need to pay attention to at that time….

  8. Bomseh says:

    So back-from-prison sex is a myth? Lakini si it doesn’t matter how long you hold coz si

    the good feeling only lasts = (the length of the rod) X (the time taken to offload)?

  9. sexpert says:

    30 minutes only? Anything less than 3 hours is equivalent to a 1 minute man in my books! Real ndume don’t focus on the clock as has been commented by another. We take care of business mpaka tuulizwe tushukishe stage!

  10. 3N says:

    lessons….I see

    and this pill you talk about Mr. Excess is it available locally ama you have to import?

  11. 3N says:

    p.s. si zangu, there is this friend who might lose his Chiquita if medical intervention does not work

  12. sultrynutter says:

    LOL at sexpert!
    ati 3 hours ? id this with or without foreplay?! The pink flesh can not handle 3 hours worth of non stop sex it will stretch to no return

  13. Sexpert says:

    Sultrynutter, that is why tongues and mouths and lips were created. You need to soothe the pink flesh every now and then to ensure things don’t get out of hand. A gentle lick here, a soft blow there, careful lip massage here… As they say, variety is the spice of life. The woman is not made of diamond to be driven hard! She is to be treated with care and reverence, bringing her maximum mwenjoyo. The skilled man knows when to do what to bring this about. Ama aje my brothers?

  14. sultrynutter says:

    @sexpert : I have to concur … a skilled man does know when and what to do.

  15. kip says:

    I am furiously taking notes…

  16. Unyc says:

    Enyewe some dudes really leave u kwa mataa….

  17. bryjoe says:

    just a qiuck question…
    can a guy a P.E enhace his staying power by using those dawas for perfomance enhancement eg levitra,calis and the blue pill.coz i understand they are meant to make the act last as long as possible so if a guy lets say lasts for only two min can this drugs help prolong maybe another 3 min?

  18. shiroh says:

    @bryjoe, that would make it 5 mins?

  19. bryjoe says:

    2 is better than 5 🙂

  20. archer says:

    Haiya?! Where have I been?

  21. sexpert says:

    Those dawaz bilaz. Au naturale is the way!

  22. Mukenya says:

    Two methods. One is the champagne analogy, so don’t shaek it too much i.e. usual visual images to slow you down.Seondly, if the event is foreseen, discretely dispatch the 1st round-pop into the loo and discretely do this. That is if you have the strength for more than two or three rounds…

    Dude, are we speaking from experience here?

  23. archer says:

    OK I’m back.


    There are other reasons why PE occurs. Kuna ile inaitwa Round 1 syndrome, reason being, once a jamaa knows he’s gonna get laid, he’s already pictured the woman naked, he’s fantasized about the shag from start to finish, mad excitement, once the clothes start coming off, dude is already halfway there and by the time he checks in pare pare, the juices have flowed all the way out and all he can muster is a very sheepish “ooooops!” In fact I think a woman should be flattered if a dude pulls a one minute on round 1 coz he must be extremely attracted to her sexually! But it happens, Consequent are usually better. Ladies, please give a dude a chance to redeem himself, you never know what lies ahead!

    True true ***Nodding head***!

    Some mamas are tighter than others, some niniis are hotter than others, some are more moist than others, hence there is more stimulation and therefore that affects performance.

    Kweli kabisa!

    2 CDs doesn’t help, it increases friction which can result in rapturing of the condom

    I knew that!

    30 minutes??? ONLY?? I pull 45 minutes without breaking a sweat!

    Ladies, who needs Archer’s address, phone numbers & a recommendation? Halla fasta fasta!

  24. bryjoe says:

    hmmmmh …archer makes a lot of sense….lakini why are you pimping him like that?

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