Episode 2

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Jimmy

Jimmy didnt drop out nursery school….. (he went on to accomplish many academic goals he had set for himself – His Grand Ma cant believe it mpaka wa leo!).

But he sure was miserable!

This kid was among the smallest boys in his class. And as if that wasn’t enough he had a girlish (sweet) babyface. In other words, he was a sitting stuffed duck, juicy and roasty, for bullies.

One such bully was always on his case but one day he got what he deserved.

Jimmy had a temper which was so so bad that it made him cry – it was the only thing he could do – CRY! Whenever he was crossed he would seethe with anger and tears will just start flowing!

One day, however, the bully started his usual ‘uchokozi’! But boy did he choose the wrong day! Jimmy had a new razor blade and as soon as the first tear hit the floor, something inside snapped and he went Jackie chan on the bullies legs with the razor! The wails from the other boy attracted the teacher who unglued Jimmy from the bullies legs. The cuts were not deep but they bled (and were sure painful) as hell.

From that day, Jimmy found himself a weapon (which he always displayed for everyone to see) and acquired himself a  new nickname – Jimmy wembe!

It wasn’t to be his last fight……

To be continued!

  1. super says:

    Temper as in Njuru Njeke…?or Lucy…..?

    Attributable to xposure novel khat extracts….?

  2. threetypesofcrazy says:

    hehehehehe, thanks for making me laugh leo. But wold you just HAPPEN to know if Jimmy still carries a razor? I may have a job for him.

  3. Bomseh says:

    OK, I’ll take this wembe thing as a warning.

  4. Half n Half says:

    Ati wembe!
    Young man had a career as a barber (NOT)
    Good on him with the bullies, but what did the teacher do?

  5. nzembi says:

    Lol. . .halafu? Wat hpnd nxt?

  6. super says:

    wembe ni ipi?

  7. modoathii says:

    LOL! beware of the still waters, they run deep! forget being a barber, those are the makings of a surgeon, na asipo soma sana a butcher…

  8. Wanja says:

    LOL more please

  9. super says:

    Xs when are u in addis so we can follow up on further in-house, hands-on training (comment 6)? Oooohhh …LaaaaLa!!!

  10. Half n Half says:

    I did indeed! its not my fault… visit mine

  11. aegeus says:

    wembe! has it now morphed into a kisu?

  12. aegeus says:

    should i get annoyed at Akismeti?

  13. crystalballs says:

    Mtoto akililia wembe, mpeleke kwa Jimmy.

    BTW, you’ve been tagged. haiya, don’t look at me, Doozie ndio alianza, ask him.

  14. Gish says:

    Jimmy Wembe LOL.

  15. Unyc says:

    Auch!!! venye a small cut from a razor is painful. Jimmy wembe bado unabeba hiyo wembe ama….

  16. kip says:

    lol@ super.. mwenda wathimu..

  17. savvy says:

    When am mad, I cry too..am wondering what will happen the day I actually snap…

    I wasn’t bullied though.

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