Tagged…. And ask XS session.

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Tag

Ok, i know i have gone underground for a while…. I come back to find my a** tagged… Thanks to HnH and Crystal
Lemmi play ball…. I wont bother with the rules, u all know them (by heart)
1. I have been thinking of deleting this blog for awhile now (i had targeted 10k hits…..) So soon if u find me gone…just know its something i had to do.
2. I just bought another phone…. No, its not a nokia N73 nor is it e61i… Am blogging from it.
3. I always remove and wear my shoes with laces tied….
4. Am complex in a simple way
5. I ‘look’ for sleep with my head burrowed under th pillow….
6. I worry about the future… Alot!
My deed is done here
moving on, i want to emulate Archer and start a session of ‘ask XS’ Anything you’ve wanted to know about XS, just ask and i’ll try to answer.

  1. modoathii says:

    ati you are leaving? why are you leaving? consider that one question (that story of 10k hits ishnathing, you’ll be hit more if you leave)

    under the pillow? is that where you lost sleep nini?

  2. phassie says:

    1: C’mon. You are only excused to stay away; a complete disappearance will be heartbreak.

    4: I love complex in a simple way. You are speaking my language.

    6: The future is unpredictable; Enjoy the life now. I had to learn that the hard way.

    Q: Somehow you tickle my fantasy. Wewe hukanyaga gym?

  3. Gish says:

    Jimmy Wembe, priss dont go aki woishe priss priss.

    I feel you on no.6 .

  4. super says:

    No. 5 You look for sleep with ur head burried under boobs! ok….!

  5. WARNING: Don’t say you’re going..you’re yet to complete the syllabus on s*x education wewe mburukenge!…Come to class sir,likes of me needs you here.

    QUESTION: Why are you leaving and what has got 10k hits got to do with it?

  6. farmgal says:

    Why do you worry about the future?


    Are you a pilot? You’re always flying somewhere!

  7. dcm says:

    what kind of phone are u using?it must have a qwerty keyboard?

    i get irritated when pple mble blg and it lks lke thy r txtn…see wht i mean?

  8. bomseh says:

    How many posts do you have in your drafts page?

    How many of them are you not going to publish?

  9. Seasons says:

    You actually set up your blog with a hits target so that you exit after you achieve them?

  10. 3N says:

    What is the one thing/topic that you lie the most about?

  11. M says:

    Tuko wengi #6. In fact so much that it messes me up today :(!

  12. threetypesofcrazy says:

    and somehow I did think you would leave the blogging world -mister complex in a simple way.

    you worry about the future- you are a first born with responsibilities (me thinks it comes with the territory) .And they say do not worry coz if it is going to happen- it will happen. And yet somehow by worrying- it makes you put plans into place.Okay I am not sure whether that is “worrying and putting things into plan” ama just being organised.

    Okay, let me take my post elsewhere.

    oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, I will be back with my QUESTIONS!
    Do you steal the stuff you find in hotel rooms?

  13. super says:

    Xs= ur permission is presumed…hey…i am trying to help the friend of your friend of your other friend ANYWAY…. will only charge EXPENSES…..LOL
    Here we go:

    A friend of a friend of a friend of a …….. is looking to replace her (cut and run?) boyfriend.

    Here is a list of criteria for the man she may consider dating..

    1) Hot
    2) Tall i.e. taller than you when in heels
    3) Measures over 5.5inches
    4) With some experience
    5) a)Lasts in the sack over 60 seconds….we know its hard guys but come on…actually thats what we’re not after…but you know what we mean!
    5)b) If you can’t manage this, for your sake and ours…carry on at least till you reach the 60 second mark
    6) Naughty but respectful
    7) Doesn’t cheat
    8) Nice but not soppy
    9) Trimmer, but not waxed
    10) Doesn’t suck your face off when you kiss him
    11) Slight tan so doesn’t glow in the dark
    12) Who talks to your face rather than your chest but still appeciates your busom
    13) Hair gel used sparingly
    14) Someone who spends less time in the mirror than we do
    15) Doesn’t pluck their eyebrows like a girl or a gay
    16) A man not a boy
    17) Facial hair, doesn’t matter if its shaved off but their has to be potential for growth
    18) Big arms
    19) Manly hands
    20) Big feet…cause of course that would mean big socks
    21) Good dress sense, but none of this over trendy crap i.e. skinny jeans!
    22) Someone who always offers to pay when your out, ESPECIALLY on the first date
    23) Who likes cuddles, but not as much as we like them or this would imply you are a boy not a man
    24) Keeps you on your toes
    25) Takes no nonsense
    26) Nice teeth, good breath
    27) Doesn’t have to pretend he doesn’t look at other girls, because we all know that would be untrue but to pay you more attention than he does them
    28) Text initiator, but keep us guessing i.e. play hard to get initially
    29) Romantic but not in a gushy, pathetic way i.e. not love letters like a 12 year old would send that make us all want to vom
    30) Ambitious
    31) Wants to please us in the bedroom more than himself
    32) Who doesn’t obsess over anal, you closet homo’s
    33) Good manners, including that of eating habits
    34) Well bred e.g. if you are a labour supporter then don’t push your crappy views onto others, i.e. those of us who support the real parties.
    35) Never ask us what a word means, ask your mates
    36) Wear plain underwear, not that kiddy crap.
    37) We dont like skid marks/rips etc
    38) Deodrant would be useful
    39) If you want us to go down there, then think about how you would like us to be first. Fishy flaps is a no, so knob rot also is.
    40) No hairy arses, along with your back this is the only area you are allowed to wax but do it in secret.
    41) Nice car, robin reliants aren’t attractive “romantic strolls” are a good way out of this
    42) Always suggest protection, its not just a girls job you know
    43) Be mildy affectionate in public i.e. holding hands but too much just makes you an exhibitionist.
    44) Use lip balm, flakey lips are not good
    45) Make a girl aware your shit in bed before hand, dont try to be a porn star when your clearly not. If we like you, training up is no problem
    46) If you use lube, use the proper shit not crap like butter…buttery faj’s aren’t good…since when do you butter a fish- Cod in butter sauce anyone?
    47) Clean your sheets
    48) Don’t leave pubes in the bath or down the bog if you’ve just trimmed..there is a flusher for a reason
    48) Dont leave underwear on the floor
    49) Dont use our facewipes when you’ve run out of loo roll.. they’re expensive
    50) Don’t use our eyeliner as a pen when you cant find one, as of same principle as above
    51) Be dominant but don’t demand with regards to bedroom play
    52) Don’t bite
    53) Don’t decide to come on us externally without previous permission and warning, its just rude otherwise
    54) No pissing and shitting on us, end of.
    55) Man boobs are a no. Thats our area
    56) Don’t try to introduce us to the parents on the first date, that just wierd and scary
    57) No hard drugs of any type, if you can’t have fun without, thats just plain and simply SAD.
    58) If your trying to pull a girl and your a shit dancer just don’t even try to dance or get pissed thinking it will make you any better. It wont.
    59) You’ll stand up for us. Knowing you will always fight our corner is a big plus
    60) Vampire bat impressions (or any animal impression for that matter) or the talk of bad sexual experiences is not EVER going to win us over.
    61) Dont get wankered on your first date expecting us to drive, its not big and its not clever.
    62) Don’t lie about someting when we ask you a question, we ask because we want the truth, but dont tell us something we dont need to know!!! tact gentlemen tact!!
    63) Don’t winge about our driving – if you get a lift your bloody lucky, so shut up and put up.
    64) We don’t like people who can’t spell, and blame it on their “woman” keyboard….hey Rose?!
    65)a) We don’t like people who pinch our food…get your own, or if you think we’re fat, tell us (in the nicest way possible, of course)
    65)b) A good way of suggesting point a is to ask us to accomany you to the gym etc…be nice boys be nice!
    66) NEVER ask us if we’re pregnant…when clearly we’re not! If a girl ever is, she will tell you of her own accord.
    67) If your over 30 or left university and working, you really should have your own place by now…this will work in your favour too, think LOUDER sex, in new and more interesting places….the washing machine?!
    68) Always let us rule over the tv remote…top gear and sports programmes are only ever on when WE want them on!
    69) Never expect us to mean an apology, remember we are always right so if you get any sort of an apology, consider yourself priviledged!
    70) Please don’t point out ANY stretch marks/spots/blemishes/cell

    ulite we know there there…we don’t need to be reminded!
    71) NOOOOO fake tanning, purely gay, streaky orange suits NO ONE!
    72) No sunbedding it – plain and simply wrong, almost as bad as the last point!
    73) Straighteneing hair….not good, however in some cases can be overlooked, that is unless you start whining like a baby when it rains..
    ..eg. Will Swain, we have all seen it for our own eyes!!!!

    Boys, get in touch.. or get LOST! Oh La laaaa….!!!

  14. Half n Half says:

    Since I already asked Archer, let me also ask you
    What is the worst lie you ever told to get a horizontal dance?

  15. Wanja says:

    Got derailed by super’s 73 items long criteria RMAOLOTF!
    1. Is super your alias, evil twin brother, conscience etc whatever you want to call it?
    2. Have you ever considered giving Getrude Mungai a run for her “therapy”?
    3. Do you step on the back part of your shoeswhen removing them, or do you pull them out with your hands?
    4. Ati you want to delete your post? Where am i supposed to get entertained?

  16. crystalballs says:

    Kwani tag season comes before leaving season? Asi!! First aegeus and now you?

    But now that i finally have an excuse, mwahahahaha, i saw u and Archer mentioned somewhere in realtion to sth i am quite curious about, and since u have both been so generous about giving me an excuse, i shall ask u the same thing i asked him:

    please define mad skills in CB friendly terms (u know, like gymnastics, powder, tennis, cunnilingus etc), without sugestions of demos. Pleeeaaassse? Warning ; i blush easily so no graphics necessary

  17. Zack says:

    Do not delete your blog.
    I love it and sure enough, so many bloggers love it too. I made a huge mistake and deleted my first blog sometime early February after like 12,000hits and I havent gotten over the feeling, I feel like I broke up with someone I loved or I lost a really close person… If you choose that direction… better think twice…

    Well, I will ask this,
    What motivates you to write so well?

  18. Kirima says:

    I will disregard number one for now.
    I can relate to taking of the shoes without undoing the laces its a nasty habit but also do it myself
    Just wondering what do you do in excess? and if it is in excess why do you keep doing it?

  19. archer says:

    Don’t you dare quit!! I know where you work! I can organize a platoon of placard carrying protestors! Once you get to 10k hits, you’ll just forget about it as they keep going up and up.

    Which phone did you buy?

    What did you REALLY have for lunch last Saturday? MWEHEHEHEHE!!! Still laughing!

    If you were to be trapped on a deserted island following a plane crash during a storm, and you could only save 3 bloggers (who were passengers on the plane as well) to join you on the island, who would you choose, and why?

  20. sultrynutter says:

    Are u high?!
    Do u know how many people live for u and ur blog?! pandisha that target to 30 K if u hit then ya we cool ….
    question :
    1. Are u sexpert? I have a sneaking suspicion that u are! true or false

  21. NAkeel says:

    Lol 3 is weird. Hear you on 6…

    Whats the best side of Xs?

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