Excess Exposed

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

You asked questions I give the answers! I got a minute so I can do this.

I have a zillion things pending on my eeeeeh desk & I have a headache!!!! Why is It sooooo difficult working with some people especially of the opposite sex – TOO MANY ISSUES!!  Something sooooo straight forward has to be complicated so that someone is seen to be ‘working’!


I need to decompress!  ‘Beer’ therapy perhaps?!!

But before i indulge, here are your answers for the ‘Ask Xs session’!

Modo was jazzed that I do sleep under the pillow – Actually, I ‘look’ for sleep under the pillow but wake up on the correct side of the said pillow – and super, you are off the mark (as usual). I have a problem falling to sleep if there is a rumour of light and/or noise of any kind – the pillow muffs these away!

Phassie wanted to know if I do kanyanga GYM. Yes I do  gym, Sauna & steam baths once in awhile especially when I travel – si they are free kwa hoteli? Haya!

Pilato, Zax & seasons  – I didn’t set up the blog to delete at 10K – I have been harbouring the thought of deleting this blog since last year and I thought I’ll wait til I hit that mark and delete it. Actually I had another blog which I deleted last year – the Url was similar to another site I didn’t want to be associated with among other things

Farmgal, I don’t know why I worry – I Just do. I think its genetically induced!

LOL – NO am not a pilot – my work requires for me to travel kiasi – one more year to go!

DCM, No – the phone doesn’t have a qwerty keyboard but I don’t mind…. And NO I didn’t’ see’ what you meant. LOL

Bomseh, sorry to disappoint you – I have none. Am spontaneuos like that – I have an idea, I write and publish hapo hapo!

3N, I think that topic would be Money! Yeah definitely MONEY!

3TOC, eeeeh I don’t steal stuff from hotel rooms! Eish, all I have done is to acquire 2 face towels pekee yake (in 2 years)!

HalfnHalf, Ati the worst lie I ever told to get a horizontal dance? Eeeh hmmmm I don’t lie…..eeeeeeh I just withhold information……or not…yeah I cant remember! That’s final

Wanja, there’s no way super is my Alias or evil twin brother nor my conscience!!!! He’s in a class of his own – my only crime was to share a two years with him in the same institution during our campus days! Alafu who’s Getrude Mungai and what kind of “therapy” does she practice?On shoes – I just step on them…. But I have stopped since I got this new pair which doesn’t come off unless I undo the laces…..

Crystalballs, I lack the words to clearly explain and define mad skills in a CB friendly terms. All I can say, if the toes really touched the ceiling (Reference: Wanja 2007) and the calls for God have been emanating non-stop for quite lengthy periods, then these can be classified in that class of mad skills

Zax,I didn’t have an idea that I do write well **Blushin**. To be honest my motivator is my audience who for some reason find me amusing!

Kirima, I used to do almost everything in excess back in the days – partying, pombe, siasa etc…..lakini nimetulia sasa……. Or so I lie to myself! Maybe I should change my name to Former excess…!

Archer, Story for that Saturday tuache tu – kulikua kubaya!!! Eish, that detuor was eeeeh a blessing. I got some dawas in Kiambu which cooled off things kiasi.

Now if I was to be trapped on a deserted island following a plane crash during a storm, and I could only save 3 bloggers (who were passengers on the plane as well) to join me  on the island, who would I choose and why? This is a tough one!


Bankelele – I’ll get all the advice on investing and writing more serious posts

A lady either….. Crystal or farmgal or Mocha! – we need someone who will ensure the food we hunt & catch will be well cooked……And at the same time can pray! Dont forget eeeeh laundry! LOOOOL

Modo – he might have packed his Pinky…. Read RIDE, and he supports Liverpool!

Bonus – EGM – we might require pictorial evidence (if we survive) and he has mad skills where ‘kukus’ are involved! Read roasting!

Who I wouldn’t save

YOU Archer– Compe on all Kinywaji I might have saved….

3TOC – if we are lost, she might loose us further and

Super– Enough said! Kwanza, is he a blogger or lurker/stalker? LOL

Moving on….

SultryNutter No am not a sexpert! just a curious scientist….!

Nakeel, the best side of Xs hmmmmmm hebu expound kidogo on that! I’m scared of answering the wrong questions!!!! LOOOOOOOOL

Phew, now let the therapy begin! wikendi njema people! Stay safe…..


  1. bankelele says:

    i’m honoured to make your list.

    lakini my desert island, will be all ladies!

  2. threetypesofcrazy says:

    BREAKING PLATES- atii I will make you get lost even further……………………CORRECTION, CORRECTION- mhhh mhhh mhhh, what is it that say “haraka haina baraka”- we may take forever to get there but we WILL get there- I just like taking the scenic route. And on a desert island, you are lost anyway so it doesn’t really matter which way you go.Surely things can’t get worse.

  3. 3N says:

    good weekend Xs.

  4. candybox says:

    I just found you and then i find out you want to leave. That’s not fair. Please stay.

  5. super says:

    hahaaaaa…….eti Xs is exposed pending( is it bending) on his desk..and that the opposite sex id demanding that Xs be seen to be working…..ok…… i hope i got it right this time LOL.. good exposure Xs.

  6. sultrynutter says:

    waah si u just killed my fantasy with one ka simple statement!
    my poor heart !

  7. bomseh says:

    And who is going to exspose this super? Ati who is s/he?

  8. pilato says:

    Nice to see you around…stay on..the syllabus ain’t over…Nice weekend

  9. Wanja Kihii says:

    Getrude Mungai-Kenya’s very own sex “expert”
    and What kind of “therapy” does she practice? Sex Therapy.
    I think you can do a better job in that area…..

  10. kip says:

    in excess that pic of your blog is not very nice reminds me of this pic or story about ..

  11. crystalballs says:

    hehehehehehe, u clearly have not heard about my cookery skills et al, but thanks, i’m honoured.

  12. crystalballs says:

    oh, and btw, i meant mad [femme]skills a la archer, coz i’m yet to hear of male toes touching the ceiling or yelling expletives in baritone or bass…though i could be wrong 🙂

  13. […] I thought up a few more good questions. It seems to be the season for it, since both Archer and Xs finally gave their much enjoyed expose’s…I have to say Archer, this serious side of […]

  14. Sema Excess!Bado napita hapa kimya kimya!Have a nice day!

  15. Zax says:

    He hee, @crystal…ati male toes touching the ceiling! Ha… dont want 2 imagine zat!

  16. super says:

    “She grabs the brown bottle,
    She likes the way it hits her lips,
    She gets to the bottom,
    It sends her on a trip so right,
    She might be goin’ home with me tonight.”

    She wants it! a ahhahaaah…

  17. kip says:

    @ super wewe ni makei sana … lol you got jokes…

  18. modoathii says:

    haiya kumbe there was excess expose i was missing out on….thanks for saving my life, lakini first question would be, would i really be on that plane…

  19. phassie says:

    me likes the guy who goes to the gym. But I hope you are not the obsessed type.

  20. Mocha! says:

    Mad skills when it comes to cooking…thanks for the vote of confidence in me. Now how to beat FG and Crystal….

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