Smack that….

Posted: March 27, 2008 in wierd

The title of this post was meant to be wierd…. but i thought ‘smack that’ is more catchy…..isn’t that wierd?

But not as wierd as am feeling right about now…… nothing much to it, i just feel wierd and am in a wierd unexplainable mood….

Remind of me my collection of wierd items, pictures, thoughts and ideas.

For example, can someone explain to me how this is an ambulance?


Where and how exactly do you ferry patients? in the cabin as you chat? Is MOH – UG really serious?

and yes, it was carrying a sack of charcol hapo nyuma! Wierd huh? Only in Africa i tell you.


I swear this didn’t make sense the first time i saw it……. i wasnt sober though!


It only made sense after i saw the entry door to the rest rooms….. but i sure got derailed! Like exactly what are you PAYING to use a 5 Bob?? Wierd i tell you!


Sometime back i saw on the TV  a story about the world heaviest man who weighs over 300 Kg…. having lost 200Kg. Now this dude cant even move on his own…… and then i hear he has a girl friend! I ran wild with one. So many questions and no answers forth coming. Like does he ‘hit’ it and do they ever try missionary??? Kuuliza tu!

{The picture is unavailable……. well until i get a software to help me download my mental pictures here}

I need to do more research.

And then, how do you indentify a Ugandan in a local bar in Kenya? You serve him beer and he DEMANDS a straw! Eish!

Now i need to put this wierd post away and start earning my keep!

And dont bother saying it, i know am a WIERD dude!

  1. super says:

    truly weird. PMSL

  2. Shiroh says:

    I really do not know how that is an ambulance…weird

  3. farmgal says:

    how much do you pay to use a five bob? you sure are ‘wired’

  4. pilato says:

    A 300kg Dude , his girlfriend and a missionary style ..Now that is extreme weird

  5. modoathii says:

    weird is your middle name…has to be…

    if the try the missionary they had better be saying prayers…

    nimecheka tu sijui niseme nini zaidi….

  6. candybox says:

    Ambulances and missionary; somehow i think the two are corrolated (is that the right word to use?):-)

  7. threetypesofcrazy says:

    kwani you want a red light on the double cabin before you can call it an ambulance? ama it must be a van?
    ambulance- a vehicle equipped to carry sick/injured people. If you car can do that as well, all you need is to paint ambulance on the side. Stop caining my people wewe.
    In their defence someone “ate” their money and alot of it-infact the minister now ex and his deputies were sent to prison for 2 minutes last year.

  8. nzembi says:

    Weird! Just weird! Pay n use 5 bob. Hmmm. . .

  9. sultrynutter says:

    Kama ni mgonjwa ata bebwa hapo nyuma!!!
    thats how the “pick up” ambulance works

    pay n use?!! ai… missionary with a 300 kg man can u even find the male accessories?! ok I have gone too far

  10. Zax says:

    I guess the 300kg dude and a misionary position… well, they might need an ambulance, a pickup ambulance to save the situation…

  11. neema divine says:

    ur funny, am in stitches…enyewe, how is that an ambulance…and i hear what? a straw???..honestly!

  12. bryjoe says:

    i saw that 300kg dude…and i kept hoping they’d show his gal lakini wapi….did you notice he wears a dress-like thing?

  13. Wanja laughing hard says:

    You are Weird and wired kabisa. Question is Are you smacking some?

  14. bOMSEH says:

    Maybe the Ambulance is for on site purposes and not for transportation of casualties or something.

  15. frankie says:

    Hey Xcess,
    of course u are weird, that’s why i love reading ur posts.
    i really laughed (ok, smiled coz am in a cyber.)
    only in kenya do u get such ambulances, pay to use 5 bob
    but about the 300kg dude, i don’t know…he can have a galfriend but they have no sex life, u know, relationships are not all about sex…

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