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Posted: April 15, 2008 in sex ed

Do you ever wonder what makes some women great lovers? For many, bedroom satisfaction is a confidence issue that comes down to one question: “Am I doing it right?”

Personally, I think the real question is and should be, are you doing it right for your man?

It has been said that men’s needs are quite simple in most cases. Showing up naked with a chilled sixpack of his favourite beer brand may do wonders but there are no long term guarantees.

Actually all you need to do as a woman is to master the absolute basics and your male lover is going to be and stay delighted!

This is how (A copy & paste job)

  • Most men find intense pleasure from a woman giving oral sex yaani “blow job,” or “going down”. Frequent fellatio without him having to ask is a total turn on and will keep him highly satisfied.
  • Make sure he knows that you enjoy sex with him as much as he does with you. Be responsible for your own orgasm, learn about your body, know what turns you on and you’ll find you’ve got a man who is happy in bed with you.
  • Tell him your desires. He can only find out what makes you feel good and what you love when you tell – or even better – show him!
  • He likes to see you nude – males love the visual and quickly get turned on, so do not be shy! Leave the lights on next time…
  • Your man’s penis is not the only part of his body that gives him pleasure. Find out other parts of his body he loves to have touched, licked and kissed. Start with his nipples or earlobes and go from there!
  • Don’t stop experimenting. Stay inventive. If you hear of something new then don’t be afraid to try it in bed. You could just add something that extra bit magical to your lovemaking!
  • Get him to show you how he masturbates (If he admits to the act). Take time to learn how to do it in a way he likes. The majority of men have a certain technique (likely honed over many years) which will take time for you to apply in the same way he does. Follow his lead and gradually take over.
  • Men usually love sexy lingerie on their girl. Finding something tantalising and red hot and using on an occasional basis is a sure-fire way of pleasing your man. No lingerie? Try making love with clothing in a state of undress. Males like the sense of mystery of what’s behind your blouse or what’s up your skirt so tease him and drive him wild!
  • Share your fantasies with him and let him share his with you. If you’re both comfortable with each others fantasy then why not act them out?
  • A lot of men like to hear how turned on their woman is. Tell him candidly how you feel to raise his (and yours) levels of excitement through the roof!
  • Men are generally at their most vulnerable in bed so be careful not to criticise him. Harsh words on his performance from you in bed may be remembered by him and could cause problems further down the road.
  • Give him lots of small looks and affectionate smiles to keep him performing his best for a long, long time. Let him know he’s the best ever!

That’s the one reason you’re with him, right?

Ladies – Make your man scream your name non-stop tonight… or weekend… or the next time you are off BT!

Men – Think of ways to return the favour!

  1. crystal says:

    ai kwani you’re on my wavelength?

  2. threetypesofcrazy says:

    he strikes again.

  3. Gish says:

    He is Back. great tips.

  4. bryjoe says:

    taking notes ….we, si you do that thing i asked you…please!

    Eeeeeh what ‘thing’?

  5. NAkeel says:

    Loved reading this. Interesting.

  6. Kirima says:

    This should make many people happy and hopefully make the world a better place, I hope!
    With such skills Xs you should be a peacemaker so step aside Anaan enter Xs

  7. 3N says:

    yes Kirima, this advise will definitely make the world better if followed by women over and over and over….again

  8. threetypesofcrazy says:

    @3N- yaaani, stay on your medication. You are nuts!!!!

  9. Half n Half says:

    Hmmmm, kumbe! NOTED!

  10. bomseh says:

    “Get him to show you how he masturbates”

    That one right there is the most difficult for you ladies. Athawais everything else is a good tip.

  11. prou says:


  12. modoathii says:

    waambie! waambie!

  13. kip says:

    lol .. Interesting manenos…. i am taking notes on

  14. Half n Half says:

    @ bomseh I must say I agree, I have NEVER got any man willing to do that, they always say “I dont masturbate” like they expect me to believe that

  15. bomseh says:

    HnH – Believe some of them.

  16. archer says:

    Kip, ati you’re taking notes? For what? Kwani you want to…..

  17. Dee says:

    Where r th ladies? They need tips too. Great work X!

  18. kip says:

    lol.. in excess umma do me..

  19. candybox says:

    Don’t know why guys don’t admit to wanking. It’s normal, is it not?

  20. Wanja says:

    Karibu karibu Dr. Kulungulu

  21. ramblesex says:

    I wank. And I’m not afraid to admit it. What’s the big deal about that?

  22. […] wank, do you? A comment on this post stated that men are afraid to admit they wank. Okay, maybe there are those that don’t. But […]

  23. lulu says:

    ummm, i honestly havent come this far yet…. but i have read some stuff that have turned me black and red at the same time….sex education for real, i shall come for lessons on my wedding day…before, i mean

  24. nzembi says:

    Great tips! Kip y the hell u takin notes? Eh?

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