Smack That II

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

A collection of wierd pics…. a follow up to that wierd post!

Advert seen at Taidy’s Restuarant (Nbi West), Men Restroom. They have other interesting pictures adorned on the walls…… PG 21 material! A real incentive to wee wee more i guess..!

PS: Taidy’s really know how to prepare their Kuku! Salaaaale! My Partners-in-crime who will not be out of town this weekend (Mnajijua), what say you? Si this Sunday we head there??  Tuma majibu pale pale kando….

Moving on…

Seen at Nakumatt Thika road men’s restroom…… Serious? yaaani seriously does anyone need a notice to know where to do what?? Majamameni!

Seen at Syokamau, Masaku……. Dont ask what i was doing there…. what caught my eye is the colour of the calves and their age. They seemed there were born of the same cow at the same time!


When to get your child a new pet! Goodness! Njisas!!!

Onto other news, last Wednesday i was travelling from Malindi on precision air (Though my ticket read KQ) i got a shock of my life. In my short jet setting life, i have never seen a plane with so many Roaches & houseflies (can they be called planeflies?)! One of the roaches actually fell on my beer, and for a moment i thought of suing both Precision Air & KQ! A roach on my beer!!! That the last straw! AAAARGGGGGHHH By bad luck, i didnt have a camera with me, otherwise my plan was i take photographic evidence…..and well, sue for damages! LOL

Wikendi Njema people

  1. egm says:

    I have onjad the kuku from the Nakuru Taidy. Fry ndiyo sijaonja. I shall make it a point to try it out.

  2. super says:

    dgt qfF qfvu i 6fwgvg uwy 8ygyg vhuey igyu gi arrghhhhhhhhhhhh i am horny..just in time for da weekend….

    kama sutra positions (many positions) available…….. nyum nyum to that gal who plays hard ball…….

  3. Zax says:

    Was Taidys sometime last week ans sure that kuku rocks… since home is thereby… would not mind to impose…If there is energy left after attempting the positions above… As for that kid with dog ass in the nose ha? Or is it nose in the dog’s ass!!! Plain nasty… wats he smokin?

  4. Kirima says:

    Clearly some instructions are needed for Nakumatt customers but I wouldn’t want to design those instructions Very funny pics but I just wonder how other users take to you taking pictures in the washroom? Somehow it could get you punched if you catch my drift

  5. bankelele says:

    wow – roaches on beer! I used Precision last year to Arusha and they were quite ok, but KQ are really scraping the bottom of the barrel and I have lost count of the number of bar conversations where people say they will never fly KQ again (but they rarely have a choice)

  6. Shiroh says:

    you never miss a chance to capture the good moments!!! looks like men have been looking for direction ever since ha ha hah

  7. 3N says:

    wikendi njema pia bwana Xs. those tushaos look like many twins did you see the mother?

  8. why would a fly (housefly/planefly) waste energy flying while FLYING?

    Complain anyway, whether you have the evidence or not.Cockroach and flies !!!!There seriously can’t think you made it up and you might not be the only one who complained. Please, complain to whoever before I get onto a KQ flight.Becoz now KQ= anything goes. It used to be keep quiet everything is under control.

  9. M says:

    Ha ha! What could have prompted that Nakumatt one I wonder…

  10. bomseh says:

    What pissed you off more? Having the roach land on ur beer or just having a roach present?

  11. savvy says:

    roaches on a plane…..sounds like a sequel of a movie

  12. sisbigbones says:

    Those photos are classic. Lakini, roaches on a plane? That’s a new one. You and the other passengers could have ganged up and complained, then filed a class action suit…wait, this is Kenya…never mind *sigh*

  13. kip says:

    lol…………….at the last picture!

    who is supried about coacroaches in planes? have you ever boarded the old 747 That KLM has between Nairobi and Amsterdam?? that thing is so all i can see real ass coackroches living hukos..

  14. Nakeel says:

    Where they trying a snake on a plane to katizia you the beer. OOh and that Syokimau pic the calves were sired by the same bull not same cow….. loool

  15. modoathii says:

    many twins those calves.

    that would never happen with vodo…vaporized instant…kwa hewa.

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