In Transit

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Am leaving, again.

For where you ask?, well lets say, it far far from home – 6 hour flight.

Its 8.30 and am not sober – can this classified as a ‘drunken post’? I wonder….

Before you all go and judge me, i’ve a valid excuse for my current state…

  1. Am leaving my family (and home) behind hence am depressed
  2. Where am going – huko west Africa – they dont have tusker and i’ll be there for awhile – nabeba stock, sue me! LOL
  3. Its free – well i paid for it in terms of $2000 ticket but hey thats just detail! The most important thing is that its free….

 I have many mini-post up here in my head but i doubt if i’ll be able to put all down…. its worth a try.

Here goes

You all know life is not fair, right? it is unfair – totally!

Have you ever wondered why a BALD only happens in the most conspicuous place where everyone can see? huh? Why cant you bald on your armpit, Chest…huko nethers? Huh?

While on the hair issue, i have always wondered when a cancer patient undergo chemotheraphy, they loose their hair… right? Well, do they loose all BODY hair? Just asking – si kwa ubaya!

Ganja Farm – am loving this song right about now. I didnt realise its so dancable! Salaaaaale

Talking of dancing, last weekend as my body gyrated unrythmitically to some sweet songs, i met Njenga Karume’s son. After the introduction the guy just went zzzzzzzzzzz on us. The chicca he was with had other ideas – she was dancing like she was competing. At some point she got tired of waking up the boyfie so she just got herself some IDP (chips funga) disappeared for an hour and came back rejuvinated…… Nairobi manenos are scary

Sometime back i was diagnosed with Dental abscess….. go on google it…yeah. It all happens to the best of us….LOL. Antibiotics seemed not to cure the abscess so my dentist susggested a root canal treatment… I thought this was a simple procedure. SHOCK on me – sijui a hole was drilled on the tooth (No. 16 for those who might be interested) and a whole of not-so-interesting stuff was removed form huko ndani…. Jana i went back for a permanent filling and i was informed i need to raise kindu $300 for capping i think…. my dentist lost me at $300, which is not covered by my insuarance….

Oh crap, there goes my boarding call……!

Stay safe people and Goodbye.

  1. archer says:

    ati IDP? Hahahaha!

  2. egm says:

    Fly safe! Come back with tales!

  3. Zax says:

    Lol@ IDP… and sure, Nrb manenoz are waaaay scary… each day. Stay safe.

  4. sisbigbones says:

    That chick is deadly, literally. But the guy should learn to keep his girl entertained. LOL…have a fun trip

  5. prou says:

    All the best

  6. 3N says:

    Xs the tourist, all the best in Ghana.

  7. CB says:

    asi kwani hakuna internet huko west africa yawa. hebu sanya some wireless from the plane and put it with your beer stocks. and hurry back.

    PS : am i pink?

    Pink suits you…hehehehe,

  8. CB says:

    %^$%#%$*&^%*)(_*&^*&^*(+()*+()*+()* pink wordpress avatar!!!!!!!!

  9. lol @ cb atii are you pink? looks like it,tena for life.

    XS- don’t even panic- I am sure even the guy on the bicycle has wireless right there (IT IS WEST AFRICA, after all).

    hehehehehe on the root canal. Antibiotics cure the infection NOT the cause of it (yes, that shold make sense) and ebu fork out that $300, dentist needs to pay bills. Root canal is horrible on any given day but if it makes you feel any better you are paying nearly half of what I ,eeerrrrr you would have been charged by the dentists here.

    Si we strike a deal, malipo ya pole pole…in form of salad..i’ll throw a few kuku choma…ama?

    ahem, hangover vipi?


  10. Maua says:

    We’ll miss you a week (about) b4 you find that wireless thing. And the trip is $2000 free?

    What wireless? Just for the record, that $2K didn’t chimoka from my yeah, Free..! LOL

  11. Kafai says:

    For real, you thought the antibiotics would do what? ‘Fill out’ the tooth?

    Hey, i wasn’t that high…. hebu re-read. LOL

  12. valentia says:

    Woiyeee…I hated on the dentists so much I swore never to date a guy in dental school..even pals as dentists were ruled off (okie 3TOC I got over the pain) yeah…pole sana.

    Enjoy your safe..etc

    Is it me..ama the storoz of women and their “take-aways” has increased?? gatho!!! Scary!! oh well…mwambie snooze you lose…lol..

  13. Pet says:

    1. Xs, pple move wit important laggage so carry ur fam nxt time.
    2. Send ur address, i work KBL n blv m u’l get a package every wkd.
    3. Lets al ans or research on chemo- hair loss thing.
    4. Zzzz guy- warnin 2 guys, women nid attention or they’ll get it smwea bt hey gals not so fast.
    5. Evry1 arise 2 this Xs TOOTH HARAMBEE- Toa ndugu toa dada!
    Finally, gdbye? Climb al mt n hill lukg 4 network coz we expect mo posts.

  14. Nakeel says:

    When you are away dont forget this home si ndio nusu ya kuonana. Chips funga? Like father like ….

  15. modoathii says:

    safiri salama, by now ushatulia huko….rudi salama basi. let’s not talk about dentists…

    lol at IDP! but don’t you think the boyfee is the displaced here?

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