The Experiment

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Fun, Money, sex

Am a curious scientist, and my curiosity is ablaze.

Am setting up an experiment to study two things.

SEX (Vitamin S) and MONEY.

These two can be mutually exclusive…. or not. This i cannot prove.

At the end of this experiment we (me and you) shall prove that Vitamin S sells.

I know I’ll not be the first scientist to study these two (together or separately) but am hoping to come up with a theory (and ultimately a thesis) that will prove that the two have the most ‘pulling’ power ever seen in the blogland.

Now i need volunteers. You.

And NO, I’ll not request the ladies to parade their maneno kwa baridi ya huko K street wearing skimpy clothes, ugly wigs or cheap make-up, NOR will i ask the gentlemen to adorn in tight leather pants and clinging shirts, 2-size small…..

AND NO – the volunteers will not, SHALL not meet at ALL.

You can be faceless if you wish

If the experiment is a success, well…, No, let me not declare what is in the offing or benefits (or lack of) that might be there….

Haya people, register by way of a simple comment.

Don’t be SHY, the more the merrier. If it helps, you can volunteer anonymously. Lets have fun

and STAY off the GUTTER!

PS: The success or failure of this experiment solely depends on you.

Note to self: Refrain from partaking a single can of beer before bed, thats how wierd post are born in the middle of the night as you suffer insomnia attacks!

Haya, I resume Sheep-counting…… 299, 298, 297, 299…AAARRRRGGGGHHHH, i give UP.

The experiment was cancelled. I did however gather some interesting data. Once analysed, i’ll share. Thank you volunteers.

  1. Zax says:


  2. acolyte says:

    Lmao @ tight leather pants…………

  3. CB says:

    pinky pinky ponkey – btw sikuwa nimemwona, that skele up there **pointing** ndio nilikuwa nazungumzia. the one at my digs kinda looks supuu like … si unajua? 😀

    about your little speriment here, hmm, i’ll take part, but only if you substitute the Vitamin M for Vitamin Ch. I prefer my wages in dairy milk. 😉

  4. CB says:

    Yaaaaay, yahoooooooo am back am back yeah!! [doing the dance of joy]

  5. @CB you need help. No, correction that pink thing is now scared of you.

    Cancel experiment- this has already been proven.

    Can I be anonymous? Lakini I do not know how to do that. And my spelling errors will give me away anywhere. How much are you paying the “volunteers”?

  6. neema says:

    ati ‘vitamin S’…where do i put my signature?

  7. sultrynutter says:

    Sultry is in!!

  8. bomseh says:

    I’m in. Ok, in where? I volunteer.

  9. sultrynutter says:

    Ati cancelled… what upuzi is this now! ai.. ok im just saddened!

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