crazy over you…

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Random

K-Lynn, help me sing….

Lakini mimi sitaondoka!

Go figure


  1. Half n Half says:

    ati “ni ijumaa, na plan kwenda nje?” is that its friday and am planning to go out? smh! sigh our lyrics

  2. val says:

    you actually like this song?

    Yes I do…..Why?

  3. V says:

    Whats with the song anyway? Continue singing na maandishi.

    Thats the fun part! Decipher away….LOL

  4. D says:

    U know am crazy ova u, crazy crazy ova u, lakina sasa na……. usipoacha vituko! VITUKO GANI SASA?

  5. archer says:

    I’ve missed the bus by a mile, but me thinks that mama is a whiner (I can’t stand that song!) she needs to do a collabo with Akon & T-Pain! Maybe even Chris Brown loosely like this.

    Ok, so enlighten me!

  6. Zax says:

    Ok, me thinks that mama is fine… kiasi, but as Arch says, she sounds whiner-like. Else, who’s u crazy bout’!

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