A taste from the west

Posted: June 5, 2008 in food

Since I arrived in Accra I have been ‘playing’ it safe when it comes to food.

For fear of eating ‘things’ am not acustomed with, I have just been operating on fast food – fries/rice chicken.

The last time I was here back in ’06, I ended up gaining 11 kg in 5 weeks which to date I’ve managed to shed only 1kg. Doing mental calculations, I see I might be in big big trouble since I’ll be here longer. 

I have tried Chinese restaurants. Got discouraged when I saw this on menu!

The chef had to come and assure me that they use separate sufurias to prepare their different dishes

Next was Indian restaurants – The aftermath i.e flatulence & very nasty gasses made seek other alternatives

It was time to try the local food.

Ghana has very rich food and some ‘delicacies’ which I plan to avoid.

I have had a taste of some of the dishes, some are very nice while others, well let’s say, the taste has to ‘grow’ on you….read acquired taste.

Here is a sample:

Fufu – I had one mouthful & spat it out. It tastes like plastic! It’s made from Cassava sometimes combined with plantains & coco yam. Its served cold dipped into goat soup. Did I mention that the goat is not skinned?

Banku – Close to our ‘ugali’. Problem is the maize is fermented. Yeah, I cant stand it

Kelewele – deep fried & heavily spiced plantain. Me likes this one. Tamu sana 

Palava sauce – a blend of spinach (silver beet), egushi (very tiny pumpkin seeds) and smoked fish (herring or snapper). Not bad – I like it. You can eat it with yam (the white stuff)

Palava Soup – Soup version of the sauce –  I don’t think I’ll venture there

Palmnut soup – No thank you

Many varietes of rice dishes – famous one being rice balls, jollof rice (boiled rice imewekwa tomato paste & oil) & fried rice (one of the ingredients is eggs)

Guinea fowl – This I have tried, roasted. It’s a delicacy and damn expensive – costs around $52, sometimes more…

Shito – Hot pepper sauce

Red-red – Rice balls with bean sauce – the beans discourages me from trying it….

omo tuo – Mashed rice balls with groundnut soup – Yet to try

Kenkey – am yet to know the difference from Banku.

gari foto – eggs, onions, dried shrimp, tomatoes and gari – powdered cassava

They put a lot of oil in their foods – you will find it floating in all sauces & soups

Enough about food (for now).

PS: I might be out for a looooooong lunch…… or not.

Siku njema


  1. pinkmemoirs says:

    Did you actually eat anything at the Chinese place? Hope not cos methinks they lied about the whole using separate Sufurias thing!
    The Palava sauce looks yummy! I’m thinking with Ugali or something. Share the recipe.

  2. Kirima says:

    haha! poor you I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to try some of that ‘exotic’ fare but then again I draw the line when it comes to amphibians!

  3. nzembi says:

    ati frog wat?!?! yuck! halafu….’ Did I mention that the goat is not skinned?’ alaa!

    Yes they dont skin, they do the same things as we do for pigs….kwaruza the hair off!

  4. 3N says:

    just last weekend I was in a chinese restaurant looking at the house chef specials ‘frogs cooked in black bean sauce and served with fry ri (fried rice – as pronounced by the waiter)….I didn’t venture

    and I can’t stand West African food, there is always oil and something from the sea…i am a simple kondose, mchele na ugali dude

  5. Zax says:

    So can we assume that when this time round you grow a butt weighing like 13kgs its snails? Pole Daddy…

  6. sisbigbones says:

    Yikes! I can’t stand west african food, except the fried plantains. I don’t know what’s with all that oil, and fufu is just nasty.

    You think the frog legs are bad? I remember going to some chinese restaurant in Coast with my paroz when I was young. As soon as we walked in, we saw a glass case holding snakes and we were requested to pick out whichever one we liked so they could cook it for us. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. And I have a phobia for snakes. Yuck. Wish I could remember what restaurant that was.

  7. savvy08 says:

    ahh..Xs, I ask u to do research on whether west africans eat birds, and u flatter me with a whole post on west african food. incidentally, since u gained 13 kilos, does that mean u used to feast on their oily food before? or it is the take-away ‘kenchic’ chickens..don’t think i have the guts to try new food, unless it doesn’t look too dark…

  8. M says:

    Frog’s legs? Look on the bright side. At least it wasn’t rat’ss ass!

  9. Unyc says:

    Frog…that ugly disgusting thing is a meal!

    Guinea Fowl, i love it. Had it at the Pampa Churascaria in Whitesands and tastes better than kuku.
    I have always wanted to try western food esp fufu. Si ufungiwe uniletee 🙂

  10. Hebu please tell me of nice places to see in Accra. Be there for a week, a week from leo. Proudkikuyuwoman,gmail

  11. egm says:

    Frogs legs rock! Yaani why are people not adventurous when it comes to food? If I was there, all that you have mentioned I would try at least once. More if I end up liking it!

  12. Wanja feeling experi-mental says:

    You should have tried the frog leggs, how else are you going to know how they taste?mmmmh 🙂

  13. Mo Ma says:

    How do you gain 11 kgs in little over a month? No offence but are you like 200kg and that’s just a small extra bulge…ama you ate 10 meals a day?

    Walalo, LMAO! Believe me it doable, if u got the appetite & not watching what u r eating! And No, am not 200!

  14. eat the frogs legs already- tastes like chicken, just look like frogs legs.

    And those pics, are they pics of food coz they look like an aerial view of a dirty river.

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