Amateur collector II

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Money

My bank notes collection has grown with few additional notes from Kenya, Uganda & Ghana.

You can view my earlier collection here

I apologise for the poor picture quality, EGM, stop wincing – I had to take these using my phone-cam as my regular camera met a certain young ‘fundi’ in my household. Maybe when i get back we can arrange a proper photo shoot, ama?

Haya twende kazi

Kenyatta 5 bob note – 1978, crisp condition!

Kenyatta 10 bob note

M.O.1 10 bob note

Moi 100 Shillings note– Its so huge, I remember when this was the highest denomination…. aki seems like 3 centuries ago..

Uganda 1000 shillings….. still in circulation

I still haven’t managed to get a currency album though i bought this clear folder which for now will have to do. If anyone gets a whiff of that album, let me know. Thank u

Oh before i forget, here is the new 1 Ghana cedi note (equivalent to $1) .

They revalued their currency last year, see more here….. hmmm i need to get hold of those old notes (i have the 1000 cedis note)…… am sure in few years they might be valuable….. what do you think?

And there we have it, The collector trudges on!

Any prospective buyers? I’ll trade in with a few safcom shares….LOOOOL


I finally got to fly on a SAAB 340 from Accra to Kumasi city last Friday.

Very interesting ride but with no much happenings. I checked, there were no cockroaches or ‘air’ flies on this one. Flying at 12000ft ASL is not the same as 35,000ft, more bumpy especially with cloudy weather. I prefer the latter!

The landing wasn’t interesting either – I was Sober….





  1. dcm says:

    nice collection..i have a 10,50,200 notes za moi….the 200 one doesnt fit kwa wallet!
    currently looking for 20 bob note for moi…they are the reason 20bob is called blu..coz of the colour.

  2. CB says:

    at last a kindred spirit! whenever i go to museum i [waste] a whole film on that kabox with the money – it’s fascinating! i had quite a collection too, but somewhere between a mboch and a sweetaholic toddler …

    that ten bob moi note was sooo pretty. It the only Mo1 thing i miss. Do you have the original Arap Toro blue?

  3. kip says:

    mambo ya flying nimewacha! not in africa my friend …… not in africa.

  4. 31337 says:

    growing nicely. i shall look in my filing cabinet for the 10 bob that makes up my entire collection…

  5. Kirima says:

    How you avoid spending all that money just beats me.

  6. Wanja says:

    Please do share…

  7. Mocha! says:

    LMAO at the comment for egm!!!

    Collector huh? Nice collection!

    As for the sober landing…be glad that you did.

  8. Unyc says:

    I used to collect money but i sold to someone when i was dead broke.
    I stilll regret that decision.

  9. Maua says:

    I’ve got coins from about 20 countries, wanna trade.

  10. egm says:

    Poor poor job! 🙂 You are a funny guy. Come back and we’ll see how Raul can saidia.

    Nice collection.

  11. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Was Kirima trying to be funny? He did succeed if he was.

    We still dont have a strong culture of collecting stuff. We should try make it big because out there people are making killings on them.

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