Posted: June 18, 2008 in Random

Never done that before….

but this i have, incoherent rumble of an intoxicated mind…..

I was chatting with a colleague from work, she informs me that all employees in our organisation – in Ghana – get $150 every month as fuel allowance.

Say What??????????????? 

This is irrespective of the job grade; that is from lowly paid office messenger to senior management, as long as you have a car, you have some fuel to burn!

Damn, why don’t they migrate these ‘Good practices’ to Kenya? I need to have a chat with HR! Seriously!

Moving On,

I was chatting with a friend of a colleague who happens to be a doctor, He says he has been getting many cases of patients with swollen gums.

When he questions them as to what could be the cause, they tell him that they were ‘pricked’ by a Python bone as they ate it…..!

Well i guess that credit crunch is catching!


Part 3 coming up – hold on to your pants! LOL


  1. archer says:

    I see Fuel Allowance becoming a “negotiating chip” (brain is tired, can’t think up the correct terminology/phrase) in Kenyan companies very soon, if it hasn’t began already. The gava does it already so the private sector might take it up too. Ni muhimu!

  2. Random Kenyan says:

    Yeah, the fule thing… the company I work for had a faciliy similar to that… But was frozen sometime around 2001… before I got here… and just when am planning an exit strategy, there is a possibility of bringing it back!!! Anyway, it is high time the corporate Kenya thought through this…

  3. Kirima says:

    Luckilly for me we get a fuel allowance every month depending on your distance to home this is to compensate for the fact that we have to stay at the farm but this is considered as a taxable earning by our dear friends at KRA

    The allowance here is loaded into a fueling card direct….hence no tax.

  4. 31337 says:

    python bone as they ate it? WTF?

  5. Shiroh says:

    150$$ for fuel. Damn i want to work for that company.

  6. CB says:

    python bones? forget credit crunch, that there is all about reversed roles. yikes!

  7. bankelele says:

    what’s the fuel price there – per litre? that’s a nice incentive.

    Fuel cost approx ksh 70 – 75/litre. The gava reduced some of the taxes

  8. savvy says:

    python bones, huh??

  9. savvy says:

    they like fish bones?..

  10. pinkmemoirs says:

    Apparently, Sun Systems are saving on their employees’ fuel expenses by having them work from home 2.4 days a week. I think this would be an even better incentive for me, but they can start with the 150USD.

    Pythons?? Clearly, Ghanaians have peculiar eating habits.

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