Get bodied…

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Random

For starters, I need to clarify that, I aint no chic!

Now that’s out of the way, hebu tuangazie ino video ya mwanadada Beyonce.

I’ll confess, of all her videos, this one i like……hmmmm mmmmm

The dance moves are too deadly, the dresses, scandalous……!

Follow the link here for the video

Swiftly moving on…

German just made it through to semis of EUR08 at the expense of Portugal. I knew Portugal was jinxed the moment 3N started supporting them…..

However, i dont think German will win this cup, am rooting for Spain to win…., yes Archer, dont say it …..Torres factor… Kwani?! LOL

Wikendi njema

  1. Kirima says:

    Aw shucks thats one of my teams out but then Germans like the Italians rarely surprise you always find them moving ahead in big tournaments

  2. CB says:

    Beyonce and football? ai daddy naona kuna serious withdrawal symptoms hapa ! lakini yenyewe that video rocks. The hair is psssht but i love them old school moves. funkyyyy!

  3. pinkmemoirs says:

    I tried to dance along to that video once (of course in rubber shoes and tracks), I must say it was one of the shortest aerobic sessions i’ve done. This girl is fit. The shoes she dances in, few women can walk in.

    What is Euro 08? 🙂

  4. threetypesofcrazy says:

    iishhhhh I have never met Beyonce , lakini where did she learn how to dance like me? Okay, even in my dreams I can’t move like she does.

    Ebu lipa rent, apparently the video can not be viewed here anymore. Rewind.

    @pinkmemoirs- seriously, “what is EURO 08”? I am tempted to tell you it is a chocolate. But it is worse………………….FOOTBALL.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That video is WALALALA….. Am i missing something :-)4 th records, i visited this strip club n was left mouth agape. Did u?

  6. Anony says:

    That video is WALALALA….. I like it. Am i missing something- 4 th records, i visited this strip club n was left mouth agape. Did u?

  7. Shiroh says:


  8. Half n Half says:

    yes, its no longer available!
    I was sooo sooo angry when germany scored the third goal I went to bed! Now who will I support… Wait who is 3N supporting now? Maybe I will follow you to Spain.. but today its Croatia.. Hmmm I will go there! Ok Go CROATIA

  9. ALTER EGO says:

    I have wondered how come her (beyonce) dress doesnt ride up…… what does she have underneath….i can something blackiish…. oh well NICE MOVES!!

  10. archer says:

    Siioni video! Lakini Beyonce’s tanye deserves it’s own star on the Walk of Fame. Question is, how will she imprint said cheeks onto the cement?

    I told you Spain is going places. This seems to be the tournament of the underdogs coz my distant relatives Russia are also a major force to reckon with.

  11. valentia says:

    hahahaha….okie so what struck you so much about the video?? Must admit i’m with Pink MM there I jaribud dancing to that video…serious aerobics!!

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