Dee Dee….

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

I have a feeling that when i get back home ‘Dee Dee’ will have gotten tired of waiting for me and gotten herself a new mate….. I wont blame her….. She needs to be ‘ridden’ now and then…… And I also need a change…. A new relationship is always a delight…..

We met over a year ago, It was love at first sight! She was my first….. i wasen’t her first…. all she needed was a pair of good shoes….

We have shared some very good times together.  Everyone thought we made a good couple. We complimented each other very well. What with my elongated limbs and her roomy comfy inside….

We have had no bad incidences, she never let me down, she always got me home, no matter the time or weather. She is a good girl and even though she is perceived as high maintenance, it wasn’t the case. I always gave her what she needed… She sung to me nicely. She was very reliable.

Right now my father is taking care of her…. he rides her, i dont know if she can tell the difference….. or if he’s doing it better than i did….. I hope he is taking good care of her. She’s very fuzzy when she doesn’t receive proper attention, well all her peers do these days. But knowing him and the fact that Dee Dee is not ‘his’ am scared he might neglect her….. let me call and find out.

So as dee dee searches for a new lover mate, i guess i’ll start doing the same.

Now this might not be as easy.  It’s difficult – really – to get a good replacement especially after receiving such good service from her.

I shall miss her


  1. Milkshake says:

    Fao! If i ever start my own blog who’ll b 1st? I feel u on this, its damn hard to lose sm1 u rilly like/love. What r u lukin 4 in th next replacement? I think i qualify. Ama? I’ll ride u right. Trust me on this. Anyhoooooo pole 4 th loss.

  2. this post is VERY misleading. Are you a politician?

    Clearly last night was not alcohol free.

    All the best finding Dee Dee’s replacement. Girls are reliable like that.

  3. Pilato says:

    I lost my my own “Dee Dee” two months ago , luckily not to my old man but to some Dude back there. Hope she found her soulmate..Her reasons were ” Pilato is not romantic enough” Pole Man

  4. Kirima says:

    I wonder how much mileage you got out of your relationship with dee dee.

  5. super says:

    was not difkalt 2 decipher. get a hybrid.

  6. savvy08 says:

    good luck in finding a replacement..seems to me she might want to stick to ur dad, after all, he probably has more experience than you… 🙂

  7. CB says:

    you too huh?

  8. CB says:

    oops, wrong blog. but er i so know know what this is about. 🙂

  9. pinkmemoirs says:

    Mmmmh I’m in the process of acquiring my first so may be you can sell Dee Dee to me? Anyways, all the best in your quest for a new ride.

  10. Gish says:

    Splooshed then came out on the other side. All the best with/in your new one.

  11. 31337 says:

    you are a genius at times xs. really. splooooooosh.

    i like dee dee!!! why you give her up? 😦

  12. valentia says:

    lol..yaani whats with you men and ur misleading posts??? Quite entertaining I must say……

    Do tell us when you have acquired a replacement 🙂

  13. Mama says:

    Why do men name their rides? I just dont get!!

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