Metro or not…

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Random, wierd

A scenario.

Dude walks in

Approaches Sink

reaches for Soap/hand gel…whatever

Washes Hands

Dries Hands

Approaches Urinal


Reaches for his soft copy…

Aims at something

Relieves himself 

Zip up

Back at the sink

Washes hands (again)

Dries hands

Applies hand lotion as he stares at his image on the mirror..

Smooths hair

Checks teeth


Opens Bathroom door (using a pocket/hand tissue)


End of scenario.

Question: Is this a tad wierd or Is it being hygienically conscious or can this be classified as being Metro-sexual?

  1. CB says:

    now that depends…what does he do with toilet seats?

    If he’s like me then he lines the seat with enough tissue….


    He has just recovered from some nasty disease, he picked off doors-TOILET DOORS.

    He had just had some spinach, of course he had to check his teeth.

    Only you!

  3. 31337 says:

    dude. that sounds like me. have you been stalking me?

    LOL. You didn’t look like the kind of a guy who wud ‘oil’ their hands often… na vile uwa zimeparara….!

  4. @CB- do we want to know whether he places a seat cover a.k.a toilet paper all round it and then sits or that he applies thigh power and never actually lets his butt touch the toilet seat?

    Wewe, me thinks u are describing someone else……

  5. petesmama says:

    The weirdest part is where he washes his hands BEFORE he touches his own soft copy. Where on earth have those hands been if he won’t even touch his goods without first washing and drying them?

    Definitely Metro. Among other things.

    What other things?

  6. Wanja says:

    I applaud the clean dude!! Clean hands is a must when touching your precious plus you never know what you pick from the toilet door. I imagine he has soft tender hands, well kept hair and clean teeth.

    You dont think he’s ‘over-doing’ it?

  7. pinkmemoirs says:

    Washing before, hand lotion, opening the door with tissue..wait, having tissue in the pocket: That is so un dude like! After relieving himself does he use tissue, ama anashake after use???

    Valid Question. 3, care to expound..? LOL

    Ok, I’d say metro kabisa.

    Where does the tissue go after opening the door?

    3 again, answer this 1..

  8. Mo says:

    The hand lotion is pushing it…but the rest sounds like a guy that practices good personal grooming; nothing metro there.

    Petesmama, think of all the surfaces you touch in a day and all the hands you touch and all the bacteria those people had on their hands…I sure as hell dont want to transfer all that stuff str8 to my wee-wee.

    Not that there’s anything ‘wee’ about it.


    Oooh are we bragging about our ‘wee wee’ now? LOL

  9. neema divine says:

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that’s what!

    That’s what i thought first…lakini now am not too sure!

  10. Kirima says:

    It was all ok until it got to the hand lotion bit. Just clarify for my sake that it is NOT Pink Britney Spears hand lotion then I’ll be cool with it.

    LOL. Dude can we not talk about that pink BS lotion!

  11. Mocha! says:

    this is not OCD or being a metro sexual…he is being hygenically conscious.

    Imagine the types of germs he gets from touching the toilet door, computer key board, or anywhere else he touched before he went to the loo.

    As for the lotion bit, greeting a jamaa with rough pararad hands is just a turn off.

    As for opening the door with tissue….after the regime of before and after……why not?

    My muthuri does it….and believe me, when it comes to his goodies I am with him 100% on the above said regime. Afterall, kutuma salamu is already hard work.

    LOL, Ati kutuma salamu!!!! *****Splooooooooooooosh

  12. archer says:

    Dude, that sounds exctly like 31337!!!!!

    And you know this how? Kwani are u bathroom buddies? LOL no no EIPORL – 31337, translate that!

  13. 31337 says:

    definitely tissue. shaking is sooooo not on.

    deftly into the bin, after opening door, use foot yo jam mechanism then bounce!

    archer, yea. xs, see?

    looking in mirror is self motivation, practicing the killer smile.

  14. 31337 says:

    3 toc. tissue lazima ipambe kiti, laid down double, just to be sure, that is after a more than cursory wipedown before start of…congress.

  15. Mocha! says:

    Sploosh meaning what?

    Alafu, I am also curious how Archer knows that the dude described hapo juu is 31337.

    They are bathroom buddies – Or Archer is stalking him….nothing gay about it….. LOL

  16. 3N says:

    his problem is not keeping his soft copy clean at all times, otherwise why would he wash before he touches it? Kwani it is foreign?

    So are you asking if he keeps his soft or ‘hard’ copy clean? haya 3, another Q for you! LOOOL

  17. 3N says:

    LOL @ Mocha’s – Archer?

  18. 31337 says:

    no. you might have been in contact with nasty things like keyboards and other peoples hands who knows where the f*ck they have been. always wash up, before and after. but now with the lack of water in Nai…..

  19. savvy says:

    this is just hillarious..ok i understand the after part, and i have read 31337’s explanations of the reason for before, but still i’d have to say that man is definitely metro..

    men dont generally look at the themselves in the mirror, sijui oil their hands, and why soft copy?? why not hard copy??

    now u see why we should have automatic doors in all washrooms…so u dont have to touch the handle after washing ur hands

  20. Gish says:

    just hygenically conscious.
    Sploosh @kutuma salamu.

  21. Seasons says:

    Thats me totally. I don’t get how guys wash their hands after use! You should wash before use and then after

  22. Mama says:

    Eiiii which dude is this? I like!!

    Washing before and after? I like!! Tissue on the door?…. Eiiii where can he be found?

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