Posted: June 27, 2008 in Random

Wine is strong

Kings are Strong

Women are stronger

But truth conquer all!


Well i dont think so

to some extent….

Did the author try whiskey instead of wine?

What about Vodo? Was Modo consulted?

What about Mugabe? Is he Strong?

And what degree of truth are talking of here?

Un-abhorrent truth?

It hurts you know!

And THEN, is it ALL women?

Or some?

What did the author experience?

Presuming he was man…..

Did she hold him by his balls…. literally?

And what ‘times’ are we talking about here?

Present times?



I miss HOME

i need a beer

Maybe some wine

Holsten will do

Wikendi Njema people!

As 3 says, Thats an ORDER!

  1. yes, it is- ALL women

  2. 31337 says:

    yes. an excellent weekend is orded! not in the same manner of this post though, dude, nenda jitibu.

  3. Milkshake says:

    Actually women r th strongest. ALWAYS if they get what they want, They hold tight! Av that MIGRAINE checked. What else av u missed? Best weekend wished.

  4. kokorikoo! says:

    TIHIHIHIHIHHI…..you had me at women are stronger. Have a timam weekend!

  5. savvy says:

    women are stronger..anytime of the universe..had a good weekend though..

    the weather was excellent, its like winter is over..so went for swimo..

  6. petesmama says:

    I did as ordered – had the fabulous weekend and I’m feeling good.

    So many things about that quote need to be clarified. Wine and kings can overpower women. Women can overpower the truth and kings. Now I am getting confused…

  7. 3N says:

    hope your weekend was migraine free and alcohol interrupted.

    from the quote it seems a woman is stronger than anything (kings, men & wine) if she is literally holding a dude’s balls..

    as they say in prostitution circles “the easiest way to a man’s wallet is through a handful squeeze of his balls’

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