Eggy issues…

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Random

Question for you my readers.

How do u like your eggs?

And please, we have all heard ‘unfertile’ joke…. if you havent, say so……utaelezwa….but otherwise, stay afloat!

Sawa? Haya basi.

Do you like them boiled?

Fried? well done or Over easy or sunny side up? 



WHY? Why do you like it that way?

Are there any factors you consider? Cholestral?

And how many eggs per serving per week? Do you eat eat eggs daily?

And if you are wondering why the many question, let just say am curious.

Bon Appetite

  1. Kafai says:

    Curiosity? Me thinks you must have come across an article that made you pause. Omelette for me. With pilipili, onions, nyanya…..everything!

  2. meek meek says:

    im with kafai…omelette or spanish omelette as they call it here…onions tomatoes pilipilis everything…i hated wet eggs while i was in Kenya but now that im in stato i loath wet eggs…

  3. petesmama says:

    Scrambled, with butter and black pepper. I guess they remind me of my mum and the good old days when she was the one who made breakfast.

    Eggs happen about once a week – sometimes even once a fortnight. Always on Sundays because that’s when I have time to make breakfast. Nothing to do with cholestorol.

  4. what is the real question?

  5. Kirima says:

    I don’t like eggs

  6. Wanja says:

    Fried; well done. Once a week (at home) daily when living in hotels or when major craving sets in….

  7. archer says:

    I’m allergic to eggs, so only 1 a week, or 2 a week if I haven’t had some for a while. Whichever “styro” goes except raw or wet.

  8. egm says:

    Sunny side up well done. Whenever I get around to making them.

  9. Seasons says:

    Over easy..once a week and I make them myself! I eat each with a fresh tomato

  10. CB says:

    as many as possible as often as possible and as well done as possible. my favourite is hard boiled, yaani kabisa mpaka the edge of the yoke is grey and the centre is almost white. but i also like fried if it’s well done, no goo in my sunny side. and scrambled and poached and omeletted. any eggs really. but never poached – gross!!

  11. prou says:

    Omelette nyanya dhania onions, at most twice a week, never ever raw or watery.

  12. 31337 says:

    scrambled. preferably….

  13. Gish says:

    omelette, boiled 4 a week. My favourite being omelette with sausages or ham in it Yum yum

  14. Mo says:

    Scrambled with onions and a pinch of cumin.


  15. pinkmemoirs says:

    I like them all ways; fried (well done), omlette, ile ya ugali (like an omlette lakini all over the place…I hope you get what I mean), boiled (esp on sandwiches), added to sukuma wiki(gives you a protein fix). I don’t like wet eggs.
    I don’t count how many I eat, but basically a tray or more a month…that comes to an average of one egg a day.
    Cholesterol? Never thought about it!

  16. nzembi says:

    anything but boiled or raw goez with me….

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