Posted: July 1, 2008 in July

Today is the beginning of a month which i consider the most important month the whole year

Its my favourite month, thats not a secret. I started formulating posts for this month like in May – 2 months ago. I have many drafts somewhere in my head for each and every day of July. Now if they are going to published thats another story.

BTW, Doesn’t 7 look sexy? LOL

Many life changing ‘things’/moments/events have happened to me on this month over the years…. some very very memorable indeed. I’ll (or i might) share some with you as the days go by.

Its very fitting that today, 1st July, is a Public holiday here. My plan is really easy.

7:00 – Wake up – I cant sleep past this hour!!!!!

7:15 – Make some international call

8:00 – Get out Bed

8:01 – 9:30 – Check out news online, check emails, Play a game of Scrabble or 5…. Am addicted! I need theraphy

9:30 – Shower

9:45 – Breakfast

10:10 – Back to room, do this post, play some more scrabble

11:30  – Go for Swimming (the weather sucks)

13:30 – Take a nap….. if not Go shop for some Heinken

14:30 – Heinken + Scrabble

17:00 – Take a walk

17:30 – Scrabble

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – make some International calls

20:30 – Scrabble

21:30 – Snooze….

Easy huh?

Who want to keep me company? Let meet at http://isc.ro, After the download, Holla

Siku njema


  1. 31337 says:

    hai xs on holiday!

  2. Zax says:

    Clearly mwenjoyo!

  3. Gish says:

    21:30 snooze envy envy envy!! niko kwa scramble LOL

  4. Mo says:

    Kwani you’re in Canada? I hear today’s their madaraka day.

    BTW, that’s been my schedule for the past 2 weeks (minus the scrabble) and, for the next one week, I’ll be doing the same thing but lying on a beach this time.

    Loving my life right now. Burn, babies, burn! 😀

  5. Mocha! says:

    I have a sneaky feeling something special will happen in July…..ooppsss, it already did.

  6. savvy says:

    wish i was having a holiday like you… ati u cant sleep past 7 am? well, there are times i sleep at 5 am in the mornig so i end up waking up at 11 the same morning…

    hey, what has special things have occured in July?

  7. magintu says:

    Never been keen on Julys, but I’m loving this one.

  8. magintu says:

    Never been keen on Julys, but I’m loving this one.


  9. bOMSEH says:

    how does 7 look sexy?i wud think 6 or 9 was sexier.

  10. pinkmemoirs says:

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday…I was expecting an hour or so of barely clothed women lol.
    I agree with bOMSEH, 69 is sexier. July is kinda special for me, but September is the month! No, actually July – September, things happened…

  11. Mocha! says:

    bomseh and pinkmemoirs…..gutter press!!

  12. Milkshake says:

    Am with u on July. Special things happened on this month. And i always thank God 4 this month. SMILE with me PEOPLE!

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