July 6th

Posted: July 6, 2008 in July

Now this is a day which was supposed to a very very happy day since it was our first day of our new life.

It was not.

The previous evening we had partied like 2 newly wed should party. I got sloshed badly. This particular morning I had a Maafaaaaka of a hangie and to make matters worse, a bout of food poisoning.

My dream of getting breakfast in bed (if you catch my drift) was quickly overtaken by unstoppable urge to hug a toilet seat. And hugging i did… for like 2 straight hours. I couldn’t stomach anything and after much cajoling i agreed she takes me to see a doctor (her first official duty??). The Doctor was thrilled for us, he reprimanded me for drinking that much. He gave some tabs and adviced i quit the bottle…..

Fast forward to today – I wake up with a king size hangie and yes you guessed it – FOOD POISONING!!! However this time its not sooo bad…. am sure sleep will cure this. It has to, I have stock in the fridge which i need to clear…. Am going back to Accra today

Have a beautiful Sunday.

  1. Interesting that all along you have had a Mrs?! I obviously missed some of your posts. Congratulations are well in order.

    Now then, quit that stuff. you will be happier, and she will definitely be happier with a sobber you.

  2. Half n Half says:

    Apparently neither did I……… was it alcohol poisoning or food poisoning?

  3. and they say experience is the best teacher. It surely depends on the student’s I.Q, eeiiiii XS?

  4. 31337 says:

    xs. i sincerely hope you are better. how was the trip back to accra?

  5. val says:

    Food poisoning and a hangover??? Gatho pole sana!! Hope you’ve recovered by now

  6. savvy08 says:

    ati u quit? of course afer finishing what’s in stock, u shall finally quit..good luck brother..

    sorry about the 2 hour toilet hugging…so much for a sober birthday, u made it up later!

  7. pinkmemoirs says:

    Wacha I comment on the 5th July and this one. First of all, congrats on your anniversary (I’m catching up today). You guys are so in love, ur making the single us feel kiwaru!

    Now, you got high on your wedding nite?? On beer? I thought wedding nights you get high on other things?(she moves on)

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