Getting it back

Posted: July 7, 2008 in July

Since july started my alter ego has taken hold of this blog

I, Xs, Plan to get it back…… we cant have all these maneno’s in here now can we? LOL

First things first….. si ni monday?

Am back to Accra…. and…

Alafu, am feeling this song by Juacali saaaaaana…. which album is it? Does anyone have an audio…? Hook me up


July 7th… what happened…? hmmmm

I met the mountain …… hapo kenol Embu…. he was speechless…… may be it was the gang…..may he will tell us why…LOOL

Dee Dee got to go on her first long journey to meet my parents….. Daddi liked her immediately, now he has made an offer….. he wants to keep her! well i guess its ok if she stays in the family…. ama?

Mzuri monday people! Jengeni taifa

  1. 31337 says:

    oh, the possibilities! infinite. keep it in the family you say?

  2. lol at “as long as my boss……”-

  3. Kirima says:

    Ati speechless!!!! @#$#%&^**#
    Anyway kweli its been a whole year hehehe. but you know I can be very quiet sometimes.

  4. Seasons says:

    Ok….your later ego huh….no wonder your posts had become strange.

  5. archer says:

    Kwani unalipwa ku-blog? Or do you just spend a lot of time locked up in your room, surfing the web…evading one Frank?

  6. savvy08 says:

    hope u had a nice time while u were here…never mind a speechless Kirima

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