Lets eat more Melon

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Random, sex

And we are back to regular programming……

My curiosity was piqued by a comment made by 31337 on July 4th post…… something about watermelon and their Viagra-like effects.

Apparently its true. Researchers say it has that effect – but dont necessarily expect it to keep the fireworks all night long!! Asiiii, and I here I thought we have found ourselves (general male population) a cheap and healthy way to get some more ‘work’ done!  

(source: Yahoo News/AP)

Lets get scientific.

Watermelon contains an ingredient called Citrulline which can trigger production of a compund that helps relax the body’s blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes viagra.

Citrulline reacts with the body enzymes when consumed in large quantities and is changed into arginine (an amino acid) that benefits the heart, the circulatory and the immune system

Citrulline, about 60%, can be found in watermelon rind than in the flesh. Its found in all colours of the fruit.

How much would one need? 6 cups (huh?) of watermelon. (I thought watermelon comes in slices, which cups are these??). Anyway to put it simply, you would need to eat a lot of watermelon!!!

Intel, can you do us the honours and report back ASAP?

3N, care to do research on the counter effect of watermelon on women? Treat this as urgent!

  1. Kirima says:

    Off to the market!!! LOL

  2. lol.

    We are truly back to regular programming.

  3. Milk shake. says:

    More research and experiments please. Am keen on this. Ndio niroge mtu.

  4. CB says:

    eh, you did say watermelon rind, did you not? so what you need to be doing is eating the peels…in cups or otherwise…

  5. Gish says:

    My aunties(yes aunties wisdom) claim that melons help women with lubrication issues.
    Welcome back this is more like it LOL.

  6. archer says:

    I’ve never liked watermelon…but that can change. Mama mboga down the road has some lovely melons.

    She has lovely melon heh? thats you always forget something so u can go back to admire them….? LOOOOL

    @Gish: I heard last week that cabbage has a similar effect on women, ie regarding lubrication issues, and one should only have one serving per month!

    I’ve heard the same……. i wonder if cabbage has any effect on men….hmmmmm

  7. petesmama says:

    Seriously, without going into details, we need to eat more melon.

  8. Carol says:

    Suddenly everyone begins to like watermelon.
    As for me, I think with that effect on men, its just as much for women.We end up benefiting too no?No more blue pill men,Mama Mboga has ot all!

    Viagra is blue? Ok now i know…LOL

  9. Kirima says:

    Just to be clear we are talking about the fruit, Right? Not the other ‘Melons’ (the pair!)

    Seems Archer has admiring mama mboga’s pair…! LOOL

  10. 3N says:

    Watermelon is back in my diet…BIG Time.

    i will get on the research

  11. Kafai says:

    So what happens to people who have cabbage as a staple food?

    Then i guess they save a lot on lubricants…LOOOOL

  12. savvy08 says:

    me is what said that water melons are good for ahem, the health of men, heard it on classic 105?

    apparently, now u just need to take more of those melons for half the price, am sure viagra is expensive, no?

  13. boyfulan¿ says:

    manze na venye me huzi dish hizi samo.aiiiiiiiiiiiiiyeeeeeeee

  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at the comments. iiiiiiiiiiiii

  15. 31337 says:

    my…melons got here. now, i need a volunteer for testing, must have good sized melons on appropriate part of anatomy. none on this comment list need apply….new commeters may be considered…

  16. @Kirima, you were the first one off to the market and then you came back for clarification- kwani which melons did you buy?

  17. Kirima says:

    I like my ‘fruit’ ripe, round and firm!!!

  18. valentia says:

    hahahahahaha….as usual the comments on your page have wezad me…Kwanza 31337…just wait for Cheri to find out requesting others’ melons…:)

    So has the experiment worked for you??? I’m so jazzed….where exactly do melons grow in Kenya????

  19. meek meek says:

    they say that melons do something for women too apparently melons and pineapples make a woman smell better… somewhere…

  20. archer says:

    Jimmy, not Mama Mboga’s melons, yaani the ones she sells, and you can carry them home in a paperbag, cut them up and eat. Yaani the ones grown on a farm!

    Of cabbage & female lubricant issues, what does it do to guys? Coz I eat cabbage daily.

    Pineapples tena? What’s next…guavas?

  21. Kafai says:

    I must say I had heard about the pineapple adding ‘flavor and aroma but in jamaas

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