Someone call 911….

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Random

Because some voice in my head tells me i should end it all.

But maybe i should hold ON for awhile. You never know, it may turn out for better. I might still be useful around here…. or the other way around!

Am tired, Am burnt out, This is no longer exciting, its too damn routine – i hate routine.

Who can i blame it on? Surging oil prices? Wait! Cant do that anymore! I saw today it has gone down. Now that everything that goes wrong could easily be blamed on oil i wonder what we will shall use next. A sham of an erection…. sorry, election?!

But i have an idea

For my case we shall blame high deprivation of Tusker at the right temparature….. Am suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms…… WAIT, this excuse is too lame….

***Get cracking Xs…. WHIP!

Oh i know…. My boss…. I shall blame my boss…..wait, he got another job…. technically I now report to his boss… which is worse… He’s OLD school. There Good excuse!

How did I plan to do it?

Well, am simple guy. Just one liner like Goodbye, dont miss me – i’ll still lurking….. Then just leave. Just like that! But Noooooo, that would not have been good enough, well not enough for you! Damn! Its a good thing though… otherwise…. Flights to Ghana dont come cheap you know!

Am counting the days… Tick Tock.

Are you?

Disclaimer: You might require alcoholic glasses
  1. 3N says:

    i called 911 and they will deliver cold bottles of tusker for your relief – a few chupas and you will be back in line.

    i hate, hate routine too – I try as much as possible not to work for 1 hr continuously, (sms, emails, call, blogs, sports news) help a lot. I cannot understand how work till retirement!!

    so i have been observing the employees of a certain financial institution, you know normal stuff like who knows the safe’s code, closing time, change of security shifts. some shopping too, face masks, leather gloves, fake pistol…you know just kawa stuff.

    i am just saying…

  2. pinkmemoirs says:

    Pole sana, no Tusker, just hugs here. Don’t worry, some day, it will be over (the advise I get, I give)

  3. 31337 says:

    i see no evil in this post. someone pass me the surgical gloves, i need them to hide evidence…

  4. CB says:

    this bug is contagious…somebody needs to squish it quick 😦

  5. Gish says:

    “Am tired, Am burnt out, This is no longer exciting, its too damn routine – i hate routine.”

    I hear you cant wait to move on, tell them to pass by mine when done with you and CB.

  6. mrbigballs says:

    Routine routine routine..I hate routine too..Keep strong brother..hold yourself in here..reading your previous posts, you are indeed a treasure here…big up your balls

  7. Nakeel says:

    So feel you pole sana.

  8. val says:

    woiyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel you there..hope things start looking up!

    Just a thought..the last sentence from Mr. Big balls had me wondering..huh???!!

  9. Wanja says:

    Blame it on the weather. It is Bloody cold!!!!
    Go to rehab and build up Mojo for the next season….miss you already

  10. savvy says:

    i hate routine, and i am counting down the days….tic toc..

    am with 3N, we should organise and hijack a truck of eabl full of cold tuskers and come with them to the airport…

  11. savvy says:


    am with val, what do u mean?

  12. Mocha! says:

    I, too hate routine, but I am soo used to it here that when things don’t go as planned, my whole day is totally effed.

    Pole boss and I hope your weekend is better.

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