Fashion cop?

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Random

Seriously, How do some people pull off these kind of stunts?

Yellow shoes for real? Hata kama you are from wiper land, si you reserve them (shoes) for running?

And that Bag, jamani? Archer, si you give him tips bwana? And maybe loan him your Pink MP3 player to complete the picture! LOOOL

  1. archer says:

    That man bag is totally hideous, tell him to see me for tips! I wonder what it’d take for you to go slow on Pinky, she serves me very well. Right now she’s connected to a Logitech system and is adequate entertainment for my tu digz.

  2. Kirima says:

    Thats a horrible ensemble, should I ever get out of the house like that someone please shoot me

  3. Okay, that guy is wrong on so many levels. So many.

  4. CB says:

    hey, at least haezi gongwa na gari – those shoes glow in the dark. and is that louis vuitton?

  5. petesmama says:

    In a black and white world, he would get by. Otherwise, he is causing immense emotional distress.

  6. pilato says:

    huyo lazima ni mkamba

  7. prou says:

    LOL wacheni mzee ang’are.

  8. val says:

    hahahahahahaha..woiyee as someone who loves bright colours can I speak in his defence???? Its nice to see someone confident enough to wear yellow shoes..and at least the straps of the murse match his shoes..don’t mess with Kamaba colours people! Plus if its a cloudy day he’ll brighten up the surrounding area..

    @ Archer..methinks Xs really wants a Pinky of his own….all this vybe is just his way of hinting..ebu tell me where you got yours from we send one to him 🙂

  9. Nakeel says:

    Oh hell no thats unacceptable hata the land of wiver they know better.

  10. KD* says:

    i think those shoes are cute! and he is rocking a louis vuitton duffel bag. The guy is whith it….dont hate ,appreciate!

  11. Gish says:

    A little color in this gray weather is great as long as its not on me. LOL

  12. Mocha! says:

    The bag is just wrong coz of the way he has worn it. Those shoes…hata kama ni bright colours and confidence….aaii hapana!

  13. madmyke says:

    Ebu you guys stop hattin.The bag is on point,Louis Vuitton,but do I say!The shoes should have been worn with a different can be done,Ive seen lime green,orange…….all working out.

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  15. 3n says:

    those shoes need prayers….and WTF said man bags are okay? what are man bags? what do you put in there?

    this much i know about man bags, a real man cannot carry one and still carry his balls along.


  16. wanja says:

    Self expression at its best

  17. Let me get Archer to come here and educate 3N on the “what are man bags and what do you put in there?”. A hot pink MP3 player. Archer tell this brother- ebu bring him up to speed.

  18. Kirima says:

    Yes 3TOC and Pink britney spears hand lotion.

  19. nzembi says:

    @ Pilato, huyo si wetu!!
    I come from Wiper land but that not in our constitution!!! He has to throw in the land’s colours i.e ORANGE and GREEN, for him to be considered as acceptable! And No we don’t wear yellow shoes!!

  20. 31337 says:

    yaani i am so late the bus has left and grass has grown here. hata sisemi kitu.

  21. savvy says:

    only in Ghana!

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