the comeback..

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Random, ulevi

After the short stint, am back!

Apparently some of you misunderstood the previous post.

I was not going to commit suicide, I wasent quitting blogging (though the thought has crossed my mind), Nor was i quitting my job!

I was only saying goodbye to Ghana. I needed a break. I was coming home.

Yes, I have been home.

Not anymore anyway

Am now in the land of Museveni. In that city built on 7 hills…. dont ask. The length of my stay here, as usual, is unknown. May til November.

I should get an accent! and learn to like the saltless Matoke. LOL


I have quit drinking…well atleast for the time being. The first 9 days of August saw me try to cover for the lost time…tuskerwise…It was a daily affair! I had a good time though. I went Bar hopping on Wednesday, havent done that in awhile…it was fun. I got an offer for a 3some… hapo Maddi…. All i needed to do was loose my girlfriend. 

I didn’t, my GF is just too hot.

Now where is that waragi?


  1. you just add salt to the matooke, that will do te trick, You might want to try the nsenene too.

    They will be in ‘season’ soon…. i shall try them…!

  2. kip says:

    lol the pick up line…

  3. CB says:

    welcome back 😉

    btw, i got a crank call from some guy in +233 on friday, claimed his name was Reynold… anyone you know? he said some very Xs-sy nonsense before i got mad and hung up…

    Stranger things have happened. Pole next time just ignore

  4. petesmama says:

    Welcome to the city of the 7+ Hills. I trust that you are having a good time. If not, contact the good time police right here.

    Otherwise, enjoy your stay.

    any idea of site(s) where this police may be sighted?

  5. .99 says:

    Ha haaa… that pickup line… it should’ve been, if I dont get a blow-job, I will blow… UG… mmmh, I trace my roots to a village in Masaka… Enjoy thy stay!

  6. bankelele says:

    sema globetrotter, you’re living my life

    Si we arrange a switch…?

  7. nzembi says:

    That pick up line…hehehehe, Welcome back.

  8. 3N says:

    i know you will resume your alcoholic duties soon….have fun in UG aka the land Kashavari (incorrect spelling).

  9. phassie says:

    Phew! that was a close one.. LOL @ the pick up line

  10. Half n Half says:

    kama wewe iko hapo september Me (I) will look for you! heading there. Watch out for Kony bro

  11. archer says:

    Eish dude! Si that was enough bar hopping for a month? Now to think up experiments and research for you to try out in Champara.

    Question: suicide bombers are promised 70 virgins in heaven, right? But can they screw them, seeing that they’ll be in heaven and such acts are illegal huko juu?

  12. super says:

    good 2 haaf u back dude!!

  13. super says:

    imma xplode if i don get summat beta>sex!


  14. pinkmemoirs says:

    Hey! Welcome back! Enjoy UG. I hear the night life in Kampala is something to write home about.

  15. 31337 says:

    quit drinking then waragi again? dude. tsk tsk. i shall try that this evening. desperate times call for desperate measures….

  16. super says:


  17. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    So am not the only one who loves Ugandan accent. I find it very funny. The chix there tend to be very skimpy so u shoudl b seeing hot moves soon!

  18. Kirima says:

    Do have a good stay, yeah you needed a break after all those tuskers

  19. Gish says:

    Enjoy K’la and hope you go to Ntinda a place called Zanzi, excellent roast pork, yum yum and have a cold club for me at Steak Out. This trip should be alot more fun.

  20. savvy08 says:

    i knew u would be back..i did not think u would commit suicide..

    hey, what happened to our meeting? 😉

  21. savvy08 says:

    wait, u quit tusker for waragi?

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