I had a chance to link up with Jimmy while i was home.

His narration continues….

For those who missed episode 1 & 2, check them out here and here

After his woes in nursery school, Jimmy did finally graduate to class 1. This was by a fluke because those were days when the length of one’s arm (and size of your head) and not brains determined if you proceeded to the next grade or stayed in nursery. Jimmy was a very small boy and thus he couldn’t touch/reach his left ear with his small right arm overstretched on top of his head. However, the teacher (seemingly) was determined to graduate him for some reason. Jimmy to date swears its because the teacher saw some potential in him…. I think the teacher had enough of this young naughty lazy boy…..

Jimmy hated waking up in the morning and thus class 1 was torture! He used all sort of pretense to snooze for awhile every morning in class. Amazingly this little bugger got away with it! End of Term 1 and it was no shock that Jimmy was No. 31 out 32. The other boy didn’t sit the ‘exam’.

Check in class 2 – he had started to enjoy school and third term he did become No. 1 – for the first & last time in his school life!

He got a plastic plate as a present…

Same year he got in his first fight against a girl – his ass was whooped! Much to his amazement, his puffed up jacket didn’t sheild him from the blows. He took it like a boy and didn’t run…..

They would again collide in class 4….. a vomit attack would save him another whooping! He cant remember the cause for the fights but he clearly remembers the girl squiggled face written murder – she wasn’t pretty!

To be continued…

  1. 3N says:

    does he still have the plastic plate…its treasure. now why would Jimmy agree to be whopped by a girl?
    was the girl in the same class? didn’t the other kids torment Xs…I mean Jimmy for being harassed by a girl?

    At this rate won’t it be in 2010 when we read Jimmy getting to standard 6? More please!

  2. 31337 says:

    this was a mini episode. i await the next installment rather impatiently.

  3. CB says:

    er…were there really bubble jackets in the days of stretching the arm over the head to reach the ear? coz i could swear the bubble jackets appeared around the time of bermudas and kid n play pank cuts…

  4. Lol @ Jimmybeing number 31 out of 32 and 32 did not sit the exam. Iiiiisssshhhh, you are “special”.

    I echo 3N, it really will be 2010 when we read about Jimmy getting into standard 6.Did Jimmy get to standard 6?

  5. nzembi says:

    …”it was no shock that Jimmy was No. 31 out 32. The other boy didn’t sit the ‘exam’…” LOL! Jimmy is indeed special! What happened to the girl? Do they still fight?

  6. .99 says:

    “…a vomit attack would save him another whooping!… Thats just a winner!

  7. savvy says:

    This is interesting…how did Jimmy the small boy grow up to be 6ft tall?

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