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Posted: August 24, 2008 in Random

But alas, my brain, for some reason, seems not to be Nsyc with the rest of my body…. I cant THINK!

May be it can be the fact that this weekend i have had very little sleep…. Kampala is proving to be a very interesting place. Weekends are a never boring affair. On sato i hooked with some Amerucans who live here and had a really good time. First agenda was to seek some Nyamchom roasted the way Nyamchom should be roasted. Ribs za mbuzi juu ya moto!

Afterward we went Bar hopping and for the first time in so many years, i came home as the sun was threatening to chomoka! Most of the places we went i have no clue what there names are but i clearly remember Capital Pub huko kabalagala…. Before we went there I was told that when you pay the entrance fee, you are given a glass-cased condom with clear instructions ”BREAK GLASS INCASE OF EMERGENCY”! Apparently many ’emergencies’ do occur there. The place is crawling with Langas who are very aggressive. Actually one caused drama when she asked for a drink from us. One dude, not famous for being nice asked her if she could afford such slutty clothes surely she can afford a drink. Exchange of ‘not printable’ words ensued, chic started to cry, started making calls & told the dude not to dare use the front entrance when leaving. They turned out to be empty threats though the dude didnt seem perturbed as he knew all the bouncers.

Sunday morning found me fighting to sleep but my brain had other ideas. Seriously, sleep dont love me!! So after breako-cum-lunch, I decided to put into good use the hotels steam bath. So there am seated with a ka-towel loosely covering my family jewels when this other dude comes in. After nod and forced smile (more of a smirk really) he goes ahead and unties his towel oblivious of the shocked Xs. Now am not that homophobic but this idea of being in a small room naked with another man is not funny! I didnt run, just fidgeted as i adjusted my towel to ensure all was covered up well. Now before the dude sat, i had quite a ‘eyeful’ of his sheathed shrivelled maneno. I started thinking! (YES finally i start thinking, gutter mode but still thoughts) and here were my thoughts!

  • Since johnny is always in hiding in his eeh sheath, unless his presence & his services are required, isnt he alittle sensitive? If he is and a guy has Premature Ejacualtion problem, isnt he doomed?
  • When it comes to ‘blowing the whistle’ which one do the ladies prefer? cut or uncut?
  • Does circumsicion have any adverse effects on sexual pleasure and performance?

My thoughts were interupted by this feeling that i was about to burst into flames and thus i finally ran!

Thought of the day

Yes guys, THINK of the kittens!

  1. Kirima says:

    Looks like you are having a good time in Kampala I hear the night life is very lively and it seems you are living it up.
    Hizo questions will have to wait for the relevant persons to answer.

  2. Mboiz says:

    I hope they considered the fact that you can have many “emergencies” and therefore had several Condoms in that ka glass case.

  3. wanja says:

    You just made my monday morning……

  4. Half n Half says:

    To answer your questions needs someone who has tried both! so No answer from me!

    Looks (sounds) like you are having maximum fun! Enjoy a bell for me, and some tots of waragi

  5. prou says:

    Now why were you having such thoughts anything to do with the looks of the naked guy?

  6. pinkmemoirs says:

    I’m trying not to burst into laughter at ‘Now before the dude sat, i had quite a ‘eyeful’ of his sheathed shrivelled maneno. I started thinking!’.Ok, I just did and now everyone is looking at me funny.

    Glad Kampala is all that and more. It’s my destination this Dec.

    Blowing an unkut whistle! Ew!! (no offence to the uncut brothers lakini si Xs you know where I come from?)

    Glad you passed by 🙂

  7. Kirima says:

    Just be thankful it wasn’t Frank! Looool

  8. 3N says:

    LOOOL @ Kirima….Xs we are still waiting for return of the Frank.

  9. M says:

    Ha ha! I indeed remember Capital pub. I was harassed there by some top (and bottom) heavy Rwandans!

  10. 3toc says:

    Yes, my city does not disappoint.

  11. savvy08 says:

    where have i been? looks like i have a lot of catching up to do….. let me start from here…

  12. 31337 says:

    the kittehs are always on my mind.

  13. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Am with Eleet, kitten rules! Ugandan chix like it slutty I guess.

  14. Carol says:

    Ha ha! So everytime you run short of ideas,your mind goes blank,simpy make a man naked,and ideas will flow!
    Hey,ati everytime I what God kills a kitten?Huh,did I read right?

  15. Gish says:

    eh daddy you win. too many incidents!

  16. Peter Njenga says:

    This is damn interesting.

  17. SN says:

    If it’s uncut and u are blowing the whistle there is no difference really…it when u are giving it some hand loving that u notice 😉

    Anddddd???? more details

  18. magintu says:

    Mr Man, you seem to be enjoying our area code. I am glad I have not had to bring out the entertainment police.

    I shall think of the kittens, lol!


  19. CB says:

    er…a kitten? **scratching my head**

  20. super says:

    so is the vgra u ordered working for u then?????

  21. […] a while I also had an urge right click. I went there and met this geezer in his mid 40s mindlessly killing a kitten . It was off putting, besides the music, I had another reason not to go there again. I Wikipediad it […]

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