Tested sane

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Random

Anyone remember this? An excerpt of a form that a doctor had to fill for me some time last year…..

Well, it seems I passed the test (though i had to retake in a completely different way & settings)!


I can finally leave this Asylum and get a shot in a new life & challenges it comes with.

Allow me to indulge you.

It all started some few months (actually 2) when I got informed of a room opening 2 floors up. I was excited and I wanted to move into that room so badly – well who wouldn’t? It comes with so many benefits/extras, good ambiance, a great & beautiful view and it is quite spacious. All this was from heresay as i had never set a foot in that room.

I felt I deserved that room as I have been in my tiny congested room the longest and have undergone the most harsh conditions compared to other ‘patients’. 

The chief of medicine (chief of crazies is more like it) however thought maybe its fair that other patients be given a chance. Little did i know that he’s already been ‘worked’ on. I failed the test he set for us and the room was given to someone else. I wasn’t very happy as i felt robbed – literally!

Just as this was transpiring, a guest medical attending doctor from another (sister) asylum came to assist to sort out some issues here. I had heard earlier that ‘his’ asylum had been disbanded and thus he didn’t have any patient to look over. The big ‘kahunas’ of course had to look for something for him to do and that’s why he got posted here. We had met before (I was once locked up in another asylum where he was the head honcho before he moved & I too was moved)

After observing & assessing me he told me that he thinks its high time I left this place. After the recent happenings & other factors, I thought he’s actually right. I discussed this with chief of crazies and was suprised that he had no objection and he informed me that he noted the improvement I had made in the last few years and I was ready to leave.

This time I Hexed the test! 

But am still here, some paperwork need to be sorted out. I also hear that some other ‘young’ doctor wants to keep me here for another month or so for (final) observation.

I dont mind because i know its only temporary!

Am I excited? Yes I am….

Now when do we party?


  1. CB says:

    does this mean what i think it means? coz sounds like you are being transferred to there which is not here – i mean there, and that two pretty attendant junoir and senior nurses are going to be very happy!

  2. 3TOC says:

    And yes, I am SMILING.

  3. archer says:

    Very nice, Ssebo Xs, very nice! Celebratory pints ni lini na wapi?

  4. nzembi says:

    Nice! 🙂

  5. boyfulani says:

    congrats mzeiya, chunga usitupe mathirefu tena!

  6. 31337 says:

    congratulations. they have no clue what they do.

  7. Kirima says:

    Party! Yes!

  8. 3N says:

    count me in on the festivities and I will not take any tests…unless it tasting alcohol

  9. Kafai says:

    Here is a hearty handshake

  10. savvy08 says:

    Of course we knew you were sane….so congratulations as you await your spacious office.

    Make sure am invited for the celebration.

  11. pinkmemoirs says:

    Hey Congrats!! Hope the office 2 floors up has good fortunes for you.

  12. super says:

    KUDOS DUDE! Tuskers for the CELEBREXCES!!!

  13. wanja says:

    From one lunatic to another, Sanity is boring….:-)

    Congratulations my dear 1st Tusker on me.

  14. Unyc says:

    Wow, thats good news. Congratulations! Blessings nyingi kwako

  15. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Reads like modos’ post on ‘another woman’ Congrats on climbing the ladder

  16. egm says:


  17. modoathii says:

    na watu wapewe….

  18. Mocha! says:

    Any excuse for Kenyans to indulge. Congrats Xs!

  19. Nakeel says:

    Congratulations and lets down the bottoros to mark thy coming and moving upstairs.

  20. mboiz says:

    Raundi ya kwanza bill ni yangu…..

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