She walks

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Random

and she can work it!


and she looks good on heels…scratch that, she look hot in heels

How come Tyra hasn’t come around to scout?

She can easily be (next) African top model

But does she say?

And her ‘replica’ is as threatening!

though you might not easily guess it

Damn she’s hot (its true, she is…) 

and she thieves ‘her’ shoes…

oooh am in trouble

  1. super says:

    WOOP WOOOOOP! How are the Lady Lumps like?

    SHE HOT….make Xs melt hahaaa…..

    Xs in in deep shit—bUt can sHe haNdLe IT?

    Break it down……….

  2. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Am lost!!!

  3. Carol says:

    That’s for sure you are in real trouble.

  4. 3N says:

    @Supreme…me too. Xs at least a pic so we can evaluate what kinda trouble you are in

  5. 3TOC says:

    @3N-LOL, you got jokes huh?!

    Tyra tena, do you want a local Tyra type?

  6. valentia says:

    I’m trying to imagine whats going on in your mind as you typed this in…hmmm..but me I already know….:)

  7. wanja says:

    Whats new? you are ALWAYS in trouble!

  8. 31337 says:

    dude, you realise this NAO?

  9. Gish says:

    That sounds like your misus.

  10. boyfulani says:

    can she be my mrs officer, if not, she aint hot, ha!

  11. savvy08 says:

    Xs I got you, if she is a replica, then she is the offspring, which makes her your baby..right? Now am the lost one. Pictures?

  12. nzembi says:

    Clearly…I join the lost bandwagon

  13. Peter says:


  14. savvy08 says:

    Think you could put up another post?

  15. madmyke says:

    I’m lost here.

  16. Mo says:

    Without pictorial proof, we can not be certain that it wasn’t just beer goggles.

  17. phassie says:

    Don’t fight back!

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