Squirty matters…

Posted: October 30, 2008 in sex, sex ed

I confess! I have forgotten how to blog! But before i get all rusted up and hang the boots, allow me to share some interesting maneno that I stumbled upon.

Apparently women do Ejaculate! Hey stop looking at me like that, its true…… No i don’t have any evidence but am planning to experiment. 

A woman ejaculate is expelled from urethra (same place where pee comes out from) and its a clear liquid (hence forth termed as juice). This juice is released from Skene’s glands (urethral sponge). What this means is that if a chic doesn’t have complete control over her pubococcygeus muscle, chances are that you may actually get peed on as she tries to squirt! LOL. But If you are a scientist (like me) you know not all experiment succeed at first trial so if this happens, just be cool with it. Think of it as a golden shower…. 

For this ‘experiement’ to succeed, your gal need to be very sexually in tune with her self and she should be willing to let you play (unhindered) with her vijay (If you dont know what that is, ask a friend). She must feel free & be comfortable with you.


Find the G-spot. Guys, Dont give up…. its there….somewhere…. (best of luck in finding it)…. you need to manipulate it (delicately) with your fingers and in no time, she’ll be soaking wet, all her juices drenching your hand.

Happy experimenting!

  1. 3N says:

    I don’t know what to say other than you are forever the king of guttervile and yes it is true women do ejaculate!

  2. Gal africana says:

    After giggling to death…I have to say that I think people should report back after experimenting, seriously!…I cant find mine and I need directions lol

    LOL! Just out curiosity, why do you need to find ‘yours’?

  3. archer says:

    Sigh…good things, good things. Just knowing that you can do that to a chic, over and over again, it’s such a great feeling. I’m sure jamaas who’ve never experienced this must be more frustrated than their ladies!

    @Gal Africana: Ate hwaat??

  4. Kei says:

    LOL! I take it you are yet to find this oh so mysterious spot….

  5. boyfulan¿ says:

    wow?rhymed with my ‘j-squart post’..check it out

  6. savvy says:

    After some condemning readers..now I fearfully read such posts over my shoulder…

    I watched this American Pie 6? movie, the Beta House…there is this chick who really ejaculates..golder showers is an approritate name..that having been said..I need to go experiment!

    On your own? The experiment i mean

  7. Val says:

    Savvy be careful about what you write..heehee

    Now Xs…I see you’re back..interesting experiment..I like how u say you ‘stumbled’ onto the info…yeah right..;)

  8. pinkmemoirs says:

    I can attest to the fact that yes it does happen… Not that it has happened to me. Whats a Vijay? You said to ask a friend 😀

  9. Gal africana says:

    Haiya…whadya mean why??? is it not obvious?

    @ Archer…you seem to know…out with the info…with the quickness lol

  10. Miss Cheri says:

    Eugh…the title alone showed me what was coming next.

    Eugh. Euwwwww! Xs, u should have rated this PG 25. Some of us are too young to read this.

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  12. nzembi says:

    Lol. . . It’s true. Women also do that. All y’all experimentors sambaza the feedback asap. 🙂

  13. Half n Half says:

    Am too old to read this!

  14. Peter says:

    Yeah. It happened in American Pie as savvy says.
    But I once saw a far better demonstration some plce else.
    It does happen.

  15. Rafiki says:

    What’s all the buzz about? Of course women ejaculate, but not all of them with the same intensity. It is also called orgasmic expulsion, a more appropriate name than golden shower, which can also refer to other things.

  16. super says:

    flicking the bean……..using ur ipod…the right spot & tempo may result in multiple-ejaculations……woe betide…dont leave ur forwarding address.

  17. 31337 says:

    drenching your hand? only? try the whole bloody whatever it is you happen to be lying on, though it is not possible with all women biologically, its a design option, apparently. *dead* this i know!

  18. Ramb Lesex says:

    When she squirts, I know I have done my job well. Great feeling that!

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  20. wanja says:


  21. Kafai says:

    another piece of advice, do not go searching for it, because the more you focus the less relaxed you will be, okay, the guy can focus and let the gal enjoy the fun. let me leave before i say too much! and you ask why you appear as XXX?

  22. prou says:

    Eh..I have read.

  23. archer says:

    @Gal Africana: I do know a thing or two about inducing squirts. One includes simultaneously stimulating the clitoris (with the tongue) and the G spot. Works every time!

  24. 3TOC says:

    wewe, ebu blog.now that Hussein has the White House, I need GOOD reading material.

  25. 3TOC says:

    okay Archer- you as well. kwani hapa ni kwako?

  26. Gal africana says:

    @ archer …eh…every time??! ai nimeshangaa! :-O

  27. Yazmar says:

    HELLO…..lol stoppin thru to say what up…i see ya


  28. thanks for putting such vital info out there. there are many women out there who are unaware of what their bodies can do. we’re all in a state of permanent discovery.
    off to experiment!

  29. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    No wonder you are ‘excess’ guttervile king

  30. phassie says:

    I love your Kingdom. You have nailed it! Any takers.. life on BT is not fun anymore.

  31. Bongopix says:

    thats a wonderful experience for man and her too you need to be a little bit creative to find G SPOT and of cause she has to let you do it.

    to be honest many women do not experience it cause their partiner dont know this vital info.
    GOOD Day guys.

  32. KK says:

    Two months later… I am yet to find that G-Spot. Care to give some illustrations.

  33. Son says:

    Eureka!! I found it, I found it!! (Wipes face) Wait a minute, did I just get peed on????

  34. savvy08 says:

    Try experiment with the right person??

    Golden showers, brother, golden showers

  35. Kush says:

    Very true. I have done it before and was rewarded with a load right in my face. Not too unpleasant actually. But my current girlfriend just won’t relax enough to let go. Every time I’m working with her G-Spot and she feels it coming she stops it and says she has to run off to pee.

    I guess there’s a lot to be said about being comfortable. Have to find a way to make her trust me

  36. Eclipse says:

    Archer inakaa wewe ndio PRO. Si u write a book!

    Have managed one squirt… chik was glowing kuliko a full moon. nice stuff!

  37. zynga chips says:

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  38. Benton Tsan says:

    I don’t leave many commnets, but i did some searching and wound up here Squirty matters… In Excess. And I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it look like a number of of the comments appear like they are written by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional sites, I would like to follow everything new you have to post. Could you list of every one of your social sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

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