I have a Tractor….

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Random

However it’s not very active, the farming season is not at its peak hour and the tractor is aware that the landmine infested areas are on the increase. This makes it worse for the rotor which always has to be told to chill by the tractor control system, especially when the rotor sees some very fit farmland because as you know you cant tell a land mine infested area by looking, it always appears like very green arable land!

Real farming has become a headache, so much to worry about, is not nice anymore, the plough blades have to be fitted with anti landmine plastics each time and what is meant to give some meaning to the tractors lifetime is a threat to its very own existence because when corrosion sets in, the tractor may waste away AND there’s no cure for corrosion!

The mechanics need find some chemicals ASAP that would cure the tractor incase a landmine blows and gave it the corrosion. This is why this tractor (& other tractors) would rather take in all sorts of fuels and get merry and forget about ploughing & drilling!

You can however visit the nearest VCT ahem sorry, Agriculture office nearest to you and find out the status of the said farmland and equipped with such good data, then for once the tractor can plough without raincoats in stormy weather!

However this has its own risks, you may find yourself harvesting unwanted crop 9 months later!


  1. Gishungwa says:

    Happy new year. I agree a visit to the Area Agricultural Field officer is a good way to start the year.

  2. 3TOC says:

    You are my hero. And you are a nut case.

  3. kirima says:

    Monoculture is the way to go my friend! forget mixed farming and intercropping.

  4. KK says:

    LOL! Happy New Year. Good luck to you and your tractor:)

  5. Carol says:

    Mambo gani haya ya ukulima na mitambo?
    lol! May 2009 be a lovely and adventourous year for the tractor!
    By the way,a resolution, I will visit one Agriculture office. Wondering whether I should go with my farm manager or drive the tractor alone.
    Happy New year to you too!

  6. pinkmemoirs says:

    tehehehe. I’m with @Kirima. Monoculture all the way people. Oh, after the agricultural officer’s visit of course.

  7. Val says:

    hahaha….reminds me of 3N’s capentry post 🙂

    Interesting Argiculture lecture…Totally support it 🙂

  8. sibbie says:

    Hehehe. . . Totally agree with you! 🙂
    Have a timam year!

  9. Loco says:

    Dammit, so this is what I missed while dozing off in those agricuture lessons, Hehe! Whichever way you look at it though, the land has to be ploughed, agriculture is the…. err…. backbone of our economy!! LOL!! Happy farming!

  10. prous says:

    I was certain from the title of your post that you were not talking about a kawa tractor. Landmines are all over. Happy 2009!!!

  11. Kafai says:

    ‘No Farming allowed. Temporary Passes may be obtained in case of Nutrient Deficiency’

  12. 3TOC says:

    oh dear Lord @Kafai.

  13. Zax says:

    Monoculture… no rotational croppin! Wow, I remembered even that?

  14. Rafiki says:

    Where the hell are those land mines? They should be destroyed asap.
    What about tree farming? We need trees asap.

  15. 31337 says:

    i am a crop tester and inspector. i demand access!

  16. madmyke says:

    WTF moments:Stumbling on a landmine while ‘buliding the nation’ and getting unwanted produce 9 munths down the line..

  17. wanja says:

    Wow!! Can i use your narrative for our campaign?

  18. bomseh says:

    Subsistence farming might be better because its for your own consumption. Don’t starve this year. And we thought that ‘Mchagua jembe si mkulima.’ Hapi new year Jimmy.

  19. 3N says:

    A happy new year to you and all the best in your farming endeavors.

  20. Mama says:


  21. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Very nice and Kirima gets an award for his exemplary performance on the comments section. Monocroping the way to go. A farm cannot be green and arable and not produce crops unlesss the farmer is not astute farmer and uses the wrong tools or probably put a shed over the land when the rains came

  22. Kafai says:

    @Supreme; if you have a plantation of beans and you find a maize plant growing, is it a crop or weed? Weeds happen man!

  23. eddlove says:

    Hehehhehe hii ni kali watu waende waangalie shambe vile ina kaa

  24. Nakeel says:

    The carziness is here to stay loooooooooooool

  25. Kirima says:

    Kafai – use herbicides if you cant pluck the weeds!

  26. farmgal says:

    very clever post! happy new year.

  27. bryjoe says:

    hey how is hanging?

  28. SG says:

    Did the tractor run out of diesel or what? Or did the rotor break?

  29. I feel like a tractor now:-(

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