Ready, set but cant GO

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Fiction, Jimmy

He stumbles in reaching for his onstensibly heavy artillery ready to unload & fire, not so much concerned about aiming.

All he needed was a target…. He could actually visualize & feel the relief to follow shortly….

He is still humming ‘one man can’t satisfy her, she needs more wood for the fire, sex price getting higher.…… so from the prostitution she will never retire….’ the song by I-Wayne that he had just been trying a kwa chini kwa chini move on the dance floor….

He stops at the nick of the moment, something isn’t right! The settings are all wrong. Its smell different too!

He pauses to think. A great feat for him in his current state.

Brow creased, arsenal half way out, his slow intoxicated mind tells him there should be a guy named Sylvester standing by the sink over there (he points)holding a mop (soliciting for tips) and on the wall over there (continues to point), there should be 6 bowls in that corner (arranged 1, 2, 3 on each wall respectively)….

His train of thought is interrupted by two giggling ladies who entered the room. They were astonished to see him standing there, holding his gadgets in the middle of the small room.

Then it dawned onto him, this was not the little boys room… S**t!

He made his way out in a hurry hoping no one else will see or recognize him.

Too late, as he was leaving he heard one of the ladies ask, ‘isn’t that Nani’s boyfriend? ‘Yeah, it is! I think his name is Jimmy!’ answered the partner.

Shrilly laughter follows


  1. kirima says:

    Fiction indeed!
    Now was the laughter on account of the size of the arsenal???

  2. nikolas says:

    oh, jimmy is still alive? deadly. now as kirima asks, was the size of a certain member being bandied about the issue?

  3. Gish says:

    Fiction eh, whatever calms your nerves. Tagging the line, what was the size?

  4. 3N says:

    shrilly laughter or nods of appreciation?

  5. bomseh says:

    Sounds suspiciously like a true story.

  6. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    I guess the shrill was a huge appreciation

  7. underthehedge says:

    it just dawned on me that is why the ladies always go in pairs

  8. archer says:

    hmm…the Arsenal wasn’t packing enough firepower?

    I’ve always wondered why some guys whip out their artillery long before they get to the urinal. On the hallway?

  9. EK13 says:

    hehehehe ati fiction!

  10. sibbie says:


    @Archer, guys do that?

  11. wanja says:

    Welcome Welcome….Missed you

  12. MizzEizzy says:

    joins sibbie on the LoL!!

  13. Ngare says:

    Im with bomseh, sounds suspiciously true! 🙂

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